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New play-through being built.


I just had Sexlab's Random Sex fire up and a female follower had a go at my female player. They had a good time together using Sexlab Separate Orgasms, and...well, that was it.

No squirt, no cum effects, no nothing.  No Dripping when Aroused completion effects. Zippo. They looked drier than a day in the Sahara Desert.


I have Sexlab set up for cum effects (and the application of them), and all the usual.  


I have a bucket load of sexlab mods,  Here's my mod list:  https://modwat.ch/u/bluegunk 

Why is everything so dry?  Is SLSO breaking the effects? That's what it felt like when seeing this dehydrated effort.


I'd be very grateful if an expert can point me in the right sort of direction so I can work out what is happening here. Something is stuffing up the effects and I can't think what or why.


Many thanks!

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20 minutes ago, sparcymarcy said:

You made sure to enable female to female orgasms in sexlab too?


Thanks for stepping up and answering!


Here's my SLAB settings pages (2 pics)




Using even Matchmaker I'm getting nothing. This is...weird.  I've not known such a dry spell!  OStim is not meant to make any difference to Sexlab so I doubt it is that in my load order.


The Filter Gay/Lesbian should still pull in the relevant animations. The animations work - but the liquid effects do not.



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10 hours ago, Bluegunk said:

I have Dripping When Aroused

Maybe you forget run FNIS? Try putting the mod low, after all other "liquid" effects... Just my guessing... 

For memory... dripping used to stuck sometimes in SE version... right now I am playing only LE - have deleted all SE mods...

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12 hours ago, Bluegunk said:


I have Dripping When Aroused. It's "DW.esp"  One of my all time favourites. Which is why I am so puzzled at lack of...dripping...or anything.

Probably not asking anything you haven't already asked yourself, but... did you install any new SL mods (or for that matter, any new general skyrim mods) recently that might be breaking things? 


Try setting your reaction threshold in DWA to a low value, say 10 or 20, to see if that triggers some activity. 


Also check your skee64.ini values. Maybe something got bumped in the overlays section  by some newer mod installation "w/extras!".

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5 hours ago, Scholarly Badger said:

It's been a while since I used it, but I think the issue might be that you're using SLSO while also having the "separate orgasms" option ticked in Sexlab. They might not be really having fun at all.

Ah ha....  I shall check that setting out. Thank you!

Update - the SLSO mod specifies:    3)goto sexlab mcm enable separate orgasms


For others, I have checked and double-checked potential conflicts and got nowhere. So much so that I've rolled back and set things up a second time.

I may have had an error burnt into my save that prevented the mods firing.


Many thanks for your help everyone! Let's leave it there, now.    ?

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