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  1. Alright, check the above post by dontknowdontcaredontask for advice on FNIS. If there are any warnings in the FNIS log, they need to be sorted out.
  2. Specifically, you replaced your skeleton with XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended, ran FNIS, then started the game? (Just to clarify)
  3. I'll have a look over it, but this is probably an issue with Aela being in werewolf form. I would check that (Sexlab) Werewolves is the SSE version, as the SSE and Oldrim version are hosted on the same page. The author says that (Sexlab) Werewolves for SSE is outdated and wasn't confirmed to work in the first place.
  4. Alright, I got through about half the list and Succubus Race Lite (and depending on your install options, also CBBE) requires HDT-SMP. Sexy Starting Options also requires Alternate Start. I also admittedly don't know much about Cumshot, but I seem to remember reading in the support thread that you should only have one version (could easily be wrong). There are also a number of things I can't check since they don't have a plugin like JContainers (needed for a lot of mods) or CBBE 3BBB requiring CBPC or LightMeUp requiring a specific papyrus extender. I would refer back to gregathit's advice and double check everything for all requirements, then get back to us.
  5. Check the versioning on CBBE and XPMSSE. You might have accidentally installed an outdated or Oldrim version. Edit: As an aside, I ran a search on the word 'patch' on your load order and got 175 hits...might want to consider some spring cleaning.
  6. Run FNIS again after selecting the "Skeleton Arm Fix".
  7. Reading through the thread it came from, I think this one is for Succubus Race Lite, which I can't even find anywhere. Either way, it wasn't actually designed for the mod you're using.
  8. Amorous Adventures 3.3 (and probably 3.4) is also for Oldrim. You have to run FNIS after installing or modifying anything with animations or else T-posing happens. Edit: The version of CBBE you're using is also the Oldrim version.
  9. Hold up, now that I'm looking at this, are you on Oldrim or Special Edition?
  10. Alright, let's start with the fact that NetImmerse Override hasn't been directly ported to SSE, so you have something from Oldrim in your load order. It's also included in RaceMenu, anyways. Next, why do you have two versions of Amorous Adventures on there? Did you click the Mega download link or the link that sent you to the Oldrim file? Why do you have HDT Physics when you don't have any mods that use HDT physics? redacted And lastly, I have no idea what order these are loading in. Sorry, I know this sounds like I'm talking to a kid, but there are a lot of issues here.
  11. Alright ladies and gentleman, I finally managed to find an alright suit/shoe mod for Oldrim that I converted to SE, but now I need a top hat/trilby/fedora/bowler hat and a fancy cane/walking stick to go with it and can't find anything. Anybody know of anything that could work?
  12. CPU did a guide on Skyrim modding using Papyrus:Papyrus for Skyrim Guide.pdf He's made some rather impressive mods, so I would take his word as reliable. But that's all I've got, sorry.
  13. I realize that these are very good emulations of FF characters and you should be applauded for pulling it off redacted, but seeing Sephiroth and Cloud in cute and sexy poses just made me laugh so hard I almost burned myself with coffee.
  14. No problem, it was a good opportunity to test out the process on something simple. I did repack it manually because I don't sleep enough though, so let me know if there's an issue and I'll do it properly 😄
  15. The Ninrim pack on Sunjeong's Wix site has a (slightly skimpy) nun outfit in it. But just to see if I could convert something, I converted the wimple for you. Edit: Just noticed that the person who converted the wimple from Oblivion to Oldrim made some edits to the meshes that made it clip through itself and I just don't want to give anyone anything that's not properly done, so I'm just gonna remove the attachment.
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