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  1. If literally none of your mods are working you're probably just missing something basic like SKSE. I would recommend reading through something like Skyrim SE for Beginners and posting your load order here to find specific issues.
  2. These questions should probably be handled in Technical Support or you can look for solutions in the support threads for the relevant mods. As for this, there are a number of mods that allow for manual initiation of sex. I personally recommend SLEN SE, but you might want to have a look through Sexlab Index SE for something that suits you.
  3. Just a guess: Better Vampires is one of the (very few) mods you want to load after XMPSE, so that might be giving you issues, but without a full load order I can't say for sure.
  4. It's possible you've installed the wrong version or an outdated version of XPMSE. If not, then it's also possible that your skeleton is being overwritten by something, maybe check on that. If ever there are warnings in FNIS, they must be sorted out before launching your game, or you will end up in a t-pose.
  5. Although I have occasionally seen people claim that this is a problem with the base game and can be solved by enabling vsync, it seems script-heavy mods can also cause this problem. It might help to disable those mods until you can get out of Helgen, but an easier solution is to use something like Alternate Start to completely skip it. There are also a number of patches that claim to fix the problem, but I can't say I have any idea which one would work for you. By the by, if you're using Vortex, you can use the profiles system to quickly switch between vanilla and NSFW.
  6. There's a dialogue option for active prostitutes "Tell me about your experience" or some such that will give you that info. As for how much, I think it's 10 clients and 5 training sessions, but either way a dialogue option will pop up when she has the skills to pay the bills on her own, so just look for that.
  7. Probably not, since the patch is outdated by about three years as compared to SLSO.
  8. This is just a guess, but are you building the preset on the right body? Since 3BBB requires the base CBBE, you end up with a bunch of extra bodies in you list in Bodyslide. Check the group "3BBB" and batch build it.
  9. So, I checked the files on Nexus and there aren't any body meshes in there. I installed Lethal Ladies just to be sure and Jenassa had no problem stripping down to her birthday suit. I hate to say, but your problem probably lies elsewhere.
  10. This is really just a regular AI pathing issue, nothing new to Skyrim. Open up the console with "~", click on the dog so that his ID pops up on your screen, close the console. Move yourself to the main street, open the console again, type "moveto player", hit enter, close the console. he will probably go back to acting normally.
  11. This may seem obvious, but have you used SLAL to register your animation packs?
  12. A couple places you might want to poke around and ask in: What is/Where is - Searches and Requests CBBE Bodyslide Conversions
  13. Well, that's new. This only happened after running LOOT? If that's the case, it's probably just a load order issue. Honestly, I only ever used it once and because I didn't set up my rules right, it borked everything. So, my recommendation is to make sure Fair Skin Complexions is the SE version, is loading after CBBE and, maybe, reinstall it to make sure you selected the CBBE version in the FOMOD installer. If not, post your load order here and hopefully we can spot something.
  14. That's the Oldrim version, you want this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22168
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