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Hey, y'all. Sorry if there's already some thread of request for this, but I've searched for a while on LL/google and haven't found anything that answers this.


For the last few weeks I've been looking for modern / instagram-esque makeup (specifically shiny or fake shimmery highlighter/eyeshadow) but the closest thing to what I want is the super old mod "coverwoman" for LE, but it's a makeup replacer and I use bijin skin on SE. I know that most of the hair mods are sims ports and I'm wondering if it's possible to somehow put makeup that I export from sims4 packages into skyrim as an overlay.


TLDR: can you port makeup overlays into skyrim from sims 4 the same way that hair is ported? If so, what tools will I need?


-also I know I'll prob have to do repositioning for the skyrim head/high poly head, but idc, I'm down to do that if the rest is possible

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