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7 minutes ago, Kuzukuzreia said:

Can someone maybe help me with this,i am new into this mod stuff,as for starter doesnt know which should i download,can someone reccomend which mod to download for first timer? 

Always first is get a mod manager. You have three choices: Mod Organizer 2 (MO2) found on Nexus, Vortex found on Nexus and Nexus Mod Manager ironically found on GitHUB but not Nexus.

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Assuming you are running Skyrim LE:

Read the S.T.E.P. guide first.



Watch and read lots of other guides on the various aspects of modding, e.g. how to correctly install and use your mod manager.


Once you have a stable vanilla game up and running then start to think about adding mods a bunch at a time, testing as you go.


When you think you are ready to start installing LL mods then follow this:



Any problems then ask in the relevant thread.

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