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Anyone have a basic installation tutorial for this? I've got all the files, created a single archive for both the Main and Update archive, and tried using FOMM to install each archive but both failed. Do i need to just extract the archives into the NV folder? Rename things first? Any help appreciated, tried translating the original website for more info but if it's there i'm not finding it.


Most of it is like any other clothing mod. It contains textures/meshes and a .esp with the stats, etc. Just put everything in your data folder like normal.

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On 12/5/2017 at 10:41 PM, JohnConquest12 said:

Is it possible to convert all these outfits to either type 3 or t6m bodies? I just don't like having all these body options and I don't want everything to clip.

Sure, I don't see any problem for you to convert them over to the bodies of your choice. It is alot of work but you wouldn't have to deal with the body options. I am pretty sure if you are serious in this you can get some assistance in the process of conversion here on the site. There are alot of people that know how to do this.

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Not usually when going from small boobs to bigger boobs it's when you go from flabby patty/big boobs to smaller when you have to do some tweaking as the breast area gets warpage. It also will depend on the CW body used as the template body and the body used as the to body. But it also depends on how picky and nit picky the person is. I used the clothing converter a lot for oblivion and fallout 3/NV and never really had to do much.


If I remember correctly the younger bodies in the mod are a frankestien body and by that I mean that there looks like there is 2 bodies to it and that it also has 2 different UV maps so that might cause problems. So if you use one of those bodies you will not be able to use the UV map option. If you change the bodies skin color during creation you'll see what I mean in the middle of the thigh there is a seam where 2 textures come together which probably also means that is where 2 meshes were fused together.


The older body in the mod should be fine. But with anything trial and error comes first till you get it right and find the way that you want them to look like.


If the bodies have the same UV map then you can use the UV map search if they have different ones then you can't use it as it'll make it convert the outfit wrong.

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That explains some of the issues I have heard about and reasons behind them.


Still it sounds like someone converting should be a bit experienced (or willing to become so) in 3d works and some of the tools as it might be needed even in the best of situation to do some minor tweaks (especially if someone is particular) as well as some practice and lots of forethought (finding the right templates and setup for the process)


I have yet tried doing this as I don't have the patience currently (not to mention not really playing any modded games either) but, I would like some of my favorites from "insert game" in "insert game" that isn't' available currently. ;)



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Well with anything it takes practice testing and sometimes breaking shit and then trying to put that back together. I have used the pound that shit till it works a few times. First started messing with oblivion files and then moved to using the clothing converter and helped point out and show oddities to Gerra6 when they appeared. Then I switched to porting oblivion fallout 3 and NV files to skyrim with the help of Gerra6's pose converter and then loading them into outfit studios.


Lately I have started using blender to port models into them do what I need to them then export parts out and load them into outfit studios. 


Just finished these three just a little while ago the pasties I modified the texture file for it to my liking.


One  of these days when I have the energy and I'm not being lazy I might update my how to port oblivion to skyrim thread to include the new ones that I have learned since making that tutorial thread.





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18 minutes ago, Odin112 said:

will this work for nexus mod manager as well i just got in to modding Because  my brother suggested try out modding and i see people on youtube use this race and clothing and that is also the reason i got new vegas as well

When you use a manager, it should work.. that is install it. If it doesn't it should be able to remove it properly and not harm your install. Make sure you run a nice backup of your files (as appropriate for Nexus mod manager) beforehand just in case. doing this, you should be able to try out many mods and see if they work and if you like them. Just remember to do only a few at a time and if possible one mod at a time( or mod group ...i.e. mods that are required to be installed before that mod etc)

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