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  1. Not sure if its how the mods interact, a programming limitation or just something not considered, but long story short i was trying to amass a lot of cherubs without having to really care for the handmaidens as part of my colony, so i captured a bunch and made a work camp for them using the prison labor mod, so they could do research/mine while growing eggs in a dungeon. the problem is that even with the ability to do all work types due to prison labor, none of them will lay the cherub eggs while they are prisoners, so each time they hit 100% egg growth each one has to be manually released, wh
  2. I'd like to request a CBBE of DXs latest armor, the dark knight set https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/105041
  3. 1 small error i found that needs to be addressed, can be easily fixed but it will cause MASSIVE issues for people until it is. All 4 armories and the main entrance area are all not flagged as norespawnzones, meaning whenever your game decides to do a cell reset, these will be reset as well. This means all your mannequins in the armories will unequip items, and anything you store in those little chests by them will just vanish forever, same goes for the main entrance, stuff will vanish from that big chest in the library and the pots and urns ( i lost a good bit of stuff before i realized what w
  4. here's my 2 cents after using this mod for a few days, the primary sex is happening from a married couple so ill use that as a reference. lady is average, dude is small so there shouldn't be any "tightness" at all since hes smaller, yet after almost every sex act at night she runs down to the hospital and wastes a med-kit for the .1 damage that it causes. I didn't even notice this was happening for a while until almost all my med-kits were gone, and the only way to prevent that would be to make it so my colonists wouldn't use med-kits on bleeding injuries, which is a horrible idea.
  5. Quick question, which version of the mod are we supposed to be using to play the game with? You've got the one on the normal mod download page, the 1.1.1 at the bottom of the description page, and the master one on the gitlab page. All 3 are vastly different in file size so none of them seem to be the same. Which one is the most recent/up to date?
  6. i'm using the steam version, and all the mods that can be used work fine, the only stuff that wont do anything are skins for characters/outfits that aren't available yet, since steam version launched at version 1.0 and is updating slowly so new players don't miss events. you just install the stuff into the steam folder not my documents
  7. I am also having issues with the full body search dialog option, as in almost every npc has it, even animals, i get the cant resist due to bondage notification, even when i have no DD items on, and it seems to not start the animations a good deal of the time, leaving you hanging and forced to reload an old save. is there a way to turn just that off, love the idea of your mod but cant be afraid to talk to every npc for fear of softlock.
  8. greetings good person would be so kind to provide the download link for CWDolls / Clothes / Pretty Things Dollsv1.321 / Clothesv2.42 try going to the Chinese site http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-3686179-1-1. html but I could not because he asks me to put my cell phone number but he only wants Chinese cell phones the truth is a headache if you give it to me I will thank you with all my heart and sorry for the inconvenience

  9. Hello,

    Your CWDolls/Clothes/Pretty things has a bad link again :(

  10. ok, im back from the dead for now, changed the download link to just redirect to my mega folder which has all the files in it, no more dead links for now at least.
  11. well i updated to the newest nvse and used the old spunk, .79, everything works fine so it has to be something with spunk, not nvse, watching the in game console everything looks normal throughout a sex act, spunk printing lust levels of pc, arousal of both people involed, ect., then after it finishes it just crashes, sometimes it waits until the actors stand up, sometimes as soon as the act ends and the spunk shaders are applied. heres the log from the last crash if it helps, just gonna stick with .79 for now until further developments SexoutSpunk-Log--2014-11-24-23-4-58.txt
  12. i'm also getting massive instability with the new versions of spunk, almost guaranteed crash after sex, if not immediately after the act completes then it occurs the next time i interact with anything, (doors, npcs, ect.) whether it be a new game or updating an existing save, doesn't seem to matter. reverted back to version .79 and the old nvse from silverlock and i have no issues or crashes whatsoever.
  13. i still have it in my stash of old stuff i downloaded Sexy attire-44556-Beta.rar
  14. I'm going to bring my thread back from the dead with a request of my own, i recently picked up modding once more now that i have some spare time again, and for whatever reason i never cataloged my copy of a quest for heaven part 3, for fallout 3, and it seems to have caught the infamous "file set to hidden forever and forgotten about" disease from the nexus, so i was just wondering if anyone happened to have a copy of it. it has a lot of text so the Russian version on modgames is a no go.
  15. when i go to the download page the only file that is there is an alternate animation, the base animation pack doesn't seem to be available to download at the moment
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