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  1. So i've got the following installed at the moment : -Sexout -Sexout common resources -Sexout slavery -Sexout anim management -Sexout pos new -Sexout spunk -Smaller talk -Sexout sex -Sexout lust My questions are : -Sexout seems to come with a vibrator and masturbate hotkey. While the masturbate button will play an animation, the vibrator doesnt seem to do anything except cause your screen to vibrate. Is this normal? Theres no vibrator animations in sexout? -I noticed that there are a few animations that appe
  2. I have noticed that the AI will freeze in place if you are freeing a captive (the kind used in FO3, wasteland and anchorage captives). I suspect this is because when you free the captive, they are supposed to say something else immediately and use their flee package. However smaller talk forces them to try to say the "whats up?" greeting to the player, and the AI responds by freezing. Edit : I had the conversation delay set to 1, if i increase it to 3 seconds, they wont lock up. I suspect its because smaller talk is trying to get the NPC to talk to the player while the
  3. Imperfection suggested that I rename "bunny" (the armor part) to "upperbody" and "body" (the arms part) to "arms". I think that has solved the problem, i dont see the clipping in first person anymore. Going to try renaming it for the other nifs too and see if that fixes it.
  4. I tried turning enhanced camera off and that didnt seem to have solved the problem. Not sure why but changing FOV to 100 and then back to 90 removed the flesh clipping issue, but ONLY when im not wearing the armor. The moment i put the armor back on, the white part clipping in the lower left came back. Turning enhanced camera off didnt change anything by the way, i will try playing around with settings a bit more but so far the only thing consistent is that it 100% happens with this armor. Edit : Yea its definately not an issue with enhanced came
  5. Just noticed something strange : If i take the armor off (so not wearing any armor at all), i can see flesh in the bottom left. But this does not happen if i wear vanilla armors like the vault jump suit. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  6. I have those textures, yes. The white part on the arm is normal, thats a cuff. Heres a better picture : The part that is problematic is the one in the lower left. No idea what is causing it. Someone on discord did tell me that the collar seems to have a weight of 0...he suggested i try removing several branches but its still visible. Will update this thread when i have more info.
  7. I'm having a strange issue with some kind of clipping issue. It only occurs with one handed weapons in first person view : There is some kind of white part that is visible at the bottom of the screen when I start to walk forward. When I first ready the pistol, it is not visible. It only appears when I start to walk forward. When i look at my character in 3rd person, there is nothing that would be visible in that area (i assume the camera is located infront of the face). It is not visible if i ready a two handed weapon, whatever it is only appear
  8. Thanks, i will check those out. Any advice regarding body replacers and stuff like that? Is CBBE the most common one used?
  9. Yea, something seems REALLY off about the skin. In every screenshot ive seen, it looks like plastic. I was hoping to find something more like this for FO4, which looks more natural :
  10. Thanks for the link, theres something really off about the way it looks though. Their skin appears quite...plasticy. So theres nothing like this for FO4? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/16329-cwdollsclothespretty-things/
  11. Im pretty sure ive posted the download link to a working mega.co.nz before and that link still works : https://mega.nz/folder/gJQ0CaZQ#TP6zKkqlpHZHF56XdZnThw In case anyone needs it. Incidentally, does anyone know of a similar mod for FO4?
  12. Clothing, faces, bodies, stuff like that? There was one for FO3:NV called CWClothes/CWDolls and it was really popular on lover's lab back when NV was popular. I even re-uploaded it to mega.co.nz because the links posted here kept going dead. It's still there by the way : https://mega.nz/folder/gJQ0CaZQ#TP6zKkqlpHZHF56XdZnThw Had tons of stuff, many "races" for bodies/faces and clothing options. Pic related is a gothic lolita dress that was in the mod. When I tried modding Skyrim a few years ago, I was really dissapointed to see that it had very little in the
  13. No, the .ini setting points to the saves folder which is usually in C:\Users\Question\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\Saves. By default its set to "\Saves". Im trying to change it to "D:\Fallout New Vegas\Saves\" but its not working.
  14. Ive seen several posts saying that all you need to do is change SLocalSavePath in the falloutprefs.ini, but its not working for me. This is what i have : SLocalSavePath=D:\Fallout New Vegas\Saves\ And thats where the save game folder is. But NV just shows no save games to load at the main menu. I also tried editing GeckCustom.ini to no effect. NV just keeps saying "No Saves Found". Using FOMM if that helps, i tried using the default NV launcher and that still cant find the saves. Anyone have any idea how you are supposed to do it? I even tried changing all the fallout.ini files
  15. Its not a load order issue, it happens in the vanilla game as well. I suspect its some kind of engine bug. I did a lot of testing by playing around with sneak related game settings. I was using the console command "GetDected Players" on the AI and i could see the actual sneak value, and it never rose above the detection threshold (e.g. it was at -90) but the AI would simply keep repeating the search infinitely. Yes, you can disable the corpse to prevent the AI from looping infinitely, but thats not a very good workaround since it stops players from looting it and you would have to use
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