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Restraints - A Death Alternative Mod

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Restraints - A Death Alternative Mod

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This is a death alternative mod for Fallout: New Vegas that was inspired by the Left In Wilderness option from Deviously Cursed Loot.


Instead of dying, the player will be moved to a random location in the world and tied up in bondage gear.


The player also has the MCM options to:

  • Enable a bondage minigame to escape from their restraints.
  • Enable a repeatable theft quest.
    • If knocked out by another person, they will rob the player of their possessions, and a quest will begin to track them down.




Bondage Minigame


To escape from captivity, the player has to loosen their restraints. They can wriggle their arms, body, or legs. One of these options will have a higher chance for success than the others; the player will have to guess which one it is. When the restraints are loose enough, the player can attempt to struggle out of them. There is a small chance that they might fail, and their restraints will tighten up again as a result.


Minigame specifics:



At the start of each minigame, each limb will be allocated a specific chance for success: 33%, 50%, and 75%.

For example, in one minigame, the arms might have a 75% success chance of loosening the restraints. In another, they might have a 50% chance of success.



  • In MCM, uncheck "Enable Mod". Wait ingame for a few seconds to restore player death.
  • Deactivate the mod.


Important Notes

  • Sometimes, the player will clip through their bondage furniture, environment, etc. If this occurs, open the console (default '~') and type in "tfik".
  • It is recommended that you back up your saves before using this mod.
  • This mod is no longer supported.




Change Logs


  • v1.2
    • Added a cutscene for the theft quest.
  • v1.1
    • Added MCM options.
  • v1.03
    • Fixed equipping BDSM items.
  • v1.02
    • Fixed equipment theft and player movement.
  • v1.01
    • Fixed fade-out alignment.
  • v1.00
    • Initial release.

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Alright, quick thought about the mechanic you transferred from DCL: pushing a button to see a character wriggle around on the ground and failing to untie itself isn't very good as a mini-game. The animation is the same, it gets boring. There is no other task required of the player than to push a button after waiting some odd seconds. It doesn't gratify the player with anything, instead is just a time waster.


It is however the easiest to implement, yet most lacking in narration in the universe of New Vegas.


I like the idea of finding your character locked in bondage, but I'd rather spend my time trying to find the key hidden inside the hideout my character just woke up than wriggling my character out by repeatedly pressing one key. Or find the key master, who forgot to untie you after he left. Just some interaction with the world.

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Hi! So far, I like this mod and the idea of it. However, I seem to have a bug that is causing some cell transition doors/cave entrances to enable the death state. So my character looses consciousness and is teleported. When the loading ends however, the screen doesn't fade from black and nothing seems to happen. I do regain control, because I can hear my character move, I also have a minimap mod that shows I'm moving. I try reloading the save and it happens again and I'm still left without vision.  Any advice?

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The mod doesn't have places set up outside of New Vegas so if your in Zion for example you will be brought back to one of the locations setup in New Vegas same would happen for an of the DLC or TTW.

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This mod is amazing! "Dying" was never so much fun. I have a no-stimpak challenge going on thanks to this mod. Got some thoughts and questions.


1) Minigame: Would be cool if the courier would have to find a key (as mentioned above). And maybe find the items (clothes and all) in a box from the kidnapper after escaping the shack/cave/etc... But that's just an idea. I'm fine with instant release/minigame after waking up too.


2) Also, I have the same issue. I'm in Zion and get teleported to the New Vegas. Is there a way to change the .esp file in GECK to DLC-locations? Playing without this awesome alternative to death makes the DLC less interesting.


3) My male courier (breeze body without underwear due to a fix from LL mod, New Vegas Redesigned 3 face) doesn't get the blindfolds, gags and toys. I tried with 100% chance, but he doesn't get equiped with it. Is this gender related or caused by my mods? Anyone the same issue?

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1 minute ago, Mdah said:

I really hope you're active because apparently if you edit the values in MCM outside of player clothing, this mod will break

Actually scratch that... your last activity was in march of last year

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Too bad it's not supported any longer... while I did find some death alternative, I prefer bondage to straight out sexual assault. The minigame looked interesting too.


Unfortunately, when I tried to use it, I ended up with a mod that activates randomly while changing cells and freezes in a dark screen...

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On 1/5/2023 at 6:15 AM, Naraku02 said:

Too bad it's not supported any longer... while I did find some death alternative, I prefer bondage to straight out sexual assault. The minigame looked interesting too.


Unfortunately, when I tried to use it, I ended up with a mod that activates randomly while changing cells and freezes in a dark screen...

Could I ask what mod you found?

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On 1/12/2023 at 11:23 AM, Elvenlover said:

Hm. Looks like it might be a conflicting mod for you, i just tested the mod and everything is working fine, even the minigame is working for me. But i'm not sure what could cause this mod to break for you.


 Perhaps it was because of the NX v16 I used before... It's stopped since then.


But now, the sexout animations refuses to activate, even after triple checking the installation. It's starting to drive me mad

Edited by Naraku02
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I can atleast confirm that it is some mod conflicting. Because: It used to work for me, but i've recently expanded my mod list and now it's the same as everyone else. Screen turns black, HUD still visible and nothing else is happening.

Tried to deactivate a few mods, that i've installed but can't locate the causing mod(s) as of now. 

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