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  1. This caused some mesh/texture flickering between male and female models when moving the 3rd person camera. I remember using a mod similar to this that used the MCM that didn't have this problem, but I'm unable to find that now.. it may have been a part of another Sexout mod..
  2. I wonder if I could use a different body on my fem PC so equippable penises (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57646/) would not clip with the built in one that everyone has (using only fem to futa). Is there an easy way to do this, such as a custom race to set the PC apart from NPC bodytypes?
  3. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57646/ At least its something 😕 I really miss how in Oblivion female characters could "grow" a cock when in penetrating positions, and was able to move flexibly with animations.. I wish we had something like that~
  4. i forgot how to open .BSAs.. was this extra step added for copyright reasons or something? years ago i had this working, but i feel like ive gotten dumber XD
  5. i cant decide between this and unethical deeds >.<
  6. This is the only mod I've found that prevents the game from loading with a CTD.. Not sure why yet but I'll post an update if I figure it out..
  7. looks like this mod has some updates here ^^
  8. from this guide it says this has a problem: – Sexout Assault For getting raped. (Note that the script will crash after a couple of hours of gameplay. In case that happens. Save, Quit the game, untick SexoutAssault, Start the savegame, Save, Quit the game, Tick SexoutAssault, Start the save game and all should be fine, though you might need to redo the MCM menu settings) if this script crashes, could i just ignore it continue to play without it, or would it destabilize/crash the entire game?
  9. Is this fully compatible with the newest version of xNVSE?
  10. you're doing god's work

  11. Downloading from Google worked for me the 2nd try. The first time I noticed there was a notification that chrome blocked multiple downloads, as I had also clicked the Optional file. It might be better to download one at a time to avoid that potential conflict. JDownloader 2 works as well. Seems like a very useful package!
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