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  1. I wouldn't mind finding more Bodyslide conversions for type3/4 bodies.. I've never got the hang of bodyslide (i don't even know if it effects physics like BnB), and I'd rather someone else figure all that out for me and do all the work XD
  2. "Attaching a penis to a female mesh" ...in the end, isn't that all we ever really want?
  3. I'm putting a build together now from TTW+Frontier, and it has NVSE 5.1.4 included--sounds like I should hold off on updating for now?
  4. https://arksurvivalserver.arkers.io/ my server has uncut 2.0 here, i would have liked to use the fantasy mods but i hear they have compatibility issues with some things. i'm not sure how long i will keep this online if there isn't any interest, but there are no rules and it's there if you have the patience to let it load for possibly 1 hour for the first time to get the mods~
  5. meow! Frontier got me hyped to play Fallout again, and I thought it would be a good time to finally mod a TTW game like I've always wanted to, especially as it's listed as compatible here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1haLudyV-q4IXVu3jmJ_KjvF82CmsQDTIiyJXODHsdAs/edit#gid=0 and I saw Sexout stuff was compatible with TTW here: https://taleoftwowastelands.com/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=7565 I would love to hear if anyone else is working on this or has done a similar build recently... I plan on modding this pretty heavily and thought I would put out some feelers here to
  6. I'm currently using Ark Uncut 2.0 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2203473621 ...but what I would really like is a futa mod ^^
  7. I see there are much less posts and activity in SE, does Oldrim have more mod support?
  8. Adding the item is still not working. Has anyone found where the suitcase that contains it is? "Or find it in the suitcase of a long dead runaway girl..." I did a search on this thread for "suitcase" but nothing else came up :c
  9. I've tried typing "additem xx00082D" and "additem 9800082D", as the mods .esp's mod index is 98, but it doesn't add anything. How can I use/test this mod?
  10. Haha, I've only ever had one save i started vanilla and have not started a new game since I've started modding.. LOL
  11. I tried this mod, I think I would really love it if not for 2 problems I'm having. When animations start while I'm in First person, I can see my arms from the elbow down floating in the air. I'm unable to shoot or aim after the animations end My plugins are as follows: Active Mod Files:
  12. What does these patches do? There is no description.
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