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  1. Hi! So far, I like this mod and the idea of it. However, I seem to have a bug that is causing some cell transition doors/cave entrances to enable the death state. So my character looses consciousness and is teleported. When the loading ends however, the screen doesn't fade from black and nothing seems to happen. I do regain control, because I can hear my character move, I also have a minimap mod that shows I'm moving. I try reloading the save and it happens again and I'm still left without vision. Any advice?
  2. I would love to use this mod. It looks exactly the kind of thing I've wanted since playing Oblivion. My problem? I'm on Xbox One. I know, it keeps me up night that can't play Skyrim on PC. I was wondering if a lite version could be ported? Obviously, what I'm picturing is the chastity belts going over the underwear model/texture otherwise it wouldn't stay up long. I doubt to ever see this on Xbox, but I always leave comments like this to see what might happen. Again, it looks really well done ?
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