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A highly updated version of the original Submissive Lola mod by alexvkj. This update by MrEsturk and Hexbolt8


(This is an early draft of this mod's description. I may update it with a more fleshed out description when I get more free time)


What's this all about, how to start and how to play (Taken & edited from original mod):


The mod gives you a possibility to turn your follower into a Dom or Domina. It works with any playable race follower, vanilla and custom, male and female. PC may be of any gender too, enough of the devices and animations work fine. As for the name... you submissive guys don't mind to be called Lola, do you?


Go to Haelga's Bunkhouse in Riften (Or force start it in MCM). In her bedroom look under the bed near that famous horker tusk, ;) . The book you'll find there explains the rest (and starts the quest). After you become enslaved, you will be approached by your owner every game hour with some semi-random demands. You'll also get couple of dialogue options where you may ask to free you from your restraints for example. Typical punishment is the well known electrocutting. Under circumstances (high difficulty, low level) it may get very painful or even deadly. There is also some spanking, whipping, light bondage, restraints and forced stripping.


What's New:


- An MCM menu with tons of toggle options. Personally tailor your submissive experience.

- Many new demands and events from your owner.

- You owner is now rather chatty and will constantly make lewd comments.

- Light Devious Device support added. You won't get locked into debilitating restraints every ten feet, but some light restraint play is now there.

- Greatly increased compatibility with other DD mods. Your owner will now recognize and accept most DD restraints that conflict with any devices they would want you to wear.

- Several new location based events. You'll have to find out where on your own, heh.

- If you are in werewolf form your owner will now halt trying to enforce rules that would be impossible to follow in that state.

- Lots of bug fixing



Required other mods:


  • Newest version of Sexlab as of July 2020
  • Sexlab Aroused
  • ZaZAnimationPack 6.07 or newer
  • Devious Devices 4.3 or newer. Should work with any 4.x version, but some MCM devious design options may not show up in game.


Recommended other mods:



- Radiant Prostitution: for now the only soft supported addon mod. Will make certain prostitution events more dynamic.

- Any mod that adds spanking sex animations: You'll need one of these for the spanking events to work right. Otherwise you'll just get generic sex animations instead.

- Any mod that enhances the effects of alcoholic drinks. Depending on what you toggle your owner will be a bit of a drinker. I've including an optional mod of my own for this effect.


What not to expect:


- Hardcore content: If you're looking for bestiality, incest, dismemberment/vore/guro, just plain abject cruelty, etc you won't find it here. This is a softcore experience.

- Chastity Play: If you want a Dom follower that prefers to keep you locked away solely for the usage of him/herself this probably isn't the mod for you. Expect a lot of sex with strangers.

- Lots of waiting around/centralized BDSM events: this mod is intended to used with vanilla questing. If you want to spend your BDSM experience locked in a room this probably isn't for you.

- This mod probably won't play nice with Frostfall or similar mods. Even if you tone down the nudity settings to their lowest you will be spending some time nude in the wild. If there are ways to increase compatibility without nerfing those events into the ground I'm open to the idea. If not I'm simply not interested in compromising the content of this mod on Frostfall's behalf.

- While this mod is much more compatible with other DD based mods you might still get conflicts if you use one that is constantly locking you in 900 different restraints.


What is "EsturkBooze"?:


Its an optional mod that replaces the effects of consuming the various alcoholic drinks in vanilla Skyrim. They are given much more useful healing/buff effects but have the added side effect of causing drunkenness (blurred vision and random stumbling). Original this was going to be built into the main mod, but on Hexbolt8's advice I split it into its own mod to increase compatibility with other alcohol mods.


About Skyrim Special Edition:


- I have been told by several sources that this mod works with Skyrim SE, but I am unable to personally test that. Also being that this mod is being developed on LE compatibility issues may rise in future updates. I'd like to avoid that and hopefully retool to work with SE once again if it happens, but I'd have to do it based on second hand input.




- MrEsturk: creator of this updated mod.

- Hexbolt8: additional work and many contributions. Could just as well be called a co-creator.

- alexvkj: creator of the original Submissive Lola mod.

- Gräfin Zepplin: minor playtesting.

- The creators behind Sexlab, Zaz, and Devious Devices.


Addition preview screenshots by:




What's New in Version 0.95




More updates from Hexbolt8:


I assigned the kneeling and shoe licking scenes to blocking dialog branches.  Maybe *this* will help with blocking dialog conflicts with other mods.  In my testing, it didn't seem to break anything in this mod.


Express Yourself


There's a new "I want to tell you something" dialog under "Master/Mistress?".  Basically you can say "You're mean", "I'm glad I'm your slave", and "I love you".  The first one lowers your score but doesn't earn you a punishment (unless you're rebellious).  It's an immersive way to keep your score down (if you want that) by expressing displeasure without being defiant.  The second is the opposite, though you'll only have a chance for a score increase, for saying that you like the thing you asked for. 


"I love you" is the most random and full of surprises.  Your owner will react to what you said, but do not expect a heartwarming moment.  Maybe the owner is messing with you (the playful side of things), maybe the owner doesn't have those feelings for you, or maybe the owner is involved with someone else (another follower?) and simply likes doing kinky stuff with you.  If you want love and romance, install a mod for that.  Here, your owner is only concerned with making you a better slave.


You may only say ONE of these things every 24 hours.


Remember that the Picky Owner chance applies.  Your owner might react negatively to your declaration of love. 

"You're mean" is always available.  The other options only appear when your owner thinks you're Submissive (score 50+).


My intent was to be consistent with the rest of the mod.  Your owner is neither cruel nor softhearted.  Your owner is only interested in controlling you and making you understand that you actually like the things that are being done to you, with an occasional bit of humor.


Strong Hand


Owner's dialog is now different if you left enslavement and you're returning.
Owner knows if you had another master before coming back, and is not pleased.


Asking to be released now earns you a parting whipping if your score is at least 20.


Adventuring Slave quest has more variety of dialog and more things to say.


Various bug fixes, including the problem with multiple quest markers after returning to master.


Added a new dialog option to reluctantly agree to prostitution:  "If you're going to force me, I guess I have no choice."  I think it's important to be able to obey without being eager.  You can play a character who's gradually being conditioned to do things he or she might not really want.  If you reluctantly agree to the job:

- You don't get the small score increase at the start for agreeing to do what you're told.

- For basic prostitution, your "Hey baby" pickup line becomes more hesitant.

- For basic prostitution, your tip is affected.  (Yes there's a chance for a small tip.  It's an older feature.  Maybe no one noticed.)


Fixed the inability to work overtime for bonus score with the basic prostitution feature.

Added a few more responses from your owner for variety.


Hair Change Event


The implementation has been greatly simplified.  Far fewer moving parts, and fewer things that can break.
The only visible difference is the removal of the Random Shaved/Color option (refresh the lists on the Debug page).

Retested every hair change option and confirmed that they work.

Dialog for getting your hair style or color back now correctly identifies the type of change (shaved, color, or style).
The hair change uses a nicer fade in and fade out effect.


Sex & Service


Be a good sex slave.  Successfully offering sex now counts toward meeting your daily quota for offering service.

It doesn't count though if you're rejected, or if your owner demands sex.
Your owner is more likely now to demand sex after reaching maximum arousal.  Keep your owner satisfied.


Eye Candy


Added a setting to the MCM for Eye Candy Chance, the chance that you'll have to remain naked for a while after your owner has made you strip.
Eye Candy Chance default is 50%, the same as it was before.
Owner now makes a comment when you become eye candy.


Choose Your Weapon


The new Whipping Weapon setting in the Punishment section on the Rules page lets you select what weapon your owner uses on you:  Cane (default), Crop, or Cat o' Nine.  They all work the same; they just look different.

Remember to "Refresh Menu Lists" on the Debug page to see the new options.


Motivational Punishment


There's a new Motivational Punishment option, defaulted off, in the Punishment section on the Rules page.
- If this option is enabled, you might receive a "motivational" spanking or whipping.
- You're being punished for poor attitude, not for anything specific.
- The chance depends on your submission score (maximum chance at 0, no chance at 100).
- It's a real punishment, so you will get the spanking or whipping debuff, but there's no score penalty.
- If you go along with it like a good slave, you'll get a small score increase.
- This event has a 24 hour cooldown.




If you failed to meet your daily quota for offering service, your owner will punish you during the next day, and that day's quota will be increased by one.
Removed previous attempts to counter blocking dialog from other mods.
Made the player angle adjustment when kneeling into a configurable option on the MCM Debug page, defaulted off.

At the start of forced prostitution, if your arousal isn't high enough, your owner will activate any vibrating devices you're wearing to get you motivated.
Punishment whipping now uses a better pose, standing with hands behind your head so you're not getting your face whipped.
Hair change has a middle-of-the-road "pout" response now, so you can obey without being enthusiastic.

Fixed keywords not being initialized in the main script. 

Sexuality settings for player and owner use SexLab gender.






More updates from Hexbolt8:


Whoring Overtime


Impress your owner by servicing 1 to 4 more clients after meeting your quota, and increase your score reward by up to 60%.




This mod uses the dance moves from ZAP 8.  Neither MrEsturk nor I were aware that ZAP 7 doesn't have them.  So that you don't just stand there, if ZAP 8 is not detected you'll perform Cicero's dance.  You won't miss out on any content from this mod; you just won't dance well.  For what it's worth, Cicero's dance was used in the original Submissive Lola (though dancing was in fewer places) so you'll be having the "classic" experience.


If you have ZAP 8, you MUST go to the Mod Integration page and refresh the mod list or you too will dance like Cicero.


Devious Followers Continued Resistance Loss


Added a mod event call to notify DFC of resistance loss events.  The MCM has a setting on the Rules page for the base amount of resistance lost, which is multiplied by the event severity, ranging from 1 for kneeling and asking to be of service, to 4 for a punishment whipping.  The base amount can be set to zero to disable this feature.  DFC is not required, but the resistance loss setting is meaningless without it.


It probably isn't a good fit to add DFC resistance loss for more events.  For one thing, too many instances of this can crush your resistance.  It's better to have a few places for noteworthy resistance loss.  Right now that's kneeling and asking to be of service, plus spanking & whipping.  Another difficultly is that the mod can't know your character's personality.  For most, a naked walk through Whiterun would be enormously humiliating, but an exhibitionist would love it.  No reasonable person enjoys forced prostitution, but a fantasy hentai nympho would.


Spank That Ass


Added a mod event call to notify Spank That Ass (if installed) that spanking has occurred.  I am not committing this mod to supporting Spank That Ass.  If this mod event call works, great.  If it doesn't, then Spank That Ass notification won't happen.




Fixed preserving some of your score if you leave enslavement but submit yourself again to the same master (without having another master in between).  The quest was clearing the variable for the last owner when it restarted.  I fixed that.  I also modified the amount of score you keep.  You keep either half your score or your score - 20, whichever is greater.  That will help anyone with a score over 40.  NOTE:  If you are currently released from your old master, this fix will not help you because the fix occurs at moment you're freed.  It will help you if you ever leave and return again, though. 


Added handling for when you dismiss your owner as a follower but you remain enslaved.  Dismissing your owner isn't so much supported as it is handled.  You should not be given new tasks, score decay will be on hold, and you will not lose score for failure to meet your quota for offering service.  However, your contract time is also on hold, so it will not be counting down until you make your owner a follower again, and worn item requirements are still enforced.  If you want to be freed from a restriction, do that before dismissing your owner.  


I think I've fixed the gender matching problem reported by ryanmayfair.  It was just a small adjustment but I think I got it.  Let me know if you're still seeing gender mismatches for the I Am Famous quest.


Armor restriction for being nude for 48 hours should now let you ask for release afterwards.  Remember that the "Owner Rejects Rule Changes" setting applies, so you might not get what you want on the first try.


Owners should be less prone to raging hormone syndrome, particularly a problem when the slave is naked.  Owners should be fully satisfied by sex now, though you might still have to manually adjust your master's time rate in your SL Arousal mod's MCM if it gets too high.  Remember however that owners gain some arousal from spanking and whipping you.


Fixed a false positive for Masturbation Denial.  I discovered that some 2-person animations have the "Masturbation" tag.  Grrrr.  I added exclusions for "masturbation" animations that also have the tags "MF", "FF", "MM", or "Threesome".  If you come across others like this, please report it but *please* include the list of that animation's tags.  I might not have that animation installed.  You can find an animation's tags in-game in the SexLab MCM under Toggle Animations.  Select the animation and its tag list will be shown in the help text box.


Fixed your old name not being restored when leaving enslavement if your name had been changed to Lola.


Added a lengthy cooldown to the Lights Out and Hairstyle games.  However, asking to end the Hairstyle game early will now always be refused.


Placed a copy of Submissive Lola in the library area of the Bard's College, on the counter near the pitcher.  I don't plan to add any more.





A lot of stuff from Hexbolt8 so will be using spoilers.


General Changes:



General Updates


- The event "A Stewing" now has a dialog option to fail the quest without waiting for the timer.
- Added event blocking to A Stewing and Run Lola Run so that you don't get new tasks during these events.   Whiterun Walk already had it.
- Added an option to the Debug page to manually clear event blocking if it gets stuck.  The option is hidden unless event blocking is active.
- Moved "Do not use ZazSlaveControl" from the debug page to the main page where it won't be overlooked until too late.
- Used a different "touch myself" animation for females that lasts longer.  I couldn't find one for guys, sorry.

- Minor bug fixes.


Leaving Enslavement


When you ask to be released, you'll be denied if any short-term quests are running (A Stewing, Run Lola Run, Whiterun Walk, I Am Famous, Spank Me Tender, or Pet Tricks).  Finish those tasks, then ask again.  If you've been ordered to wear a gag, you can't even ask.  That's intentional.  Get released from the gag, then ask.  When you are freed, all remaining mod quests will be stopped. 


You must wait a day before you can ask your previous owner to be a slave again.  If you had a positive score, you'll keep half of it when you become a slave again if it's to that NPC.  Your score won't carry forward to other NPCs.  Only the last owner is remembered, so if you switch between two owners you'll lose all score (you traitor).  If you had a negative score, it is raised to zero when you start enslavement again.


Reward & Punishment


Previous behavior


At submission score 50+, you may ask your owner for a spanking.  You receive a buff.  
At 80+ you may ask for a whipping.  OWNER receives a buff.


New behavior


Same as previous behavior but with the changes listed below.


Spanking and whipping can be moderate & playful to reward, or severe to punish.  Submissiveness does not necessarily equate to pain slut.  Assume that if your master is angry, your punishment will NOT be delivered in a way that you enjoy.


Requested spanking or whipping buffs you.  Requested whipping also buffs your owner.
Punishment spanking debuffs you and removes any spanking buff.
Punishment whipping debuffs you and removes any whipping buff (from you, not your owner).
The owner chooses the punishment.  If you have a buff in one area, the owner will always punish you in the way that removes that buff.
You may not ask for spanking while you have the spanking debuff.  The same goes for whipping.
You may not ask for spanking or whipping while your owner has gagged you.  Get permission to remove the gag first.
Requests for spanking or whipping are under the Master/Mistress? dialog.

The spanking buff remaining time is now visible.  That change might break the buff if you already had it.

Maintain your buffs.  A slave who regularly feels master's or mistress' touch is a happy slave.


Spanked Buff:  Skills +10% for 8 hours.
Spanked Debuff:  Stamina -20.  Stamina & Magicka recovery -20%.   4 hours.

Whipped Buff:  Stamina +30.  Health/Magicka/Stamina recovery +30%.   8 hours.
Whipped Debuff:  Stamina -30.  Health/Magicka/Stamina recovery -30%.   6 hours.


Feature Update


What's worse than being a slave?  Being a slave whose master is never pleased with anything you do.


This update adds the "Picky Owner Chance" slider on the Roleplay tab.  It defaults to 5%.  It's the chance that your owner will find fault with your words or actions even if you do everything right.  Adding a little moodiness and unpredictability makes the owner seem more alive. 


"I brought the ale you wanted."

- What is this?  This bottle is warm!

- This bottle is dirty!

- Did you already drink from this?


"I made the meal you wanted."

- What is that floating on top?

- Pfft!  Too much salt!

- Bleh, not enough salt.


Why your owner is picky is open to interpretation.  Is this person grumpy and hard to please?  Moody?  Or just pretending to be upset to keep you from becoming complacent?  Play it out in your head however you like.


Each event has a short cooldown period so you don't get back to back picky unfair responses for that event, but you can get unfair responses for different events in quick succession.  Be careful of a high value.  Even a very picky owner shouldn't be above 50%.  Picky outcomes were added to many events, but not all.  Some just weren't practical; others didn't make much sense.



New Simple Slavery++ Intergration:



Selecting Your Auction Buyer:



You must have Simple Slavery installed.  Any version will be detected, but this feature will only work with SS++.


Because crosshair target detection was just added to the MCM, you must initialize it before using it.  Aim the crosshair away from NPCs, so that you don't have the "Talk" prompt.  Enter this mod's MCM (main page is fine) and exit.  Now it's initialized.  You only have to do this once in a playthrough.


Aim the crosshair at a potential (or current) follower and enter the MCM.  Go to the Mod Integration page.  Refresh the mod list if needed so that Simple Slavery is found.  The Simple Slavery section displays the chosen Auction Buyer, if any, with an option just below to select the targeted NPC.


How It Works:



You may pre-select a future owner (the "Auction Buyer") who will buy you and claim you after the auction (the NPC does not actually bid).


Normal Path (Unowned)


You will not have an owner at the time of the auction.  Your future owner might be a current follower you have not submitted to, or it may be a potential follower whom you have not recruited.  


After the auction, if the designated owner is not yet a follower, that actor will be automatically recruited.  Be sure that you can recruit another follower if you already have one.  This mod does not perform any magic, it simply calls the standard recruitment function that is used by vanilla Skyrim and that is modified by follower frameworks.  If recruitment fails, the process ends.  I have tested with NFF, and it should work with vanilla.  I believe it will also work fine with other frameworks.


The follower will be placed in front of you.  Speak to your new owner to complete the enslavement process.  (I wanted the owner to force greet you but that didn't work.  Yes that means you could just run off.  Be a good slave and don't do that.)  This process reuses the Strong Hand quest.  The quest log won't make much sense; ignore it.


You will receive a contract according to your MCM setting, but never less than 5 days.


If You Didn't Select an Auction Buyer


The Strong Hand quest is started for you and you're told to seek out an owner.  This is basically the old Submissive Lola outcome in SS.


Owned:  Auction Buyer Is Your Owner


Your owner is placed in front of you.  Five days are added to your contract, or you receive a 5-day contract if you didn't have one before.


Owned:  Auction Buyer Is Not Your Owner


You already have an owner, but you selected someone else to buy you.  Your owner won't allow that.  Your owner is placed in front of you.  Five days are added to your contract, or you receive a 5-day contract if you didn't have one before.




- Fixed a serious bug in 0.83 that caused the boot licking (on all fours) scene to trigger at random everywhere. If you have 0.83 please update to 0.84

- Only followers (not quest teammates like Farkas) can offer to enslave you.

- You can only ask for a strong hand from followers, not teammates.

- Forced prostitution can now only occur in a city or town, not at roadside inns. 

- Random periodic events should not trigger when you're bleeding out. 




Various fixes by Hexbolt8 Including:


- Removed the blocking flag from this mod's gag dialog.  It was breaking other events. 

- The Whiterun "parade" walk will not trigger outside the walls.  No other events should trigger during the walk.

- Prostitution quota is reduced in towns.  You can now solicit guards (with basic prostitution).

- Reduced the time that you must stay naked for the "strip for me" event at higher scores.  Minimum time is still 3 minutes.

- Spanking animations with the tags "Spanking" or "Spank" will now be used.

- Added some clarification to the quest A Stewing.

- Lots of reorganization to the MCM.  It's better organized and easier to read.

- Added two configuration options for whipping.

- Moved the options to ask for sex or for whipping under "Mistress?".

- Added a test dialog to request a whipping punishment.  It's a real punishment so you will lose score.  Have fun.

- Lots of bug fixes.

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