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So i quit over a year ago, and just recently started playing again. Well i had stopped because EA had destroyed all my CC with updates, but now found legacy runs with CC great! Literally havent had 1 thing that s4s couldnt fix/update for it!!! So i began finding all my fac CC again.. So to hear why she quit? Was not a surprise.. ppl are weird, and instead of learning how to do it themselves, they have to steal off other modders. So i get it, i get why she left even!!! But that being said, i stopped uploading my work after sims 2. Mainly because no one else really wants it, its made for a specific reason! BUT! I accepted when I did upload, its going to be on the internet forever.. And im NEVER going to be able to control what happens with it completely! Including some ass hat charging money for something i specifically made to share for free! Is this upsetting? Sure.. But am i going to freak out and be unreasonable..? Even if i do, its not going to change anything..

I am looking for the 88 Jeep Wrangler, the 60s-70s Charger, and the Zombie Chopper.. I would like the guns/weapons pack as well if you have it sorted? 

I appreciate what you have been trying to do here, for those of us who lost our CC or are just starting out.. And i fail to see what the diff is if we share with each other directly, or link it? And im sorry that you were (Basically) Reamed out for trying to do something so nice and considerate! I can respect anyones work, and the time an effort going into the content! But.. i better not finish my statement.. 

p.s. I also have a large folder full of my old vehicles i removed at some point before my game broke, i will go through them and let everyone know what i find of hers! Thank you!!!

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 I just read the post from SG5150, I came across her site the day before she decided to leave.  I was like G*****D*****T just my luck.  I would have been a fan sooner but I just started playing the Sims franchise since 2017, so I'm a newbie (ish).  But from what I've seen of her work is incredible. I don't get the harassment from pop (ppl over pixel) it's just a game, calm down and enjoy the hard work that you aren't putting in to create content.  What I have seen in my nearly 3 yrs of playing is the audacity of ppl and the sense of entitlement.   The acting like a juvenile is beyond me.  Well I just wanted to say thank you SG for the INSANELY INCREDIBLE art that you created. 


p.s. If some one has the motherlode of SG5150 files please pm, I'd like to put some of her stuff in my game tysvm. 



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1 hour ago, musteatbrains said:

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had the Chevrolet Bel Air 1957? I saw that someone uploaded it here but it says it's unavailable. I would appreciate it if someone would send it to me :)

Sent it (2 versions).

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Very glad this thread was allowed to stay open! I don't have (or want) Strangerville but I'm in need of some military cars for a storyline in my game. I have been searching for two days now. Would anyone be able to PM a link to some of SG5150's military cars? Thank you in advance!

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