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Disable adobtable children?

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I know there is a mod that disables the adoptable children from spawning, but I can't remember what it was called. I hate it when I run around butt ass naked or in whatever skimpy outfit and / or bdsm gear and plugs visibly inserted in all available orifices, and some kid runs up to me and asks if I can adopt them, and I'm like "Kid, you have issues"

Does anyone remember the name of this mod?

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12 hours ago, Lamadi said:

Wasn't aware I could do that. Thanks :)

The good thing is: you can deactivate/active them anytime.

Means if you still want to do kids related quests, just reactivate them again.


Warning: any child related Scene gets stuck if the child actors are deactivated (for example if you're coming back from Helgen with Ralof and he visits Gerdur: scene get's stuck if no interaction with one of the children isn't possible => solution, just wait a hour or change cell or activate children as soon as you reach Riverwood)

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