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  1. Not sure if you're adding new features, but I found this, from 3d artist 'Gee13d' and I figured it might fit here. For, like bandit encampments and such. Also maybe this weird thing from an unknown artist:
  2. Are there any character editors that allows you to add RJW features to characters at the start of the game?
  3. Lamadi


    I rarely ever use mods that adds clothing or armor that does not fit visually within the game world. Like, yeah, I like dressing the female characters all skimpy like, but if the clothes are bright and colorful when the world is brown and gritty, it just kills the immersion, at least to me. Much the same reason why I don't play with shiny later bdsm gear in Skyrim. Just my opinion. Kenshi has a lot of great mods for cool looking clothes and armor, but the fact that they just look either too colorful or too pristine, makes me not want to use them.
  4. Working on an animated tentacle chair at the moment (PC problems were fixed yesterday) and thinking of a table and light source as well, though they likely won't be porn-focused.
  5. That's what I admire most about the work you do. You keep it fitting with the setting. I don't like much of the shiny leather and modern-looking stuff from the other mods. It breaks all of the immersion. And I meant for free moving arms. I personally like to play the game as well as having fun with these features. Also, it seems I remembered wrong. I could not find any images of Shirow's works where someone wears suspension cuffs. pic1 pic2 pic3 There are a lot of rings though. I love this armor outfit. Gonna have to look around and check if anyone have made a mod for something similar. Been a while since I browsed the Skyrim mods.
  6. Any chance we'll get the suspension-cuffs as wearable equipment? Some of Masamune Shirow's characters wear those all the time, and I find it incredibly hot. Previews look great by the way. I'm eagerly anticipating what'll be made possible with these assets.
  7. Sorry if this has been answered before, but I just noticed the development thread for ZAZ animation pack version 9 has disappeared, and I can't find any further information about its status. Could anyone here enlighten me about the latest developments on that front, if any? And preferably also why it was removed. I'm very confused right now.
  8. We could make a version of the door with only three frames. Would look janky as fuck though.
  9. Kinda worrisome that it causes crashes though. I wonder how many other players experience the same thing. Maybe we should add a PSA about that, like, recommending players remove doors before updating, or have the old version of the mod available so players could downgrade and fix the problems and then go back to the new version.
  10. My friend has a good idea about what's wrong, but we're waiting for the parts to arrive right now. I've had viruses before, and this doesn't seem like anything caused by a virus. At least not from my experience. Also, doesn't matter if I have fewer processes running when working, as the adobe programs increases crash chance considerably.
  11. Computer crashes when I have too much going on. I can run Photoshop but due to the unpredictable nature of the crashes I would have to save constantly, and I don't trust the files to not get corrupted. A tech savvy friend of mine is looking into it.
  12. I'm still out of commission due to tech problems, but once I'm back I have other things that takes priority that I want to make. In the interest of maintaining my own interest in working on this, I'm going to focus mainly on what I want to have in the mod (though suggestions are still welcome) Any artists are free to use my sprites as foundations if they want to make edits for other races or genders. Gonna add more lighting objects, as well as a chair that fucks the person sitting in it. More sprites related to wiring and proximity sensors, etc.
  13. Yes, but gotta wait until I get my computer issues fixed. I made a dumb-dumb when working on the sound design. Intend to fix it, but that's also gotta wait.
  14. Okay, this is impressive! I particularly like the first (left) animation! And you even used the actual Ruin tentacle style! In hindsight I kinda regret not doing that myself, but now I already picked a style and can't really be bothered going back and changing everything. Curious to see what you'll come up with next!
  15. I kinda wish we could make the status effect icon visible to clear up some confusion regarding the tentacle fluids, but I'm not sure it can be done as it's using a modified version of the vanilla bed-nude effect which has no status effect icon. I'm considering considerably lowering the duration of the potent fluid. Maybe 30sec - 1min on the regular tentacle fluid (up from 10sec) and 5-10min on the potent tentacle fluid (down from 20min) Anyone have thoughts on that? The tentacle fluid idea was mostly conceived with players of female characters in mind, as well as the creation of adventure maps / dungeons, so I wanted something that would last for a considerable amount of time.
  16. The regular fluid has a 10 second duration, I think. Why not just use that instead? Do you think there should be another fluid that has a duration somewhere in the middle? Like 1 minute or maybe 5? I've been considering that actually, but I think having more than 2 visually identical fluids may be too much. Everything is planned apart from the table. I don't really think of it as a tentacle 'furniture' set though, but it should be able to work as one. Regarding existential dread, I suppose existential crisis would've been more accurate. I would be so happy to learn that climate change exists just in my head. Not sure what I worry about most though. Climate change itself, or the asshats who get off on telling people "It's too late, so just give up trying and enjoy the fireworks" as that mindset just promotes inaction.
  17. Heh It was actually supposed to be 30 minutes instead of 20, but I messed up my calculations in the coding. Only coding I did actually, Onionknighto takes care of that as I hate having to deal with it and it's the reason I gave up on modding this game when I started working on these assets a couple years ago. I'm kinda obsessed with the idea of making it possible to make an adventure-ish exploration tentacle dungeon with traps and platforming and such. I wanted to make some kinda trap that stripped the character naked, but we struggled with getting it to work. The best thing we managed to get working was a nude status effect tied to a liquid which could be used as a falling trap, which is kinda the main reason for the ultra-wide horizontal tentacle door. I want to make more interactable objects in the future, like platforms that appear out of the wall when receiving a signal, enabling people to make timing-based platforming sections like in the vanilla challenge doors. Also tentacle themed proximity sensors. There's plenty on my to-do list, but I gotta wait for my pc to get fixed before I can get more done. Not gonna lie though, it's been sorta nice to get some time off from this as well as regular work. Though working on this mod has also been able to keep my mind off existential dread, so I feel it's high time to get back to working on it.
  18. It has a 20 minute time limit. The reason it doesn't show up is because it's the same status effect that triggers when using a bed which removes your clothes, and that status effect does not show up in vanilla either, but it's there. Also, this is just the thread for the assets I made which Onionknighto turned into the initial mod. I'm not adding more sprites to this topic for the time being.
  19. Thanks for the input. The doors we are aware of. There is input and output on them. Two of each actually, but one of them is bugged. We borrowed some code from another mod to allow doors to have more than three frames for opening and closing, as well as idle animations for closed and open state. We don't know the purpose of the secondary nodes, nor how to remove them without ruining the way the doors work.
  20. Hm... I'm afraid I don't have much advice. I started making stills of human sprites in different positions so I had some bases to work from. I then make the tentacle animations with each tentacle in a different color, and then fill in the details (outline and shading) frame by frame afterwards. I recommend you have every piece of the human body on different layers (assuming you work on Photoshop or a similar program) such as head, breasts, upper, and lower body. Parts that will bounce and distort through the animation individually. If you have the entire figure be a single object, you will have to edit everything frame by frame. If you have an animation that requires only the head and breasts to move for instance, then you separate those parts from the sprite and have them in the foreground with the main animation, and have the rest of the body as a backdrop. It will be unnoticeable in the end product, and will be a lot easier to work on. Maintaining a good structure in your projects is a great way to keep a decent workflow. We already have a mod for these over here: Though it doesn't make the sprites spawn in biomes. Also I am having PC problems at the moment and development of new assets are on hold for now. Appreciate the offer of assistance though. Might take you up on that once I get back to working on it
  21. I like the idea of custom platforms. Though the tiles offer no variation like the blocks do, so a set of tentacle platforms will look rather generic (Wonder if it's possible to make them play different sfx from the regular platforms when stepped on) Might make more than one set to compensate, but we'll see. I'm wary of taking on too many obligations at once as I already have a few things I'm currently working on that I'd like to finish once I'm able to continue this.
  22. It is on the to-do list. I also want to rebalance the sound levels at some point as some of the clips are barely audible while some are loud. Currently waiting for my PC parts to arrive, so can't do any more work quite yet. If you know of any clips I can borrow sound samples from, I'm eager for suggestions. Hopefully hentai / porn without music, lacking background noise and with as little talking as possible. I found a few squishing samples from ASMR videos, but if I listen to too much of that it makes me hate humanity even more.
  23. While I would love to balance things out and have content that both genders / multiple sexualities can enjoy, I basically started making these sprites for my own enjoyment. I personally have no interest in male content, so if I were to take on such a task it would really put a dampener on my joy of working on the mod, so I'm afraid that's a no from me, sorry. Although, if someone were to retrofit the women in existing sprites into men, I personally wouldn't have problems with them being added to the mod or as an add-on.
  24. Yeah, the fluid texture is also pretty broken. It looks strange when placed in a large area / volume. I must have made a miscalculation when lining up the textures when testing if they looked good in a tiled format. I'll fix that as soon as my PC is remedied to the point where it can start any Adobe program without fucking itself to death. Perhaps we should make some color differentiation between the two liquids?
  25. I do have plans for more objects related to wiring. Switches, buttons, proximity sensors and consoles (basically a switch, but animates when on) I doubt I'll ever make something as advanced as the door again though. That nearly burnt me out. Speaking of: It seems I jinxed it badly with my previous post, and the computer issues got way worse. I'm just gambling on the shit not crashing before I post this. Judging by how hard it is to get ahold of pc parts nowadays (fuck you bitcoin and covid!) I can't really give an estimate as to when I'll make new sprites.
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