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Mass affect Androfeda


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The game had potential...too bad it got ruined by some retard racist who thought making all the straight relationship partners look horrible and all the gay relationship partners look good would be "fun" or whatever... i'm glad that fucktard got fired.


Oh and the dude in charge of the motion capture for all the animations is also at fault for being a lazy prick trying to capture most animations while in his chair and eating fast food...

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I recently got it (almost) for free and just started playing it. It's not as terrible as I thought it would be. Character creation isn't the worst I've seen. The places to explore are large, interesting and the nomad is fun to drive. The characters are believable for the most part. The combat is good with many different weapons and powers plus lots of customization. The story is sort of original/compelling since you're trying to settle in a new galaxy and run into many problems almost immediately.


I won't bother listing what I don't like about it since I could prolly fill several pages. Like someone said, this game had a lot of potential and it's a shame it didn't come closer to realizing most of it. Would recommend it for anyone that is hungry for a space rpg/adventure and hasn't played any of the previous ME games. Could be fun to mod as well.

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Thank you guys.  I was having trouble with the glyph puzzles. Also getting a decent combat character setup. I don't care for nudity in the game it's kinda pointless. For me it is just regular trouble shooting and I am trying to figure out how to update the frost manager to the most recent version. There are some mods that I would like to try out.


I was disappointment in the game to be honest. So much I had missed out on when the game came out. But it was a disappointment to say the least.

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On 3/25/2020 at 3:07 AM, Epyon# said:

I was disappointment in the game to be honest

 I really think that if this game had been made as a stand-alone (no previous ME games to compare to) it would have garnered more interest and positive reviews.  Most criticism is from fans of the original series and how not much of it is found in Andromeda. My thinking is that story has been told and to move on. Andromeda is not nearly the pos that people make it out to be. The story may not be the greatest, but, that hasn't stopped other games from becoming fan faves.


 Seems like, according to some things I've read, EA and what's left of Bioware hasn't given up on it since they announced remasters of the original trilogy in the works. I sure hope I haven't seen the last of ME.

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11 hours ago, KoolHndLuke said:

^^^^ You can make a pretty character with very few mods. I made my char in about five or ten minutes.


First fight my video capture didn't choke on.









but looking at that is a pain, I mean that video.
these 51 seconds took almost 5 minutes, it has always again stopped to upload new content.

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