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SkyrimLE and SkyrimSE Water Mods?

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I need a water mod for SkyrimSE.


I had a lot of problems with water mods with SkyrimLE. 


I had tried Pure Waters and Realistic Waters 2 but they introduced problems.

Realistic Waters 2 had weird distant visual effects on the landscape, especially around the exterior of WhiteRun. Irritating.


I somehow managed  to get hold of a copy of WATER (it had been pulled) and it worked seamlessly with Skyrim!


Gopher reviewed WATER for SkyrimSE and guess what, its already been pulled?


I was really curious if anyone knows whats the issue with Nexus and WATER? 


Gopher reviewed water mods, like WATER, so it did once exist?





I suppose the old WATER would not work if Betheseda reworked Skyrim SE waters?


I guess I need to experiment again.


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the one and only https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2182 


it works perfectly with no weirdness …. if you have some "weird distant visual effect on landscape"  its problem on  your end , and best is to post your query on the mod page you think its causing you problems... also without modlist or a good explanation or some pictures of that "weirdness" otherwise noone can help you with your  "weird distant visual effect on landscape" .

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I actually went with Realistic Water Two and they have a distance patch (RealisticWaterTwo LOD Fix). 


I think the RTO has improved since I last tried it.


I tried to get Tetrachromatic ENB LE to work; but after replacing all the 64 bit ENB FX Effects it looked more like Re_Engaged ENB than Tetrachromatic.


Tetrachromatic ENB had a vibrant fantasy color, but I had problems with the brightness, darkness, and day/night transitions


I decided to use Re_Engaged ENB because it has strong natural color and makes adjusting light levers easy (sun transitions & interior brightness).


I kind of notice the distance transitions but they have added a new feature in ENBs that make distant objects look fuzzy.


I am near sighted and its kind of like being near slighted.  I guess it time for a Skyrim Eye Glasses Mod.


Camera developers have spent billions of dollars trying to remove "near and far" out of focus effects from their cameras and ENB developers have spent hours and hours of work putting in "near and far" out of focus effects. 

















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