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  1. When I switched to MO 2 , I was still playing Oldrim before so with SSE I just modded the whole thing again, but there is a possibility to transfer your mods so you don't need to download again , here is the guide to setup MO 2 and you will have to reinstall your mods, its just you wont have to download them again , read carefully : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1576728345 And use Mod Organizer 2 portable version, because you can put it anywhere and even transfer it to other drives without problems
  2. I did this already some time ago for myself and it bugs out PCEA 2 and its MCM becomes empty after a while and showing an error...then I reinstalled it and with PCEA2 unticked in installer and it works still its been over 2 weeks and no problems, just to share this here if anyone ahs problems like I had , but keep in mind if your PCEA2 in save was corrupted you will have to go back to a save that PCEA 2 works.
  3. why not just tweak values in the ini file in Improved camera beta 3 also there is beta 4 now, for SL experience you will have to tweak values in cameras ini file otherwise you are stuck with what you get., I also had both enabled and had 2 fpv one was from IC other from IFPV , so it was like this when scrolling the wheel --- 3rd person --> IFPV --> IC beta4. but its quite annoying, just tweak the values in IC ini, everything is explained and written on what particular value does so its easy to tweak.
  4. Mod Organizer 2 ….all others are light years behind in terms of everything, for Skyrim MO2 is the best , Vortex is good for other games. NMM - just kill it with fire
  5. it seems that your LOOT is not LOOTing properly hence the esp order you posted ,its completely different order than in mine and we have quite a lot of the same mods active, also you said you have NexusModManager - the only advice I can give you is to throw it away and use ModOrganizer2(portable version) to mod your game...I am running 238 esps and never had any kind of CTD in SSE ever.
  6. the one and only https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2182 it works perfectly with no weirdness …. if you have some "weird distant visual effect on landscape" its problem on your end , and best is to post your query on the mod page you think its causing you problems... also without modlist or a good explanation or some pictures of that "weirdness" otherwise noone can help you with your "weird distant visual effect on landscape" .
  7. you are wrong, wonder where you read that. That AIOAP mod has assets used without permissions so it will never be properly ported SSE - physics don't work in SSE since its different physics engine in Oldrim also its 64bit,... Just go and download mods for SSE, Everything in SSE works, physics ,collisions , you have 2 different physics possibilities(SMP or CBPC) , they can even be used as a combo, tons of bodies (cbbe 3bbb, uunp, unp, bhunp..), hair physics, animals if ur into that, there are tons of threads and guides here in SSE forum on how to mod SSE so go take a look.
  8. yes, but if its a custom bed , you have to add it into sexlab beds, its quite easy using ssedit...if the mod has regular furniture it will work since regular furniture is already added to sexlab bed list
  9. how to set custom voices that come with this mod to selected NPC , the voices work on player but not on npcs ? is it even possible ?
  10. hey try this I modified it and it works with full smp , just extract somewhere and copy it where it needs to be manually overwrite files in SexLab or FlowerGirls, whichever use. Strapon SMP .zip
  11. all sorts of stuff here from showing to normal to slutty....just use google to translate the page, also each armor/clothing pictures so you know what you are getting http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/ there are a lot of stuff so enjoy searching
  12. So you are saying Animation creator works on your end ? When you create any anim with any stage in any order , the whole newly created anim works without any issue and every stage play till end ??
  13. FNIS has to do nothing with it.... Original author was ignoring every question about this in original thread and that is why I am asking here maybe someone got it working, let me explain a little bit better. custom built animations work ONLY in this way : cowgirl stage1 - cowgirl stage 3/4 - doggy satge 1- doggy stage 2/3/4 - missionary stage 1 - etc, STage 1 must always be used before any other stage of particular animations otherwise actors just stand there or only one anim is played for every stage.
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