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  1. First of all NMM is outdated and plain terrible , use ModOrganizer 2 instead or Vortex (if you choose but it also sucks...) Osex and Sexlab dont conflict with each other... >>Warning: Custom skeleton found. Select SKELETON patch.<< it says right there... Tick skeleton arm fix and gender specific animations in FNIS before you run it. otherwise you cant just throw stuff in and expect it to work...READ description and installation instructions on mod pages or go here and gain some knowledge and tips : Skyrim SE for Beginners - V 3.1.0 (3BBB / H
  2. I think sexlab apply cum function must be modified to apply the texture to vagina bodypart since its separated from the base body mesh. Has anyone tried to make it work, highly doubt it.
  3. to answer your first question - not really.. and second - its the same as installing CBBE 3BA..
  4. Hi. I have a slight issue where none of the Bench animations play on any kind of bench, the only animation that plays is billyy chair cowgirl and nothing else, I even added tags for all type of benches to milkys and anubs anims and they dont even appear in the list while scene on the bench is in progress , any suggestions? All other furniture types work and appear when tags are added ,for instance regular table anims on alchemy tables or enchanting workbenches.
  5. I experienced this recently for the first time in all the years I play this game, when I started using Dynamic Volumetric Lighting & Sun Shadows weird shadow flicker started happening after couple of days just like in your pics, the solution was that graphic driver cache had to be deleted and SunDirection disabled in BethINI. I dont know if you should keep sundir on if you dont use DLVaSS you might as well try both options. Google how to delete driver cache for your GPU drivers. After I have done this no more flickers.
  6. open console with ` and type fov 90 or 95 or 100 or 80 or whatever.
  7. Latest version of SL Utility plus is compatible and FSF works without anykind of issues in SSE because Osmel reverted a change he made in previous version that broke this mod.
  8. Nice update Also Furniture Sex Framework mod now works again without any issues with the latest SL Utility+ by Osmel. I have a question regarding AG anims, I copied them to correct folders , they all appear in anim loader, but only milkys play , with anubs, billyys actors just stand still on every stage, is there any trick to it?
  9. Hey thank you for response, I installed latest SLATE(was 2 versions behind)and re-added tags to some animations , most of them already had correct tags(which SLATE confirmed), then all animations even those I didnt add tags to via SLATE which already had chair or table, bed.. tags also worked and appeared on the list, only few bed anims had the offset and some that had it before are now aligned properly( also Invis anims from json of FSF worked-table,bed chair with your furniture system and aligned properly); So SLUP furniture prompt works now. Also FurnitureSexFramework work
  10. hey, since version SLUP 20203112 the mod FurnitureSexFramework stopped working, in the latest version it still doesnt work, guess it has to be adapted for SLUP, but the prroblem is with SLUPs own furniture framework, only ask for bed works but ask for furniture doesnt even if I start furniture type animation of any kind via SL TOOLS no prompt for furniture use and no matter how close to furniture I am, animation just starts. Also most bed animations when choosing to use bed actors are floating above bed instead being on it. Is there some kind of trick or setting to m
  11. You have to load up correct animations first with SL ANIM LOADER , install json files that are here in this mods download section and you need original animation packs too installed, with SL ANIM LOADER import/add to SL , the ones that have INVIS in their name and then finally click update furniture types in this mods MCM.
  12. well with SL TOOLS you can set up a scene in which you target NPC click hotkey( which you have to setup in MCM ) 1. Target NPC 2. use hotkey and set receiver ( you have other options to) 3. look away , use hotkey again, set actor(choose who player or NPC) 4. actor with animation ; for threesomes+ you only chose the first actor with animation others consecutive actors that will be in the scene without animation(I think) 5. chose by tags, name. type... 6. when u r done , use hotkey again and Begin the scene and it will start you can set as many ac
  13. After updating SL Utility+ to latest version 20201231, Furniture Framework stopped working, spells work 50% of time and most times alignment is completely off(middle of chair, above the bed, inside the wall, middle of table..), override doesnt work anymore, prompt to use furniture does not appear everywhere it appeared before... Even on a new game. And the furniture option/prompt from SLU+ doesnt work/appear anyway. Could you take a look please if there is something to make it work again?
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