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Hiring scripter and a model maker for Skyrim mods. (Both SE and LE)

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I am looking to hire 1 scripter and 1 modeller. I am willing to pay above 350 usd and more depending on your asking price please contact me via discord direct message. Mods are relating to Skyrim both SE and LE. 


If you see my profile being empty, please this is not a scam, spam or anything malicious. I am being 100% serious looking for a scripter and model maker.

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Usually modelers are not paid per hour, but per model.

A basic human body not rigged is around 15$. A fully rigged one is between 50 and 100$ depending on the quality.

A basic armor can vary between 5 and 25$.

A furniture (just the model) is never more than 5$.

Creatures usually cost a lot more. About the double of a humanoid.


Rigging may triplicate the price.


And all this is considering just the 3D model. Textures NOT included.

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