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  1. Lovely! Then I can easily afford for a 3D-moddler, now only to find one willing to help me out ;3
  2. I am looking to hire 1 scripter and 1 modeller. I am willing to pay above 350 usd and more depending on your asking price please contact me via discord direct message. Mods are relating to Skyrim both SE and LE. If you see my profile being empty, please this is not a scam, spam or anything malicious. I am being 100% serious looking for a scripter and model maker.
  3. Heyo! I want to hire any professional scripter (who can analyse and fix bugs), meshes and custom model maker. Please DM me and we can talk about pricing. For Skyrim LE & SE mods.
  4. Female Option. Well... is there a way to make it compatible? Like any kind of tutorial to help me make it compatible with the DD AIN (Devious Devices All-in-one)?
  5. How do I fix the neck seam, and the devious devices are invisible specifically to the femboy race. How do I fix it?
  6. I have the 2.1.0 file version for those who want it. Your welcome. Took me quite a while to find it. aphroditesbow_v2.1.0.zip Edit: Nvm, as it turns out its doesn't work with latest version of the sexbound API...
  7. That would be a great idea~ Also do you have a discord?
  8. so then, how do I do their quest when they are born on the ship?
  9. I have no clue what does the children do when you give birth to them, can you make them your crew?
  10. Okie I have been trying to use any of the mods in sexlab for starbound and this one isn't working and it turns my character invisible and my controller is not working. I have no clue what I am doing wrong.
  11. Okie Its been a long time since I last played Skyrim. So I decided to get back into it, though I saw Skyrim special edition and I wanted to give it a try with mods, since I started playing it again on the switch. Now with the normal skyrim I can do the mods easily, however with Skyrim Special Edition most things are similar, but I am still encountering some problems... Most of the mods I wanted... well having a hard time with NMM trying to activate its esm. The mods I want to us are as follows: - Zaz Animation Pack - Simple Slavery - Devious Devices - PapyrusUtil - FNIS - Devious Devices - Assets - Devious Devices - Intergration - Devious Devices - Expansion - Fuz ro doh (Unfortunately, it doesn't exist in Skyrim SE, but theres a slient generator and I have no clue how to use it) - UNP & CBBE (I want both, one is for all the loverslab sex mod and the other is for the armor) - Prison Overhaul Most of these mods I have listed can be done easily, however I am encountering a problems with FNIS, Zaz Animation pack. Also if you have any other recommended adult mods please tell me
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