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[mod] Cheri Scripting Library

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Cheri Scripting Library

Cheri Scripting Library

Version 1.12 - 6 January 2021

by Cheri



This mod does nothing on its own. Other mods rely on it to work.


Cheri Scripting Library is a collection of scripted effects and scripted triggers that I find myself using frequently. Instead of copying it into all my mods, I decided to upload it as a separate mod to make it easier to maintain. Other modders can feel free to use it as a base if they wish.



  • Use 7zip to extract the archive into My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/


Info for Modders


This mainly deals with cross-compatibility between different dick/tit size mods. It also has some functions I needed for Ala's Body Mod traits.

  • csl_add_body_traits_effect
  • csl_add_gigantic_tits_effect (and so on, for all the sizes)
  • csl_grow_tits_effect
  • csl_remove_tits_effect
  • csl_add_gigantic_dick_effect (and so on, for all the sizes)
  • csl_grow_dick_effect
  • csl_remove_dick_effect
  • csl_remove_balls_effect
  • csl_remove_pussy_effect
  • csl_remove_m_shape_effect
  • csl_remove_f_shape_effect
  • csl_m_to_f_shape_effect
  • csl_f_to_m_shape_effect
  • csl_add_futa_trait_effect
  • csl_remove_futa_trait_effect



This has effects that flip characters between genders while also changing their names, traits, and LF portraits. Mainly meant for seeding.

  • csl_become_male_effect
  • csl_unsafe_become_male_effect
  • csl_become_female_effect
  • csl_unsafe_become_female_effect
  • csl_sanity_check_portrait_effect
  • csl_become_futa_effect
  • csl_unsafe_become_futa_effect



  • csl_improve_appearance_effect
  • csl_improve_appearance_and_remove_masculine_effect
  • csl_cure_diseases_effect
  • csl_cure_injuries_effect
  • csl_remove_scars_effect
  • csl_set_epidemic_immunity_flags_effect
  • csl_impregnate_check_between_this_and_prev
  • csl_impregnate_check
  • csl_impregnate_cuckoo_if_possible_effect



Similar to csl_scripted_effects_body.txt above.

  • csl_futa_content_enabled_trigger
  • csl_tits_content_enabled_trigger
  • csl_dick_content_enabled_trigger
  • csl_is_futa_trigger
  • csl_has_gigantic_dick_trigger (and so on, for all the sizes)
  • csl_has_huge_or_bigger_dick_trigger
  • csl_has_gigantic_tits_trigger (and so on, for all the sizes)
  • csl_has_huge_or_bigger_tits_trigger
  • csl_has_cock_trigger



  • csl_has_csl_trigger
  • csl_is_untouchable_npc_trigger (checks for special_npc flag and equivalent)
  • csl_is_gender_locked_trigger (checks whether character has a potentially gendered NPC portrait)
  • csl_is_lactating_trigger
  • csl_is_visibly_pregnant_trigger
  • csl_is_pregnant_trigger
  • csl_can_be_a_father_trigger
  • csl_has_incest_trigger
  • csl_is_virgin_trigger
  • csl_down_to_fuck_trigger (equivalent of Luxuria Fantasia lf_can_have_sex_trigger)
  • csl_has_polyamory_trigger (meaning character does not discriminate between bastards and legitimate heirs)
  • csl_is_not_animal_trigger (is not horse, cat, frog, dragon, ghost, Animal Kingdoms culture)
  • csl_is_a_mage_trigger
  • csl_is_a_slave_trigger
  • csl_is_a_prostitute_trigger
  • csl_is_lustful_society_trigger
  • csl_is_senior_spouse_trigger
  • csl_is_junior_spouse_trigger



Supports Luxuria Fantasia, Dark World Reborn, DZM Expanded.

  • csl_is_elf_trigger
  • csl_is_orc_trigger
  • csl_is_fairy_trigger
  • csl_is_demon_trigger
  • csl_is_halfdemon_trigger
  • csl_is_angel_trigger
  • csl_is_fallen_angel_trigger
  • csl_is_succubus_trigger
  • csl_is_incubus_trigger
  • csl_is_neko_trigger
  • csl_is_kitsune_trigger
  • csl_is_dragon_trigger
  • csl_is_vampire_trigger
  • csl_is_werewolf_trigger


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