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What causes this (help)

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I doubt it is anything to do with scripts.


At what point does the game crash? Is it the same place or time?


Do you have the stability tools installed?

Crash Fixes

SKSE Plugin Preloader

Load Game CTD fIX

ENBoost (not needed if you are already using an ENB preset)



Post your load order here, it is more use than a Papyrus log.

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I do have those thing, but it happens when the mods are still loading in in game.I use SSE btw. I am now playing without most of the mods and it works fine so it could be one of the following mods:


The complete collection of Frankly HD mods (only the armor mods though)  - Not it.

Enhanced Blood textures

Frozen Electrocuted Combustion

Rigmor of Bruma

Heavy Armory  - Not it.

Royal Armory

Legendary Skyrim Crossbows  - Not it.

True Spear Combat  - Not it.

Animated Feathered Wings  - Not it.

Dawnguard Rewritten Arvak

Cinematic Soul Absorption

A Matter of Time  - Not it.

Scarlet Dawn Armor  - Not it.

Flying Mod Beta  - Not it.

Flying mod Overhaul  - Not it.


Sword of the First Ember

The Brotherhood of Old  - Not it.


Project AHO  - Not it.

Hel Rising  - Not it.

UIextensions - Not it.

AddItemMenu - Not it.

Rustic Spriggans & Daedra

Spell Reshearch  - Not it.

Enb Light  - Not it.

Cathedral Weathers

Arcanum  - Not it.

Ultimate Dragons

ALLGUD  - Not it.


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It could also be that you do not have the stability tools configured correctly and loading the mods pushes your game over the edge.


This is the LE section BTW. ?

2 hours ago, SilverplaysNYT said:

Flying Mod Beta

There are only a couple of your mods that I recognise but if I was looking for a culprit I would start with this one due to the word 'beta' in the name.

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You have more lines in your log in 1.30 minutes than I did after 8 hours. (FNIS lines excluded).

At the beginning of your log there are several "Cannot open store for class ..." lines. This is a hint for missing mods.

There is no ESP in line 293 - SkyUI.esp.

My advice: Read the description of the mods you are installing. With you some seem to be missing.

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