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Omega Labyrinth Life - Mods are live!

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Well this one's just begging for it.




Update December 14:

We've got a process for modding now! The below spoilers will provide instructions for both modders and mod users.

You will need UABE either way, get it here: https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE


For mod users:


These instructions assume that the modder has provided an installer that was properly set up according to the modder instructions.


Step 1)

Simply run the installer, pointing it at the requested folder (usually the game's root folder, where the main exe is). If you're not sure which folder this is, look at the Affected bundles, like so:


The requested folder here is the game's root folder, as that's where OmegaLabyrinth Life_Data is located.

Make sure that the file at the end of the path is correct (illust.unity3d). If the name is different, make sure your file matches the given name.


Note that some modders may opt to provide a UABE installer package instead. In this case, open UABE, then select File -> Load Package File and go through the installer there.


Step 2)

Once the installation has concluded, navigate to \OmegaLabyrinth Life_Data\StreamingAssets\StandaloneWindows64 and rename illust.unity3d to illust2.unity3d (or anything else, just rename it). This file should be over 1GB in size, which the game refuses to load, so let's do something about that.


Step 3)

Open UABE. Select File -> Compress, and navigate to \OmegaLabyrinth Life_Data\StreamingAssets\StandaloneWindows64, then open your renamed file (illust2.unity3d). In the following interface, just match these selections, which should be the default ones:


Press OK, and save the file as illust.unity3d in the same folder.


That's it! Your game should now run, and the mods should work. If they don't, you did something wrong. 


For modders:


Note that these instructions are identical if you wish to edit a file other than illust.unity3d. For info on which images are where, look below this spoiler.


Step 1)

Navigate to \OmegaLabyrinth Life_Data\StreamingAssets\StandaloneWindows64 and rename illust.unity3d to illust2.unity3d (or anything else, just rename it).


Step 2)

Open UABE. Select File -> Open, and navigate to \OmegaLabyrinth Life_Data\StreamingAssets\StandaloneWindows64, then open your renamed file (illust2.unity3d). UABE will ask to decompress the file, press OK and save the file as illust.unity3d in the same folder.


Step 3)

Press Info, then locate the files you wish to edit. These will usually be Texture2D files. Select one, then press Plugins -> Export to PNG and save the image wherever you want.


Step 4)

Use your method of choice to edit the image. Be VERY careful when using GIMP, as it seems to have issues that cause black lines to appear around the textures. See my image a few posts down for an example. Basically, just make sure you test your images ingame, though from some testing, Photoshop does not appear to cause this problem.


Step 5)

When finished, select the file in UABE again, press Plugins, but this time select Edit. In the interface that pops up, press Load and select your edited image. Leave everything else alone. Press OK, then OK again, then OK one last time to close the file list, making sure to select Yes to save your changes.


Step 6)

Now it's time to build the mod. Select File -> Mod Maker -> Standalone .exe installer and fill out the form. Make sure the base folder is set to the game's root folder, and that the affected bundle is illust.unity3d.

Note that you can choose to use a Package file installer as well. The process is the exact same.

In the end, you should have an installer in the game's root folder that can be distributed to other users. You may wish to run it yourself on an unmodded illust.unity3d, following the modder instructions.


Step 7)

Your illust.unity3d is currently unpacked, so the game won't run. Select File -> Save to save your modded file, naming it whatever you want, like illustModded.unity3d, then File -> Close. Now select File -> Compress, select illustModded.unity3d. In the following interface, just match these selections, which should be the default:


Press OK, and save the result as illust.unity3d.


That's it! Your game should now run, and your modded files should show up ingame. If they don't, you did something wrong.


The following is a list of file name patterns for the Texture2D files, so you can easily find which ones to edit:




sta_ : Standing art, used in menus and dialog (I think)

spa_ : Spa art. _effB is the censorship fog, which my attached mod will remove. _01B are the breasts.

ski_ : Skill cut-ins and breast growth art. _pub are the skill cut-ins, _01A and _01B are the breast growth cut-ins in dungeons.

ef_ : Effects.

sel_ : Identical to sta_ , used in some menus.

mai_ : Partial standing art, used in dungeons for the top-left portraits.

bug_ : Flora's bug-catching scenes

aro_ : Skill Bloom art. Usually _01B, _02B, _03B and _04B have the breasts, but check others to be safe.




Very straightforward, all of the jud_***_bus files correspond to the breast close-ups in Tit for Tat and Size Up.



To get things started, I have attached a mod that removes all of the censorship fog in the spa scenes. Note that these images will have no nipples for now. Follow the instructions above to install it!

Omega Labyrinth Life Steam Removal.exe


The process may look like a handful, but I promise it's not hard, and I tried to be as accurate as possible with my instructions.


If you make a mod and want it added to this post, let me know!

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So here's the thing, I'm able to create a distribution-ready mod using UABE, but this decompresses the affected files. The game refuses to load uncompressed files, I sat here for 10 minutes on the "now loading" screen on boot, nothing. When I compress the file, it loads instantly.


Does anyone know a fix for this? I'd rather not have to distribute the entire illust.unity3D


On a more positive note, the textures are extremely easy to mod, everything's stored nice and separate in simple formats. What's more, if you remove the fog or other censors, it's very clear these breasts have pointy bits where the nipples would be, so it's as simple as coloring them in. If someone has the artistic skills to do it, I can fetch all of the necessary files and import them back afterwards. If we can't fix the compression issue, we could consolidate all of the images into one file and distribute that.

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Well here we go.




It's far from perfect, as you can probably tell, I don't have much experience in this. Just figured I'd use it to get some interest in the game going =P

I'm not sure how to get rid of the black line around the breast, and the nipple positioning could use work, but it's a good first attempt.


I've also looked into what's going on with the game not loading with decompressed files. Turns out it's a bug with UABE. The fix for it is to compress illust.unity3d again after inserting modded files. You're then free to decompress again, the game will load unless you alter more files. If anyone can find a workaround for this, be sure to let me know.

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8 hours ago, mremoo18 said:

im interested in Nude mod of Yurika Burst



Unfortunately I've pretty much reached the limit of what I can do with just partial texture removals and copy-pasted nipples. I'll need some kind of artist to continue.

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Made a ton of progress, with a lot of help from The Butler. I've updated the first post with detailed instructions, as well as a mod that removes all censoring fog from the spa scenes! Here's hoping this entices more people to get started on modding this game, because I truly do believe it holds a lot of potential.

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I personally would love if you did more, that first batch are great.
I'm no artist, but I think they'd look even better if you rounded the left nipple just a bit to reduce the pointyness of it.


On a more technical note, I assume that it's basically just an image that's been edited, in which case I'm wondering how it would look in game. I assume that it works with that base image having clothing layered on top, so depending on the extremity of the edit (like the big one) it might show through the clothes.
Just something to consider.
(The bathing should be fine though, since it's only the fog)

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That was quite quick, cool!


But if I am honest..... puffy nipples always look horrible (like, I wish they would not exist-kind of horrible) but given that, your artstyle at least seems fine otherwise. Yamasa's edits on the other hand are fine, and if I understood correctly, there won't be one big mod, but each to their own as far as a given artist wanted to go? I'd love to avoid the puffy stuff (and I'm pretty sure I won't be the last one). Ironically, the copy pasta nips looked the best xD


Otherwise, good work folks :thumbsup:

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