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  1. Futa Lover

    Dead or Alive DLC Aqua Plus Honoka

    Thats the thing it's not a mod its a DLC which cannot be shared here. Just informing us about her DLC is all
  2. Futa Lover

    Looking for mods

    FunnyBunny's thread can supply your needs for the 1st 2 requests FunnyBunny Mods Most male mods here are nudes so I'm not sure if your into that. Deviantart is kinda clustered with Huchi's mods making it nearly impossible to find other modder's work. So I can understand why anyone would ask where to look for more since 80% of his stuff are just WIP's screenshots
  3. Futa Lover

    Malware Paywalls: e.g. adfly, blogspot, etc.

    I may have fallen victim to some sort of malware/cookies that collected my old login info to my account. I keep getting a notifications once a day that someone failed 3 times trying to login from overseas in Germany region not sure if its a fake IP. Heck I even changed emails along with the password, also set up a phone verification for security measures. Yet still getting notifications, but its specifically only this site someone is trying to intrude my account. I have malwarebytes along with adwcleaner so idk whats going on.
  4. Futa Lover

    Retireing From DOA Modding.

    Doesn't seem like we can retrieve them without the creator himself to reupload . Now that hes gone so is his work Its a shame too he was the only one who actually did futa mods. But yeah he was 1 of the major loss towards the mod community here
  5. Futa Lover

    Using DOAHDM For Free?

    Ask google
  6. Futa Lover

    [DOA5LR] Osiri mods UPDATE 1/1/2018

    I think you read my comment wrong. Im saying your comment was helpful providing specifications compared to what others have said. I understand the password needs to be discreet, but to a regular mod user or noob it would be nearly impossible to figure out how to find it. Only reason I found the password is b/c I tend to download every helpful tool on this site incase I wanted to make mods my own, but I still lack information on getting started. Anyway I don't think patreon is bad its just the ppl who use it to profit off others work is
  7. You can also just use a cheat/trainer to speed up the process in 1 hit KO's thats what I did to unlock arcade costumes
  8. Futa Lover

    [DOA5LR] Osiri mods UPDATE 1/1/2018

    That seems to be the story, but honestly I can only think of 1 person in the DOA5LR community that's currently using Patreon. Not mentioning any names, but the shoe kinda fits on "him"
  9. Futa Lover

    [DOA5LR] Osiri mods UPDATE 1/1/2018

    So, if you open Readme.TMC "using proper viewer " Out of of all pages in this thread this comment was super helpful. Saying "Open the readme" wasn't nearly as helpful as it was intended, ppl who dont use DOA5 tools regularly are gonna have a very hard time understanding this.
  10. I thought I was the only 1 getting bot spammed. Funny how this guy makes multiple accounts to annoy us and has the nerve to comment in a thread
  11. I turned off Following due to some troll harassing me with multiple accounts named Jin_Kazama for the last 2 weeks please help report to the admin to ban this spam bot IP address

  12. Futa Lover

    Some guy make that mod for Marie

    True he was in another site before Zeta, freestepdodge. Not trying to reopen wounds, but he had beef with members here that were involved in freestep, so that could be another factor why he never joined here out of the 3 sites he was active in. Ultimately all the credit fighting made him decide to go Patreon with his works tho he does give public mods time to time. He's the only person to consistently do DOA5 imports so it would be fools gold to just share them all over forums and most likely result more drama.
  13. Futa Lover

    Some guy make that mod for Marie

    Eh that's not an excuse im only on quoting what he said himself. Im sure Huchi knows this site exists, but the fact he hasn't joined here kinda proves my point of his interests in modding. I mean would you place yourself in a site surrounded by content you didn't like? Side note we have to pay as paterons for his mods now.
  14. Futa Lover

    [DOA5LR] "What mod is this?"

    If it has no download link next to its picture there's little help we can offer b/c the creator probably decided not to share it. I know it sucks not being able to download Huchi's imports I'd be a patreon now if I had a valid credit card to sign up with. If the mod is from this site you have a bigger chance of getting the mod your looking for.
  15. Futa Lover

    [DOA5LR] "What mod is this?"

    Providing screenshots of Huchi001 works here isn't going to grant you access to them 9/10 they aren't released to the public The only way to get his mods is by joining his patreon that's the choice he made a couple of months back. But yeah asking the creator of the mod will do you more justice than coming here. But as for Huchi himself he's not the type to respond a message which is unfortunate