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  1. Here's my mod files, haven't had time to make it better or do the animation. OP can merge it to this mod if he likes. I don't know how to make one of those patch files, sorry. Penus.zip
  2. I added some stuff, still working on animation though
  3. https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/23 Check out this mod, it extends ranges for some options and adds new ones. Might wanna look for the genital sliders and see what config line it's adjusting. If we are lucky you can just extend the numbers to be bigger, if not then we will need more to do it. If we can't just edit the config to have bigger numbers then we will need a few things. Right away you should also be able to use cheatengine to find the memory value and edit it directly, and for longer term we would need to find the value in the game files and add a c
  4. Should just need to find the underwear texture and make it transparent, seems like something we should technically already be able to do. I'll be digging through the textures whenever I get a chance. This game probably has quite a lot of digging around needed, so everyone should help with finding textures and listing what they find here.
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 modding will fall in line with Witcher 3 modding for the time being. I don't think CDPR plan on doing any mod tools so we will have limited scripting functionality. They did promise mod tools for Witcher but never delivered, so take any rumors for CP2077 with a grain of salt. Wolven tool kit for Witcher 3 is working on CP2077 support already. https://github.com/Traderain/Wolven-kit/issues/286 Rfuzzo has working extraction support already as well, as seen below https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/8 https://github.com/rfuzzo/C
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/file/n5gj7vyi08hzw0p/Entrepreneur.7z/file Haven't tested it with newer versions of the game, might be broken. Main issue was I couldnt figure out how to change cost/income so the balance isnt great, I think currently it ends up taking a long time to get return on investment. Also note in the GUI folder it's easy to change the in game menu pictures if you want. Please feel free to inspect the source with DnSpy and update/edit as you please. Can share stuff here. Just please dont upload derivatives on modnexus unless you do a rewrite, th
  7. Hi guys, I edited the Entrepreneur mod more. I just need to figure a few more things out that I wanna edit. I messaged the original mod creator for permission to share this here, as looking through the source code he put a lot of work in to this. Fingers crossed! Needs: -change the requirement for purchase from 5 tools/5 hardwood to 1 prisoner. -permission Wants: -change UI pictures depending on which culture the town is, or at least randomly cycle through a set of images.
  8. I edited the "entrepreneur mod" to have brothels instead of land buying. Not sure I can release it though, sorry. Maybe I'll ask the mod creator.
  9. Are the edits I did useful? I'm not sure if it was the raw image, I just copied the one that was posted here. BTW I can do more if needed. I can redo the others too if there is demand.
  10. Custom edit, small medium and large nipples. Hope you like Puffy!
  11. Green Heart looks great, skimpy clothes and barely-nude is good! If you need any 2d art modified let me know!
  12. Great work! Will give this a try. Keep it up!
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