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All notifications have stopped

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As of today, I'm no longer receiving notifications on the mod threads I have set to follow.


I am able to manually view the threads to ensure that they have new posts but for some reason they're never showing up in my notifications. I hope there is an easy fix to this that I'm missing. I've already made sure that none of my notification settings have been altered. 

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Been like that for weeks if not months for me, though a couple of them do notify me of new posts, the bulk of them do not, unless I was quoted in them.  My best guess is it is a combination of windows itself updating, this site and for me firefox updating, spread out over time.  Chances are they will suddenly start working again at some point.

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In the last weeks I noticed that I stopped getting notifications about some mods. From other mods, I still got them.


A few days ago I went through my follow settings to remove a lot of unnecessary ones (I was following a couple of hundred mods over the years). I removed most of my follows and set the remaining ones to the "Send a mail Daily" setting. Since then I got zero notification mails. I checked manually and I saw some mods I'm following did get updates, but I got no notification about them.


So it seems there are some serious issues with the Notification feature.

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