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  1. I like to play strong women characters that are skilled fighters and compassionate. I actually use characters from ToH and roleplay scenarios from that. For example, my current playthrough has a strong imperial mercenary showing compassion to a beggar in Solitude. The beggar has a silver tongue and slowly convinces her to go down the Devious Followers path to make her reliant on him before switching over to Sub Lola.
  2. I realize that I may have been unintentionally vague in my previous post. I don't mean that the creature would directly travel to points of interest or any large AI overhaul, but rather that the creature would be added to the player's follower faction and possibly have a message box periodically appear asking for food/demanding sex similar to how the Submit/Resist messages act. If they player refuses enough and the creature's disposition drops below a certain threshold it would leave the player's current follower faction and become hostile again.
  3. I've often thought it would be neat if the animal masters eventually trusted a submissive PC enough to tag along with them on their adventures similar to how human masters do. After all, as long as the PC is providing food and sex on demand the status between them could blossom into a co-dependent relationship with the animal master providing protection of his bitch (within reason; no trolls/dragons/giants or other overpowered creatures) and the PC being able to continue playing the game. Conceptually the animal-as-master is a really cool idea but from a gameplay standpoint it's ve
  4. Really interesting mod idea and I look forward to seeing more of it! Have you given any thought to adding additional transformations? For example, a pig-transformation from the boars around Solstheim or a rat-like transformation from the various skeevers you fight etc.? I know that the Adult Toys Merchant mod on the nexus has both a Pig nose/tail mesh. If the mod author gives permission to use their resources it might help open up the possibilities for more transfomations. 🙂
  5. Really interested in the Pet romance content. Looking forward to it!
  6. I'd love to see characters like Fattig be expanded into followers the same way Bruiser is. For example, after moving into the PC's house and setting the ground rules, Fattig would also recognize that the PC is a capable adventurer (or at least has some use to him) and demands her compliance for his personal use as they travel over Skyrim. Someone's lifestyle like Fattig's is bound to make more enemies than friends so having someone like the PC at his side can be very beneficial to him. Some possible traveling scenarios include: Paying off old debts: Fattig would send th
  7. Riekling content is always welcome and it's a rather untapped theme for adult mods.
  8. Honestly I must have installed that mod wrong because other than the specific scenarios the basic slavery mechanics were worse than SD+ level in terms of player engagement. It was literally just wait and get raped repeatedly until you can escape your bindings and run away.
  9. Okay, while simply resetting the quest stage doesn't work, the solution I've figured out is to actually stop the timer quest until the mini quest is complete, then starting it again. This lets the timing script fire again and it works well. It's not a perfect solution but it works.
  10. I'm definitely thinking that this is the way to go since for some reason the main timer quest does not want to reset back to zero to run the timer again. It works fine the first time, repeat stages is enabled, and the script advances to the right stage but then it doesn't seem to like being set back to Stage 0.
  11. Hey I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I think the solution I've found is to use Utility.RandomInt to roll a number between 1 and 2 and possibly store that number as a Global Variable. From there I can possibly use a simple if/else statement to call the Global Variable and assign the RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime to either 24 hours or 48 hours. I'm thinking of using stages 0 and 10 of the main quest to accomplish this - stage 0 calls a random int and stores it, then stage 10 immediately uses the stored variable to run the update game time script. The reason I'
  12. I'm creating an adult mod where an aggressive NPC moves into the player's house. I'd like to setup a repeating approach system and here's what I've theory-crafted so far: Main approach quest starts at Stage 0. After an interval of 1-2 ingame days (preferrably random within that interval instead of just using RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime) the quest stage is advanced to 10 and a forcegreet package kicks in. The forcegreet leads into a randomized dialogue path, where each path hooks into a "mini-quest". Once the mini-quest starts, the main quest is moved to Stage
  13. SexLab isn't really great for the animations themselves, it's great because of the scenarios that revolve around it. With SexLab mods, you can be defeated and raped/enslaved/sold and the animations are really only there to enhance the story the mods themselves give. There are plenty of decent questlines revolving around SexLab animations as well. Sounds like you're looking for MCG Social Interactions which allows you to build and foster relationships with any human NPC including a courting system where you can ask them on dates/etc. It also has mechanics for defeat, lore-
  14. I'm in the process of creating a short-mid adult quest for Oldrim and while everything is working, I find that the majority of my time is spent fixing bugs and making the quest play nicely to the point where I don't even really care about the content of the mod. I set out to make this quest with the intention of eventually releasing it on LoversLab but the idea of constantly providing bug-fixes post-release is a daunting task and I end up reconsidering finishing the mod. I constantly battle with the creation kit to make everything work the way I want it to and I end up feeling unsa
  15. So I'm creating a follower in the same vein as mods such as Troubles of Heroine (but on a smaller scale) and I've already got the groundwork done. After a short introduction, the follower moves to the player's house and then from there I'm planning to set up repeatable mini-quests. The quests themselves are no problem, but I've ran into a bit of a hiccup regarding making them repeatable. From what I can figure, the easiest way to do this is by making a main quest that has a specific "reset" quest stage that each mini-quest will revert back to upon completion. For exampl
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