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Phallus Glean BETA 1.5.0 WORLD (Updated Nov 5th 2019)

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Phallus Glean BETA 1.5.0 WORLD (Updated Nov 5th 2019)

Phallus Glean BETA 1.5.0 WORLD



This world is offered for testing and debugging. This is to say it may have a few bugs that we haven’t found yet (not the kind that affects your computer but the kind that makes something in the world not work correctly).  It is Virus Free at my end and (I’m sure) scanned for Virus once uploaded to LoversLab.com. and again, when you download it to your machine… You should not accept a copy from anyone –get it directly from LoversLab.com – this will prevent corruption of files and/or someone else’s “add in” that may or may not have malware.


RELEASE for BETA:           November 5, 2019




·         2048 X 2048 (Large World)           

·         Modeled after Dragon Valley & Midnight Hollow (with a smidge of Harry Potter meets Skyrim).

·         Altered Environments:  air, water, clouds, storms, light, etc.




EP: 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11

SP: 01, 02, 03



  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions
  • Late Night
  • Generations (may work fine without this one)
  • Pets
  • Showtime
  • Supernatural
  • Seasons
  • University Life (may work fine without this one)
  • Island Paradise
  • Into the Future.


  • High End Loft (Some beds and end tables vanish with this one)
  • Fast Lane (cars, motorcycles, and parking spaces will vanish without this one)
  • Outdoor Living (some picnic, railings, and BBQ will vanish without this one)


SP’s are not required but there are some nice cars, fences, stairs, etc. in this world – without the SP’s – they won’t show up.  Same for some of the beds, railings, stairs, Grilling stuff, picnic tables, etc. Basically, if you play this world without ALL the required EP’s & SP’s, or leave out any Sims3pack or Package files – there will be things missing from the world. You know what happens then… you get all those things replaced with Vases, pots, flowers or train sets.  Arrggghhh.




Townie                                 1

Vacant Lots                         6

Residential                          51 including vacant and Townie lots.

Community                        42

Custom Content (CC)         Sim3pack: ~ 173 MB

MODS                               (CC) 127 (108 MB) includes all World, and custom objects.





King Phallus Sailed to this Mystical Land from far, far away!  Way back…  (Whenever).

He was both amused and amazed by the culture & customs of these VERY open-minded Tribes who worshiped a Dragon with an unusually large and prominent Penis.  It is reflected in their Art and symbolisms, and in most everything they do.


You can feel the hint of Celtic Charm!


Like any Rural Valley Community – it is sprawling with small enclaves of housing and community lots here and there, much like rural villages with very small populations, a few Kilometers apart. 


WARNING: Sexual Content

It is a VERY sexually oriented world and as such, this particular world needs to be kept away from those under the age of consent. 


DO NOT give out copies of this world and related files – just give them the address or a link to LoversLab and/or to the world download page.  This way they can jump through the “Screening Hoops” for age verification in order to obtain the world.  Keeps kids safe, keeps you safe, and keeps LoversLab.com and myself safe. If you love this World – tell the real world where to find it – but don’t just give it to them. If it gets into the wrong hands – that is solely on you.


Install (Recommended method)



Previously Installed PG

If you have installed PG Version 1.4.0 then uninstall PG 1.4.0 and install 1.5.0. You will lose your game and any modifications made - so, if you have something you've been working on and like a lot - be sure to save a copy to your Library before uninstalling including any Sims you've made.  That way you can put it back into the new world.

You will need to copy the 1-5-0 Required MODS to your Packages folder.




Start with a new and clean Game folder:

Rename your current “…Documents\The Sims 3 folder to “The Sims 3 OLD You can leave that folder where it is or move it to another Drive for Archiving. When you want to return to playing your old game, Swap the folders names… The Sims 3 now becomes The Sims 3 OLD and vise versa. The system will look for “The Sims 3” so make sure the games you want to play is “The Sims 3” folder.


·         Once you have renamed The Sims 3 folder to “…OLD” Run the Launcher to create a new “The Sims 3” folder and exit the Launcher.


·         COPY your MOD’s folder from the original “The Sims 3” folder to the new one and clean out all Package files except NRaas Tools, any Sex Mods you have like GFX, Passion, KW, Woohooer, etc.


·         Download:

  • PG Required_Neighborhood.Sims3pack  
  • PG BETA 1-5-0 ADULT.Sims3pack
  • PG 1-5-0 Required MODS.zip
  • PG 1-5-0 Play Game and Outfits.zip
  • PG Loading_Screen.package


Extract all ZIP files into their own or seperate folders.

Copy (or move) all Sims3pack files to... \The Sims 3\Downloads\ folder.

Copy (or move) the ENTIRE PG 1-5-0 Required MODS folder to ...\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder.

Copy (or move) the ENTIRE Phallus Gleann B.sims3 folder to your ...\The Sims 3\Saves folder. If you don't have one there, copy the old one and remove the other saved games.

Copy (or move) the ENTIRE Phallus Gleann 1-5-0 Outfits folder to your ...\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder.


As a Novelty I've included a Loading Screen specifically for Phallus Gleann World. This Loading Screen will only show up with ANY game or world selected. Because it uses so much overhead I don't recommend keeping it installed in your Mods folder unless 1. you're brave; and 2. you have a beefy machine.


Copy (or move) the PG Loading_Screen.package to your ...\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder. (Remove if not needed)


Run the Launcher and install the Sims3packs...

You are ready to start a new game with Phallus Gleann.



If you are going to use the Pre-Played Game (hey - there is some extra stuff in that one)

When it's time to select what world you're going to play - you will see this:


This is Normal.  Click the Big Blue Button!   Unless you want to start a new game or world.


Once the game has loaded you will find yourself in "Edit Town" Mode.

At this point you can select any occupied residence then select "switch to this Household" - OR just click on "Return to Game Setup" at the top of the screen. If you Return to Game Setup - you can select your Sim family or create a new household, add a pet, etc.





 (As Doctor Strange exclaims, “… they always put the warnings AFTER they tell you how to do the spell.”)


At this point it is recommended that you use Delphy’s tools  and Tashiketh's Sims 3 Dashboard Tool to check if there are any conflicts with the worlds Mod’s and the Mod’s you intend to keep – just to be sure there are no crashes.  If you don’t have Delphy’s Tools they can be found on MTS. If you can’t wait to see the world and don’t want to hunt down Delphy’s or Tashiketh's tools – do not add ANY of YOUR Mods (the ones you want to keep) to start. Then add one group of your mods at a time. If you notice that one of the Mod’s for the world has a similar name as one you intend to keep – there may be a problem – maybe not… you won’t know until you try. Just remove yours and keep the world’s package to be sure.




CUSTARD Sims3pack Cleaner


Tashiketh's Sims 3 Dashboard Tool

For package files.




Do NOT extract the package files from the Sims3packs. You’re asking for trouble.

I won’t go into the details on how memory in the game is allocated/staged/scanned, etc.  Let’s just say that if you try to extract the packages and place in your Mods folder – expect a 30 minute or longer initial loading and jittery game play.


I would rather (impatiently) wait 10 minutes for the load - than 30-40 minutes and have the game pause every 10 seconds to update everything. Save yourself the headache and frustration.


I mean… if you really want an object in it – yea, go ahead – just don’t put those packages in the Mods folder.  It will really cramp the games memory flow. Just make sure you give credit where credit is due if you do extract an object to modify.


PG Wont Install:


Several things can happen.

  • You have a Corrupt copy of one of the downloaded files.  This will be evident as soon as you try to unpack or extract the files. Just wait for a "quiet" time on your Internet connection and download again. Make sure all unneeded services are suspended and no other programs are running. One job - download.
  • You did not start with a Clean Install.  Follow the directions and try again.
  • You did a "Clean Install" but the Launcher crashes.  Go to basics. With a Clean Game folder, the two sims3packs for PG and NO MODS - does it boot up and install? Add mods you intend to keep, a few at a time until it locks up - remove or repair that package. And/or run Tashiketh's Sims 3 Dashboard Tool
  • You have a new game folder and nothing in the Mods folder and still Launcher crashes
    • With a fresh game folder - try to install a very simple small world with no mods at all and no other sims3packs. If the Launcher crashes - you have a bad Launcher - repair or reinstall.
    • You can use Delphy's Tool and check the sims3packs - if not okay - try and repair or download a clean copy from LoversLab.
    • Otherwise, if the sims3packs are okay, you may have a corrupted Launcher - repair or reinstall. 
  • The world will not run on some Laptops - if your machine wont install or starts to run and crashes with such worlds as DUBI or NYC or some other well decorated large world - most likely PG wont work for you either.


If you have problems installing - KISS (Keep it Simple S...) With a fresh - new game folder - and nothing installed and no mods - does the game start - no, repair the game.

Install only the sims3packs (world and required neighborhood) no mods. If it works - add the PG mods. Then add your mods a few at a time. If if doesn't work - most likely it cannot be installed on your machine. I will help you if you ask but be specific of your steps taken and your machine information (operating system, type, memory, etc.) Send me a private message or use the HELP button for this world and I will PM you back.



Garments Included in Played Game


I've made a few garments for the service, Role and a few Job Sims for this World.

A few are displayed below...







The game is already set up with Role and Service Sims, Townies, Clothing preselected including School, Bar, and Resort Worker uniforms as well as many carrier positions set with their respective uniforms. Even the Hookers and Exotic Dancers have a “uniform” par-se.


All currently existing Sims:

·         ½ are Bisexual – the other ½ are very heterosexual – this is inclusive for both sexes.

·         9 teens (6 female)


All "Room Markers" have been removed and most all Sim-staffing for a category is at Minimum levels. This allows you to have any job and maximizes the games “Play longevity”.   Remember, I put the Sims in and made or selected their clothing – it will most likely not be something everybody wants or can tolerate. So, if thine eye offends thee… replace it with what YOU want.  Same goes with anything in this world.


Most of the Sims (playable), in-game, have a good amount of money. Most other Sims are unassigned and unemployed. The bums! Put them to work!



If you run into a problem with the game – remember – it is the largest size world allowed and has a lot of custom items installed. It is memory heavy so you should have a beefy machine with a lot of memory.


·         If you’re running a 32 Bit machine, be sure to set your Page File system to around 10GB. Just be sure to have at least that much space available on your Hard Drive first - plus 10%. That means  11-12 GB for the Page files PLUS 10% of drive capacity free).

·         Keep other Mods to a minimum (sex mods, NRaas tools are okay).

·         Keep other Launcher Installed Sims3packs to a minimum.

·         Place your system in “Gaming Mode” or otherwise end unneeded Process (careful here – know what you’re doing).


It works and was built on an HP desk machine, Core 2 Duo, E4500, 2.2Ghz, 32 bit, Vista with 3 GB RAM.

It also works on a HP Pavilion Laptop, 64 bit, I3, Windows 7 (factory).

So it should work on any fairly good machine.


If you still have trouble installing or getting it to run – use Tashiketh's Sims 3 Dashboard to find Duplicates, Corrupted, and Conflicts with packages. It is recommended that you start out with ONLY the Mods supplied for this world plus NRaas Tools and your Sex Mod (GFX, Woohooer, Passion, KW, etc.) – NOTHING ELSE!





It was pointed out to me that I have a lot of CC included but I have given no credits for those who made this CC.


What is in as of this Posting is:


  • MurfeeL: Skyrim glowing mushrooms
  • Pandorasims: Sex Shop stuff
  • mammutZoo: Pinklebush
  • sasilia : Torture chamber stuff
  • MajikGoldys: Medieval bathroom stuff
  • Douglasveiga: Farris wheel
  • D&M: medieval market stall
  • Misty VG: Tower Rugs
  • CycloneSue
  • Granny Zaza: Textures
  • ATS
  • Severinka
  • Lulu
  • Ziggy28
  • Wondermoon @ TSR
  • ImTNW
  • DeeLutza
  • DaraS
  • NEA
  • LNG999
  • BEO
  • Misukisu: Courtesan (Hooker) and Exotic Dancer Mod
  • ANI – from MTS: Working Bed
  • Armiel
  • Nonsequitur
  • Normin (my car)
  • Mildred (my 20 YO computer)
  • And a BBQ grill from some unknown contributor.




Unless the originator included a link in their descriptions I have no Link on file for them. I have not altered information contained within the Packages so the original developer is shown with any information about them or their creation – in the package file.  I scanned each package looking for the names or handles of every contributor and show them above.


This is a CUSTOM WORLD and as such has CUSTOM CONTENT.


Because this is a BETA World the Custom Content has and will change slightly from time to time and therefore I hesitated disclosing them - wasn't sure "who" would be there when it was finished. Not like I was hiding it - their names are there on the packages themselves. Many of these contributors were found within the original Sims3packs and were incorporated directly into another contributors Lot. So most are a part of a single lot only, included within someone else's work, and not used elsewhere. I give Honorable mention and thank you – All.


All other creations are my own.


The base of the world is from Dragon Valley. Only the world’s edge and a small area around the dragon and other Celtic Symbols, on the ground, were not over painted or terra-formed. All other area of this world were altered topographically and with modified and/or original terrain paints. All roads were changed in textures, layout, and positions with most all Non Sequitur originals. The streetlights are my creation. Even the Dragon Valley Distant Terrain is modified.








  • LadySmoks
  • JoshQ
  • Nonsequitur
  • Nonsequitur’s  daughter
  • and the workhorse... ceasmilla3


Thank you for all your hard work surfing around in a new exotic world telling me what doesn't work. May the Phallus Dragon protect - Live Long and Hang well! (or vise-versa...)

I know you're still playing it... lol


Using Special Mods Included with PG


Included in the MOD’s are 6 objects to add a little more fun to the game – considering the theme of PG.


PG ConsortDressCode

This has the same internal numbering as the original ConsortDressCode so if you have two – remove YOURS. The one included in PG has been modified in shape and appearance to fit PG decor. If you Left-click on the sign you have a bubble menu to select which outfit a Sim MUST ware, in the room the sign is located. Works on Pool Walls, as a sign on a Post, or on any wall.





This shows up as a very small rectangle on the floor near where the dancer will perform. There are always 3 outfits the dancer will ware – you can choose the 1st and 3rd outfits – the 2nd outfit is always going to be Sleepwear. You can select a clothing category for the 1st and 3rd so make sure you have their outfits preselected in CAS.


Exotic Dancer Object

You can recolor this object – so if you playing around trying to find the perfect spot for your dancer – edit it in CAS and make it bright red or white until you got what you want – then change its color to match the floor.


You can left-click the small rectangle for a bubble menu allowing you to select Arrival time, Show time, and Show duration.


The Time Format is 24 hour.

xxHzzH : the xx is the start time in 24 hour format and the H is a system marker to tell it end of data – so the “H” must be there!  The zz is the same but it’s for the show time.

So, 13H18H means the dancer will show up at 1:00 in the afternoon and the show will start around 6:00 PM.


You can select show duration of up to 300 (Sim) minutes.

The Sim will show up and play pool or socialize until show time.

You cannot control whether the Sim is Male or Female so you need to change to suite. You can use NRaas Register to set and lock the sim and their outfit.




The Tower Rugs by Misty are located in the Hotel Coral Essex, 1st floor, opposite end from Pool.

There are two rooms near the Bar; each should have an attendant and a round rug in the room. Click on the rug for Tower options and guest services. It is recolorable.



The Ferris Wheel is located at Rammit’s Amusements.

You can Click on the Ferris Wheel for many options such as selecting if NPC Sims can ride or gain Mood, if Insane or other types of intentionally unstable Sims are affected, etc.

It is recolorable.



Ani’s Working Bed shows up as an orchid flower and vase. Usually at the night stand near a bed.


You can find out how to use this gem at Ani-Working-Sims-Bed-FAQ.





Thank you LadySmoks for turning me on...  to this little toy!




Click on the little bottle for the bubble menu. Select “Tuning” then enter the Sims work time and cost.

This allows you to have a Hooker on site. It is in 24 hour format so 13 is 1:00 PM and 18 is 6:00 PM, etc.

  The 1st cost number is what is charged for regular WooHooing. The 2nd cost number is the price charged to be your Call girl for the whole night.


While the Sim is on duty start a friendly conversation. Once initiated click on the sim again and you will see two more menu options – Ask to Woohoo, and Services. Service is the all-nighter.


This is not like Ani’s Working Bed. This one does not allow YOU to be the Hooker and doesn’t have a way to track your money, skills or level of success.  Moods and other social aspects of Woohooing are active so you get a boost.


Oh - and last but not least... I've included the Exotic Dance Pole.

There is no Picture here - but it's just a shinny pole. Click on the base of the pole for interactions where you can yourself, or you can ask someone, to dance for you - complete with animations and bubble tuning. You select the outfit. The Sim will continue to dance until you stop them.


  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    EP: 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 SP: 01, 02, 03


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Thanks for ur Good work, but sexshop_display_adulttoys_GTW.package and sexshop_display_GTW.package and sexshopdisplaycount.package are Sims4's mods. Let them out!

Then Alchemy potion store (I forgot name) cann't get in. must remove some plants.

On the whole, that's great! I like it, Hmm.

Maybe u think about place Medbod and Impossible Heels in them?

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  • 1 month later...
  • 2 months later...

Been playing around with this a bit as I felt like a bit of a fresh start world - mostly just looking at the lots at the moment as I get a grip on the set up before diving in to actual play.


First I'd say wow, this seems like it took a tremendous amount of work to try to theme a whole world and you have my gratitude for throwing it all together. The statues, landscaping, and little nooks all really work together to give a real sense of place. I was half expecting it to be over the top garish but scrolling around it all fits nicely together.


There's a few rough edges. Trying to put in empty lots anywhere except the little "downtown" grid is super frustrating for road adjacency as most don't snap. Over by Wijgot Farm they snap but most sizes still say blocked by road. That said it's probably not a good idea to add too much as I got an error 12 save my first test after putting down about 10 lots so maybe lack of snapping is not that important.


I'm not a fan of the row housing and how often it's used... and raising a brow at the cost over by the military base vs the Roe/Row ones? Quirky. But I suppose it's a matter of taste.


Personally I don't like objects that use roman lettering inside the sims, but I do like the signs for the lots - they add a nice touch of neon depravity.


The Harry Potter stuff isn't to my personal preference but I appreciate that you steered it to one side of the world to give it its own space - props for that.


The thing I'm most confused by: The Maya "Angelue" <sic - Angelou?> library. Just the reference seems like a bizarre entry for the world. Did it come with the lot or was that intentional?

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Well, it is a BETA...


Without feedback on likes, dislikes, & problems - I don't know if there is a problem, or something that could be better. That being the case - Thanks for the compliments & Feedback.


There are a lot of suttle curvatures and angles to the roads making it near impossible to line up a lots front perfectly to a road. If you notice, many outlying lots are not square to roads but are landscaped at the World level to blend. You can use the lot rotate tool to make fine adjustments to the lots front edge to get close to the roads orientation then move the lot to find where it turns from green to red - that's as close as you can get. Many of the areas that are open have world level terrain painted to allow a driveway blend to the roads (as long as you use the same paint - EA standard). I'm pretty sure all areas adjacent to roads, able to have a lot, have been flattened.  This will be verified with the next iteration.  Areas left with contoured terrain are meant for custom builds.


Lots will snap to the grid - it's the road that doesn't line up with the grid outside the downtown area, which is laid out on the grid. Downtown areas are usually more compact, as you get farther out of town - it becomes more sprawling.  This means you need to place your lot farther from the road. Using a floor pattern for driveways and sidewalks will cause an abrupt stop at the lot edge - short of the road. Using a Terrain paint works best. However, I do understand this problem of lot alinement and being able to blend to the road.  I'll see what can be done to correct this. 


I'll check the lot purchase costs.


Simlish is great for generically implying something in the game but, to say something - it has to be in an understood language. Hence, Roman/English.


Ah, the Maya Angelou Library. I made that sign long ago for another world. Maya Angelou was an American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, several books of poetry, and is credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning over 50 years. Perhaps it is not a good fit in this world which is more an alternate reality/fantasy.  I'll give it a more fitting name.


As for the Harry Potter section - had to have something there for the broom riding crowd and that area was originally set up as Hogwarts school. I had a lot of problems trying to combine two lots and make it look like one (big castle school), and all the various doors for school department venues - so I removed it and put in a simple Quibage stadium and broom riding area leaving the rest open for whatever the user wants to place.


BTW: If you build on the lots you place then limit to two or three lots then save (with a simple build). If you do a detailed build of a single lot save several times during the build. If plopping down ready made lots - place 3 or 4 and save before moving on. If placing empty lots - 4 to 6 and save. This clears out the Temp databases for building... kind of resets the clock.  If you're doing a lot of lot placing and building (hours and hours) it is wise to do a complete save every hour or two, then exit from the game and reload. This sets and locks in what you've been editing as well as resetting all the databases. Don't use "Save & Exit".


Well, thanks for your feedback - it is appreciated. 

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I wanted to provide feedback because I saw there hadn't been a lot of chatter, and again, I'm really blown away by how much time must have gone into this. I know I had some nitpicks but really on the whole I'm liking it and it's going to be my homeworld for now.


The road adjacency issues I understand. I was able to get non-snap lots fairly flush about half the time (though it was a lot of lay it down with alt swivels, place, sigh at too much gap, try again), I may just settle with removing flush driveway paint when placing. There are a few areas though where there ends up being this really abrupt terrain dip or raise right by the road once a lot is placed (the outer edge of the road leading out from Wijgot toward the other farm area has some of that). And again where it does snap to the road by Wijgot is really odd because like a 20x20 will place ok in a couple spots but other sizes when auto-road clinging/snapping will say "can't place on road" despite that it snapped to the road, which means I can't even try to move it away without pulling it way off of adjacency to remove the snap (unless I'm missing an option somewhere for no snapping).


I'm familiar with Maya Angelou, which is why it was a bit of a headscratcher. I was mostly curious if there was an intention to it before I altered it - not that I don't respect her work, just seemed like an odd fit for an intentionally lewd world ?, If it was the Voltaire library or someone in the grotesque tradition, maybe, but I'll probably rename it something to do with nerd fetish.


For Harry Potter - I don't mind the lots themselves, and I did read all the HP books, so it's not that I dislike HP or broom riding (my active has a witch after all). It's more of a philosophical issue with internal world consistency, something which EA likes to fight me on with stuff like Diesel stuff packs and other real world trademarked properties trying to get a crossover and putting in non-simlish radio songs. I can just rename the lots and all my qualms are solved - mostly I wanted to compliment you on the choice to section it off a bit.


On the English signs, yes, I was torn, because I like the signs themselves and you can't make the joke with the Essex Hotel without English so it's something I'm going to leave and let be for the moment in my own game. I might be keen to alter the "Party's" umbrellas though. I realize I may be in the minority on stuff like this.


Ahha! I didn't realize the Error 12 issue was a temporary database overfilling - didn't come up when I first was looking into what it meant long ago. That makes much more sense for how it behaves rather than some imaginary static limit on total lots.



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Like suncoolr pointed out before, the elixir shop is a bit of a mess. Overwatch is going nuts with errors on it, lags really hard in build mode too. I'll have to see if loading a save post path fixing fixes it. Hopefully won't have to replace it because it's a cool looking shop.

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I've corrected the problem with the Elixir Shop where the front door is not recognized. Just moved the door to the front facing the gate. That made the sims start using it and cleared up some routing problems with it. 


I'll check and make sure the road/lot placement areas are smoothed and flattened - May have missed a few before compiling. Also the Wijgot Farm.  I know the roads are a bit squirrely around there making it difficult for lot placement. I'll see what can be done.


I've changed the name of the Lib to Marie Laveau (Voodoo Prestise) and made a sign for it. 


Now, all this rework depends on whether I can get the editing software running. I went back into an untouched CAW  file for the world and CAW crashed. I've been working on a reinstall of the entire system to get it back. Without it - no remake. I want to fix these problems.


I thank both of you (trihell & suncoolr) for the feedback - it is very appreciated!

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Well, It will be a while for the PG rebuild. I got the Editors up & running but need to try and reinstall everything. It seems CAW refuses to display any Street lights or Car parking. All Car parking areas and all street lights are missing from this world and there is no way to replace them as yet.  The objects needing replaced do not show in CAW or SuperCAW METAData when they are a part of the game core. (not CC). They should be there, I need them - so, have to start from scratch with a new install of the editors and hopefully I'll be able to edit.  

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  • 1 month later...

Started playing a bit more and had a couple more issues to report.


The first one I don't know how to fix myself - the business center gets a traffic jam of stuck sims quite often. I have nraas overwatch auto-reset off as that's been long advised from KW but that means I get the error messages and eventually feel like I have to go manually reset the clump. Perhaps I'm googling the wrong thing in trying to figure out how to edit or replace it. (Edit - I see it's just the twinbrook rabbithole after some digging but I noticed sims aren't using the back exit - maybe because there's no street back there? Just a guess but to my recollection most neighborhoods surround the office building with street)


The second issue is bizarre but not dire - the world seems unable to spawn raccoons. I just set their population to 0 in nrass register as otherwise I was getting message spam about the same raccoon being created over and over (but never actually appearing).

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Look to see if there is a very small "RED" dot or light floating in the air somewhere around the business center front or back entrances - they may be high in the air and very hard to see. Delete it (right-click on it and delete object).  I may have missed one.  It was part of the night lighting effects I made and then discarded because they were creating routing problems. 


With sim routing at lots or world objects - streets aren't considered (per si). You could place a rabbit hole in the middle of an empty field and Sims would use all entrances.  With the business center it is most likely one of those little red lights or another object blocking the route path to the back entrance. I have not been able to edit the world from the original files - yet - so can't get into it to correct these little problems. Since the Business Center is part of the World and not as a lot the only thing I can see to try is to delete all objects in the area - radius purge or object delete with NRaas, go into edit town and place a lot there. Then build or place a proper business center there.  Be sure to back up your game first.  


Don't know about your racoon problem.  I didn't touch any pet settings in the original world. I placed a few Deer, rat, and pigeon metadata but, no racoon - I think.  I don't have a clue on this one.  Do you have any pet mods in play?

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I'll try looking for red dots then.


No animal mods no aside from using the population control in register. I vaguely recall another population control option somewhere else though so maybe I'll peak through options to see if there's a conflict of settings.

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I had another thought while looking at my working copy - Trihell.

Make sure the Sims3pack in your game download folder has "Phallus Gleann BETA 1-5-0 ADULT. sims3pack". An earlier version of PG (Ver 1.4) was updated to version 1.5 but had trouble with the posting so made a new PG submission for version 1.5.0.  This is the newest version with the little "RED" lights removed for routing problems. This problem was predominant in version 1.4.0 Still no clue about your rabid racoons. 


I would first make sure you have the latest version as stated above. If the name of the Sims3pack is not exactly as above - you have an older version. If you have the correct version - I don't know. I worked on removing those lights for weeks because of that particular routing problem.  My sims use both accesses points and rarely ever congregate. 


If need be... I'll give you a copy of the file I use from my Sims Download folder. You still need the updated "Phallus_Gleann_Required_Neighborhood. sims3pack" and the "Phallus Gleann Required MODS. zip" files for PG to work properly.


They can be found here with the latest version.

 Keep me informed - please.

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I downloaded it in march so I assume by the date stamps that I have 1.5 but I'll double check.


I tried just adding a second office building. It seems to be working but no one's using it. Sort of general question, will stuff transfer over if I delete the first one?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "will things transfer over if 1st one deleted".

Any change or alteration you have made to that game  won't be there with a new game of course. If you meant - if you install the newer version will you be able to play the game you have been for that world... I'd say no. It is a new version and has different internal numbering and hashing.

Even the Package files and Required Neighborhood Sims3pack were changed from version 1.4.0 to 1.5.0


If you have been playing PG for a while and there are a lot of personal changes - I would recommend copying your Sims, and any lot you changed to the Bin or as a sims3pack. Copy your Saved Sims, Library, Mods folders somewhere safe. Since this is a reinstall - I assume you only have PG world so delete your Documents/The Sims 3 folder, run Launcher to reset and follow the directions for installing PG and related files and folders. 


I also recommend Dragon Valley be installed.


replace the mods folder and remove all the previous PG World stuff - install the new.

Through Launcher - install PG World and Required NEighborhood sims3packs. 

You can keep any Sex Mod system you want like KW, XTC, etc. as well as NRaas Tools. 


An alternative is to use the launcher to uninstall all PG related objects and then delete the PG mods in the Mods folder. Replace those files with the new version and install the Sims3packs. 


Since the business building is at the World level and not as a lot, If you delete it - it's gone. As is anything you delete at World level while in the game.  World level objects can't be copied or saved. The only way to reset a world level object deletion is to start a new game.  So, be absolutely sure before you delete a world object. 


Because you will update to the newer version - repairing the business center is Moot. It should already be fixed in the new version. If by some weird chance it is not - 1) I want to know about that. and 2) Delete the building and anything else in the area that might interfere with lot placing. Edit Town and place a lot there, then edit the lot to place YOUR business center. 


I wish my World editing files were not corrupted. I really want to fix these little problems and do a little more on this world.


I hope this helps (and works for) you. Let me know. 

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Sorry, by transfer over I didn't mean clean slating the world, but if I threw down a new office building rabbit hole and then deleted the first one, whether you know what happens to sims employed at office building 1, like whether they would just start using office building 2 as if nothing had gone wrong if office building 1 is deleted.


I did already have the 1.5 simpack in there and I haven't seen any red dots around office building 1.


New issue, got a script error from errortrap on the dragon cave entrance. I'll try it again and see if it persists. Edit: Just kidding, it won't let me interact with it now and spat an error on the save load. Not game breaking but errortrap resets my sim if I try to interact with the lot.


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Interesting, Another subtle problem - this time with the Dragon Cave> I need to make a new version but can't get into the editors. I plan on upgrading to a 64 bit system on a newer machine. Hopefully that will let me make some edits.


Lots generally store other Sim data but not so much about carrier or social interactions, or the like.  If the original Rabbit Hole is deleted - any information stored with it is lost.  A Sim with a business carrier would have that same carrier but would now be unemployed.  There is no association to the new rabbithole.  What the Game does exactly - I don't know. It may well be that after a cycle or two the carrier is reconnected to the new rabbithole. Haven't looked at that.


I appreciate your continued reporting of these problems Trihell - wish I could do more than just offer some patching and workarounds. 

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It's all good - I'm having fun with it. I'm fine if none of it gets "fixed" in an official way but I wanted to offer reports and feedback if nothing else than to keep the visibility up in the forum. The landscapes (like "boob hill" as I call it) are worth the price of entry alone.

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On 3/14/2020 at 11:50 AM, Non-sequitur said:

BTW: If you build on the lots you place then limit to two or three lots then save (with a simple build). If you do a detailed build of a single lot save several times during the build. If plopping down ready made lots - place 3 or 4 and save before moving on. If placing empty lots - 4 to 6 and save. This clears out the Temp databases for building... kind of resets the clock.  If you're doing a lot of lot placing and building (hours and hours) it is wise to do a complete save every hour or two, then exit from the game and reload. This sets and locks in what you've been editing as well as resetting all the databases. Don't use "Save & Exit".

I just recently read about 'Saving while in edit world mode' as an option to help fight the error 12's. As I haven't yet ran into that error recently, although I will try it (get error 12, switch to edit world mode, and try to save then) was curious if you had any experience with this strategy.

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Yes, Landess. The real problem is with the "Save & Exit". It doesn't seem to work correctly.

Because I build a lot I got into the habit of saving from edit mode. When I was first getting into Sims 3, I would go back to live mode to save but would play for many hours before doing this - I sometimes get Error 12.  I've never had an error 12 from edit mode - however, I also save a lot more. Saving cleans things up a little.  It has been a very long time since I had Error 12. I don't think I was ever able to recover from one - not even in edit mode. But, that may depend on how clogged up memory is at the time of the Error. I don't spend 4-6 hours playing anymore - I mostly use it to test things I make.   Every once in a while I'll play for 3-4 hours just to play.


Thanks Trihell...  It is a BETA afterall...  one of the fun things about building a world, and being a moder, is I can make anything I can think of to put into that world.  The only thing I need to consider  is the amount of memory used and how it's used or processed in the game.  The ideal is to have minimal processing impact on game play.  That's why most all in PG are static using only built-into-the-game special effects added to them (and only a few of them - and repeated like with torch girl or "boob hill"). A way to decorate the world without much impact and still make it rich in detail. But, most importantly - I guess - is it unique and fun to play.  A world like PG would never be allowed on any other Sims 3 site.  Please don't stop letting me know of  these problems in PG - it helps me and it helps those that view these post to see if "Their" problem has been addressed.  Until I can make edits to PG (need new Computer - old VISTA 32 bit machine) We are all stuck with the current version. 

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  • 5 weeks later...

I got busy for a bit and didn't play for a few weeks. Thinking of going back in but realize I'm missing using Midnight Hollow as my homeworld (it's like my soul mate). So I was thinking about using Nraas traveller to enable PG as a vacation world where I can ramp up kinky settings (under normal circumstances I prefer keeping them lower than default for arousal).


So question - what was done between the base world and the save game? I know you have a recommendation to use the save, which I did, but I'm curious since if I vacation it, I'll have to use the base.

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Not following you. PG is a Large world 2048x2048 so it eats a lot of memory. 

If you want to use PG as a vacation world - I don't see why not.  Of course, it wasn't originally set as a Vacation world. 


You don't need to use the included SAVED Game - the saved game has some Sim characters set up with clothing, jobs, etc., and some of the NRaas Tools were used to enhance a few things.  There are a few extras in the saved game. That's all. So, have at it.  Just remember to save often.

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1 hour ago, Non-sequitur said:

Not following you. PG is a Large world 2048x2048 so it eats a lot of memory. 

If you want to use PG as a vacation world - I don't see why not.  Of course, it wasn't originally set as a Vacation world. 


You don't need to use the included SAVED Game - the saved game has some Sim characters set up with clothing, jobs, etc., and some of the NRaas Tools were used to enhance a few things.  There are a few extras in the saved game. That's all. So, have at it.  Just remember to save often.

Not sure why you mentioned that PG eats a lot of memory - your namesake Non-Sequitur shining through?


All you need to do with a vacation world is set a home base the first time you go there and it works fine. Might make that the castle with a few adjustments as that lot is pretty brutal to actually play on (64x64 sounds cool but... it's not... no blame because I recognize the base lot that you improved).


I saw you mentioned you still have a VISTA machine... upgrade that. I don't know how hard it is to get parts right now in the age of corona, but a modern dual or quad core with 8 gigs of memory can be built complete for cheap (like sub $100-150 before storage). Throw in a used video card on the cheap and some fast storage and you'll be set. I can say having been previously on an AMD 4350 and now on a ryzen 3600 that sims 3 runs better, but is still optimized for only 2 cores so gains in game were noticeable but minimal and any dual core with a similar IPC will run it as well.  I can say it loads in way less time now that it's on a pcie 4.0 nvme m2 drive though (pcie 3.0 nvme m.2 drives are often almost the same price as sata drives if you look around, just need the motherboard to have a slot for it). 

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On 6/3/2020 at 2:42 AM, trihell said:

a VISTA machine...


Well, I built myself a system:

ROG Strix Z390, 16 G Ram, 500GB SSHD, 2TB HD, all in a Coolermaster HAFX case. Installed Win 10 about 10 times before it stabilized.  Still using on-board graphics until can afford Video upgrade.  Absolutely hate it!  Most of the stuff I am familiar with won't work with that new machine.  Sims 3 wont install unless I go through Steam or Origin.  Pretty much useless to do most of what I do.  I'm back on the old Vista - until it burns out. My C: drive is about to go - more and more errors. So, eventually I'll be forced to stop making things.   Hopefully, AFTER finishing this new world!


Right now, I've started a new world. An Island dystopia (rebuilding the mess) world with 4 different islands based on one warlord over all the others.  Still friendly, twisted, and sexy.

Hovering street lights, mostly custom buildings with a few EA- ITF recolors, all new terrain and road textures, new plants and trees, lots of broken glass, and glass or metal domes... Alien overlords flying around in spaceships and blasting things... the usual.   Even a spaceship that falls in love with an apartment building that looks similar to itself. lol  It has a long way to go before thinking about BETA testing. 


Right now I need to go back in and edit or remake all of my building, lot, and rabbit-holes so Venue names show properly in play.  I have the worst luck recoloring EA building Rabbit-holes. I usually convert to a base-game statue and add a shell-door or rabbit-hole door or rug. 


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