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Hi everyone!
This is my first post ever on this fine site here after several months of heavy lurking.
So let me greet you wonderful people by showing you something I'm working on for some time now, asking for feedback/your opinion on it.

I am making comic strips using a ton of mods, especially Lovers with PK. Here is a sample page. What do you guys think about the concept? Could a 'Tamrielic Sensual Fantasy' comic strip work?

Please tell me what you think, but hopefully more constructive, less jerky than... uh, Elsweyr. See, I just uploaded one of my first pictures of one of my characters ever on that site over there. Promptly got my first comment ever - heart-warmingly bashing the ugliness of my girlie - which is rather motivating and welcoming, not to mention polite (butthurt?).

Anyway, here's the stuff:



"The ale is strong with this one..."


NEW! Download the archives!

Three archives containing every comic page from this thread up to the 3rd of February 2013 and a ton of funny pictures:

:heart: Comics:

Archive #1: https://mega.co.nz/#!doYThQqY!bfz8OQqwmaUk8Nngs7sdrHSeb3lPAIJmRB5MXJkTDCU

Archive #2: https://mega.co.nz/#!4lZTQAwZ!Ai7JiUPkQULyyiWTK_xSTCurWDxx0Vq1j_AkEHJiYyM

:heart: Pictures: https://mega.co.nz/#!BsRlGTIS!NhtdUFudmujzqCiS7hTrx21HdPIBZINv4nowR5FWb4s


Alternate 4shared links for people who have problems downloading files from MEGA:





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Yaay! A REPLY!! I'm so happy, thank you!

Say, let's wait if some more people express their interest, I will then upload the follow-up page!

But beware, it contains A STRONG WORD! Two days ago, I got temporarily banned from the Nexus because of the offensive nature of my USERNAME... on my first post ever on the site! That explains the harmlessness of the name I'm using here.


Well, on that second page: More lewd sloshed blabbering and clothes-ripping/Break Undies-Action!

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Thanks, Ragman! You see exactly what I am trying to put in the strip. I consider a competent comment from you quite an accolade!

Have you noticed the story's gimmick: When the booze kicks in, the ordered layout starts slowly fading away, panels getting more and more skewed and chaotic...

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Kirby & Lee, Will Eisner, Kurt Busiek,... They are my total HEROES of comic books!


This project here is a perfect way to combine two things I epically love, comics and Oblivion!


Originally I have been working on an own super hero universe for a long time, with stories classically drawn by hand and stuff.

But I didn't make the progress I wanted, all my efforts amounted to nothing noteworthy.


Upon discovering Oblivion modding (and this community here), I had a long-needed epiphany when I saw the great potential in front of me.

Making comics from screenshots is FAST, the dialog is kinda 'writing itself', and the universe/setting to place the stories in is already there with a rich treasure trove of exploitable, cool lore. I especially love to ironically reference vanilla dialogue lines in a lewd context.


So in effect I've been turning my player characters (4 in total) to little virtual Pornstars, roaming Tamriel always on the look-out for locations and situations for the next big shooting/orgy...


tl;dr - Comics rock, Oblivion comics rock even MORE!


PS - The rest of the strip is a bit problematic to publish here, in fact this is one of the 'harder' stories, as you might guess when I tell you (STRONG WORD ALERT!) the story's title is 'Drunken And Pissed'... 8D. <--(salivating emoticon)

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Yeaaa. Not to be the guy to rain on your parade, but you may want to consult with administration before posting the rest of your strip. Its not bad, you are doing a good job at it, but dispite the loose morals here at LL I do recall a certain - non-tolerance - of anything that could be seen as loli and, well, the Lop-ear minis may fall into that.


If she is planning to do what I think she's plannng to do, ya might want to clear it with the Admin team first.


Just a heads up.

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Nonononono, I don't intend to upload any more material right now.

It's a teaser for a work in progress after all.

At the same time I am totally aware of a lot of board rules I would break by uploading some REAL action, so it's not gonna happen

(but I sure would love doing it anyway just for the electrifying thrill of showing off acts of excessive lewdness...).

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Frank Thorne's "Ghita of Alizhar" (1971?) was the first real adult comic I'd read, and became the inspiration for tons of sketches I'd made over the decades. I've tried to create in a comic book format but had problems with illustrative continuity... heh.

I like the screenshot idea, lots of flexibility. I applaud your efforts - Woot!

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Frank Thorne? The name didn't ring any bells at first. A quick search later, I am baffled to have forgotten that guy - he was the one who originally fleshed out the 'Red Sonja' character!


I personally am equally inspired by the styles from all corners of the world: There's the beloved western/American comic - super heroes and Underground, we here in Europe got the Franco-Belgian stuff and Italian 'Fumetti'.


And there's the - perhaps most important and influential - far-eastern culture I grew up with. I've been watching Japanese animation since earliest chilhood, always dreaming of doing something kick-ass like that.


Do you know European stuff, Sparlimb? Italy's 'RANXEROX', Frenchman Loisel's 'Troubles-Fêtes'? Hot material chock-full of raunchy fun...

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Hi, it's me again as I feel the need to further explain myself/my project.


I will try now to elaborate on the title and the apparently problematic connotations and implications it has.


Sure, it's PORN, but I would never produce stuff that could be considered 'Lolicon'! Going to great lenghts to equip the characters with enough boobies, to make them talk a most un-childlike body language as well as distinctively 'grown-up' ways of speaking to other characters.


Thanks to the porn industry, the term 'TEEN' has become a generic, bland expression with sleazy undertones of "Whoooo, in reality, these are spoilt MINORS, hehehe..." to attract the next pervert on his quest for girlie sugar-butt!


The project's (tentative/working) title 'Tamriel Teen Tales' has several problems attached to it, but I'm so fond of the alliteration!


And it's exactly what it says on the tin - young girls OF LEGAL AGE tell tales happening in Tamriel. No more, no less.

The main gripe I have with the title is the LEGAL aspect of using a Bethesda-owned lore word. Is it fan-art or copyright infringement?

Is anyone out here who knows about this kinda stuff, even a legal expert mayhaps?!


PS - I hope I'm not boring everyone to death with walls of text. It's all stuff I feel a need to express.

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Copyright shouldn't really be an issue as long as you don't try to sell them. Fan made pictures and comics are fine, as long as no profit is made from them, and even if it was a problem then most of deviantArt would have infringment notices chucked at them. Pretty safe in that regard.


I'm not sure about the Teen aspect. You might have to PM a Mod to get a proper answer on that one, because it is a... tender issue here. Teen *should* be okay. Even mainstream fantasy books have people in their mid teens bonking. Daggerfall had this (http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:The_Real_Barenziah,_Part_IV) starring sixteen year old Barenziah unless if I remember correctly. It's been a while since i've read it. I'm just not sure what age the characters 'look like' is drawn at here.


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Thank you Daguy, you confirmed my thoughts on that subject.

Though the project's title uses a Bethesda word to draw in Oblivion fans, I refrain from referencing the game setting and storyline.

The stories even take place years after the Oblivion crisis, in a new empire under emperor Horniasel...


I'm still thinking about the proper way to publish this. It will be a webcomic for sure, but there must be some way to protect minors from accessing the real deal, an age verification system of some kind.

Since I don't know enough about that kinda stuff I've got a competent web designer woman at hand who promised to take care of the technical aspects if I get serious with this.

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Hmm, might want to take care with an age verification system, since they usually suck. All you basically need is something to cover your behind, such as an 'I am over 18' button leading to the comics, and an 'I am under 18' button leading to google or disney.com (the latter link would be funnier).


Anything more and you start rapidly losing potential viewers. I wouldn't worry too deeply about this either, as long as its made clear the comics are of an adult nature, because Oblivon Adult Comics are so niche that most FANS won't know they exist. Not exactly encouraging but true. It took me years of modding to even learn that xLovers existed in the first place, lol.

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DISNEY? LOL, that made think of that old Punisher game!


So I was running around a jungle island war setting with friggin' NICK FURY,

Punisher (me) running back to rack up some more kill points from straggler enemies.




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These comics are quite riveting young chap.


Thank you so much! :blush:

I thought about posting another page tomorrow (monday).

It will be from a different story, but in the same vein, harmless fun for the whole family. No gross-out loli-gangbang to see here!

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