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Lovers Situations fejeena edition

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Lovers Situations     fejeena edition

Mod by Isskini, modified and expanded by ger4 and fejeena


Small new quests and some vanilla quests with sex rewards.


From Isskini's page:
I'm trying to get my head around Oblivion modding so I made a mod where the player character can have sex from various female NPCs in Oblivion. There are currently 55 female NPCs you can target.
Each situation is set up based on the lore already inside Oblivion. Each quest is written by hand with its own set of scripts and dialogue.

the original Mod: (you do not need it to play this Mod)





Universal Silent Voice
Blockhead  !!! and in the Lovers settings set amulets to not unequip during sex. So Maid Cospia has the "writing" on her tits during sex !!!
NPC Maid Cospia need a HGEC E cup body or her "tattoos" will not work ( bigger tits = tattoos in the body. Smaller tits  = tattoos in front of the boobs )
If you have the OBSE Plugin Blockhead installed she will have a E cup body. She have own E cup clothes...


The Mod is not compatible with all NPC overhauls and other Mods that use the same NPCs.
The Mod adds AI-packaged and items to the NPCs, a Mod further down in the load order will overwrite the changes  and if LoversSituations is below the other Mods it will overwrite the NPC appearance changes of overhaul mods.

BetterCities IC- market district adds barrels to the right of the door of "Jensine's Good and New" that hide the bag with the note. The Jensine quest.  But the bag is still clickable.



Copy the meshes and textures folders and the esp in your game data folder. Or use a mod manager.

If you had another LoversSituation Mod installed, start a new game, because if you have completed some quests it is stored in your save and my expansions will not work.

Or delete the old version , Start the game and create a clean save ( wait 3 in game days, then save again ) , then install my version.




All used NPC in the Mod:


Vanilla NPCs:

Adrienne Berene  
Agnete the Pickled  
Alves Uvenium
Ardaline (Repeatable)  


Branwen (Repeatable)  


Candice Corgine (Repeatable)  
Carwen  (Repeatable)  
Casta Scribonia (Repeatable)  
Claudette Perrick
Countess Alessia Caro (Repeatable)  
Countess Arriana Valga (Repeatable)  
Countess Millona Umbranox (Repeatable)
Countess Narina Carvain (Repeatable)


Dervera Romalen   (Repeatable)
Dralora Athram (Repeatable)  
Dynari Amnis  (Repeatable)

Edla Dark-Heart  
Elisa Pierrane (Repeatable)  
Emfried (Repeatable)  
Estelle Renoit
Eyja (Repeatable)  


Falanu Hlaalu


Hasathil (Repeatable)


Irene Metrick  
Isabeau Bienne (Repeatable)
Ita Renus (Repeatable)


Jeanne Frasoric
Julitta Plotius  


Lady Drad  (Repeatable)  
Luciana Galena  (Repeatable)
Lyra Rosentia  


Maeva the Buxom (Repeatable)
Marana Rian (Repeatable)  
Mirabelle Monet (Repeatable)  


Nilawen (Repeatable)


Owyn (Male in the Arena) (Repeatable)


Petrine (Repeatable)  
Pista Marillin


Rochelle Bantien (Repeatable)  
Rosentia Gallenus (Repeatable)
Roxanne Brigette (Repeatable)


Selena Orania (Repeatable)
Sigrid (Repeatable)
Skjorta (Repeatable)


Tamika (Repeatable)
Tivela Lythandas (Repeatable)  


Ursanne Loche (Repeatable)


Yvara Channitte (Repeatable)


Not vanilla NPC:
Maid Cospia (Quest, Repeatable sex, brothel with regular income)



A readme with Quest Guides and Spoilers in the download file.


If you need help in game you can use LongDukDong's Quest Guidebook.

Here the Lovers Situations version  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/97758-epic-guidebooks-anyone-lovers-quest-book-library-wip/?do=findComment&comment=2549401

In the book are all NPCs and quest spoilers.

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If Maid Cospia's boob size is important, why don't you call SetBody to attempt to force it if installed? Even very old versions should have HGEC E upperbody, and the Blockhead version can even tell if any body type is set by the user (manual) or by autosetbody.. if I remember correctly.

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Yes the E cup body is important.

That's why I added BodyAssetOverrides folder with the right body.

HGEC E cup is not HGEC E cup, it must also have the same bounce  so that the movement of tattoo and breast are synchronous.

The "Tattoo" is a amulet item.




If you have Blockhead Cospia will have the right body.


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All's good, but Blockhead's scripted assignment gets precedence over per-npc or per-race overrides. Scripted changes always win. That's why I thought you'll probably want to specifically tell setbody not to mess with her so that autosetbody won't accidentally override it.


Oh well, but I suppose it still won't prevent the users from manually assigning other body type. Although that's obviously their fault.


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1.  I don't know how to do it. ( I knew how to do it with a classic SetBody version but not with the blockhead version )

2. And if I knew, I could not test it, because I do not use SetBody reloaded blockhead version.

3. And if I script it for one SetBody version the people with the other SetBody version will not have the body.

4. And maybe in the SetBody folders is a HGEC E cup with a different bounce as my "tit item with the wriging/tattoo".


Blockhead BodyAssetOverrides folder was the best way. Right body, right bounce, works for everyone who has Blockhead installed.


And auto set body... I do not think many people use it. Different bodies but all the same armor-clothes. You need so much more mods, Auto set armor/clothes ( forgot the right name) and many armor and clothes replacer for all the bodies you use in the AutoSetBody ini.



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I'm not telling you to do anything, I was merely suggesting. I guess I was just checking up on ya, it's been years you know. But back to topic:


I can definitely solve the first and second problem.

Third... you don't get to add any dependency, your bodyAssetOverride will still do the job. It's just that setbody *may* override them and I was suggesting you to prevent it from happening beforehand.

The forth one: yeah, that can be a problem. And no one can eliminate this sort of problem for good.


In any case I don't think this is of any significance, so take it easy.

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Oh yes there is his voiced version. I talked about his old version in the original Lovers situations thread. The Owyn and Naspia quest are ger4 work.


The voiced version: Some dialogs should work, but some dialogs I have changed and there are many new dialogs.

I do not intend to add sound to my version. Sorry.  Maybe ger4 will do it ????

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On 3/15/2019 at 7:43 PM, fejeena said:

And auto set body... I do not think many people use it.

*Duck raises his wing*  :D  Yep, I do.  Just sayin'.


But nope, I wouldn't know how to script a setbody E-Cup version either.

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