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How to have multiple bodies in skyrim?

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19 hours ago, rukasulucas said:

some mod to randomize various body types by skyrim? for example, one npc uses cbbe while another uses unp at the same time.

That way, you run into problems with armour and clothing. The old adage applies: In Skyrim you are what you wear. In other words, if everyone is wearing CBBE armour then everyone will look CBBE even if their body is UUNP.

A simple workaround I use is to use the (UUNP) Sticc to Thicc body as it has a noticable difference between the 0 and 100 weights so when used in conjunction with NPC overhauls, I get a nice variety of shapes. In addition Elders have their own body and my PC has her own (I can't remember which one I'm using in this game but it is a UUNP variant).


My personal preference: Of the two mods above; the first uses a skproc so I would avoid like the plague and the second looks overly involved and complicated so I would study it carefully paying attention to how well or easy it will uninstall before installing.

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