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  1. @GenioMaestro & @Grey Cloud Okay, go'head ... COLOR ME STUPID!!! To be fair, I did have the enb setup and only dismantled while switching to tetrachromatic during this session. I also was using the injector for a reason, can't remember but had something to do with pre-SKSE loads (i'll investigate). Anyway, the point is I had no idea of this: Without Direct X 9 installed on my Win10, guess what? It doesn't call the enb at all. For a year I played thinking I had enb. So...go ahead...COLOR ME STUPID!!! I don't CARE! Because I just ran through JK's Whiterun wi
  2. Thanks for spotting that, it helped. Weird thing just happened, I was testing the aMirianBorn Whiterun texture again and had a crash entering Jorrvaskr but this time Crash Fix prompted a message that I find very confusing. It said Skyrim crashed attempting to load 2.9GB memory. That should not be a problem, right? I am grateful for you taking the time to look at this post Grey Cloud and wonder if I could make one lst imposition. Its been a while since I installed any of the enb utilities so could take a look at this screenshot of the folder and see if I have anything in it that could be causin
  3. Okay. Will do. 16 GB RAM & 8GB VRAM System & Settings:
  4. First, that's a great board and second, since you have all the sex mods than you probably would want Havok. As for the papyrus log, it really isn't all that useful if you don't know that much about papyrus.
  5. Think you're correct. So I went back to nothing, bethINI new ini files, used tetrachromatic ENB as a base and implemented the changes you recommended before - This tread. Loaded the essential graphic mods along with some utilities: Launched from Alternate Start with full HD textures, flora, clothing and NPCs. Runs great. This will be my envelope by which I'll activate the other mods and insure this still performs. Also swapped out the stack of bijins, ordinary women and Improved bards with my newly minted all-inclusive .esp and it worked perfectly. BTW, the most tedious t
  6. Some outfits, hair, but mostly bouncing boobs and butts. Must turn it on in Skyrim.ini [Papyrus] bEnableLogging=1 bEnableTrace=1 bLoadDebugInformation=1 Recommend using BethINI
  7. What do you mean? Are you looking for the papyrus log? Are you using Mod Organizer? Have you run LOOT to check your mod order? LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool
  8. My apologies if I sounded suspect in anyway. I do trust you and appreciate your experience. I have followed your recommendations in the past and will continue to do so. I am very appreciative. Thank you. Just ran BethIni and opened from a save file free of mods which I could fast travel to Whiterun but no luck. As you point out, it could be a million different reasons. Periodically I stick my head out to see it I can find this one, persistent problem.
  9. Of course I've altered them manually. Many mods like Vivid Weather & others require settings to be manually changed. The whole point of S.T.E.P. is to recommend settings. Why would that be a problem?
  10. Silly to admit but I've actually run there from Helgen on start. I know, pretty stupid. I've disabled all whiterun mods (I have JK's). Only leaves aMidianBorns 1K textures which I only recently installed. I think it's simply memory demands frankly. I reduced everything in Whiterun to 1K. This problem has been around since forever and I want to finally solve it. It gets better when I reduce the demand which makes no sense as I have more than enough memory and everything is set up properly - ENB, INI, etc. Everything else runs great at HighRes except for opening and closing doors in Whiterun.
  11. @GenioMaestro First, wish to say thanks for the reply. I need to investigate facegen creation because I've always wondered if the file path for textures, which is clearly stored there, can be modified in these mods to point to the game textures or even better, un-linked from their standalone assets. Have you ever tried it?
  12. May have loaded a auto save on the example, but it happens precisely the same starting with coc whiterunwarmaidens from main menu. I have using Bijin AIO as the base and even included Ordinary Women and Improved Bards. They all link to a single body mesh and have their assets in a single folder. Don't know what else I could do.
  13. You have the wrong body texture for the mesh you are using. I.e. CBBE body with UNP texture or vice versa.
  14. @Andy14 is being ironic. You have provided too LITTLE info. Your game is locking up and there could be, maybe not a million, but several thousand reasons for it. If you can supply a list of your mod order, that would be a start.
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