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Any suggested boob mesh mod?

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Allure are too pointy for me as well. If I'm working with very large breasts that collapse in on themselves and lead to jagged-looking cleavage, I usually have to go to Allure, but I have to make huge changes to the sim's breasts so that the nipple area doesn't look too extreme in the pointiness department. I wish there was a version for allure where the nipples/areola area were rounder/softer. It's a pain having to go in and then back out of CAS just to get the look that you want.


Pure is also a good option for very huge breasts so the cleavage doesn't look jaggy, but the the outside edge of the breasts bulge out quite a lot depending on the sim, and it looks very unrealistic. At this point, vanilla breasts are useless because there aren't enough polygons.

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