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Mirror and More: V0.1.1


Vote for succubus hair colorhttp://www.strawpoll.me/17104437

comparisons in the screenshots

What is this mod?

Mirror and More, is a mod that aims to allow you inspect your characters appearance through a decision. The appearance of your character will change based on their Boob size, dick size (if they have one), if they're pregnant, and Soon™ what race they are. 


If that's all it is why does it say more? - I plan on adding events that also change with the traits, and additional traits and maybe even a race (subject to change based on laziness)



Dependencies: Dark World: Fantasy (without having the traits the decision wont even show up)

Conflicts:  Alu's body mod, and Turtle's Extra traits. ( I plan on making versions for these soon™)  other mods that change the DW:F dick/breast traits, or change the base games pregnancy.

These mods might cause the decisions to not show up or to show up multiple times and other weirdness) I know what causes this and the only way to fix it is to make  a patch for the specific mod.

Older versions of DW:R might cause conflicts with the traits as well. 


Version 0.1.1

- only contains stuff for base game humans. If you are most of the DW:F races the choice to inspect yourself will not appear. This is an intended part of the core framework that i already built to insert the other races.

- all writing is a work in progress and subject to change. any spelling/grammar errors you notice feel free to point them out to me. 

- currently female only. (I lack the motivation to spend hours taking screenshots of dudes. Much less writing erotic stuff about them)


- Human pregnancy pictures/events added. 


Mod in action:


Breast size - tiny



Breast size - huge




Plans for next version:

Add an additional DWF race (vote for it in comments)

But first make sure all the base game human events are working (its alot easier to fix them before making the next races, so i don't have to edit things many times)

Add 3-5 clothing options for human and the new race. (will prob only be non-futas though unless I find a way to do bulges in skyrim)


Other versions plans:

- expand to all the DW:F races, and races added by other mods

- add my own race (amazons)

- add events with the body scaling, (sex scenes, expansion scenes, ect)

- add extreme trait sizes for those people. (you know who you are)

- add more story and flavor to stuff. (EVERY1 LIKES FLAVOR)

- add a guide to replacing the pictures with your own pictures (potentionally of your own skyrim character)

- add bodyslide files download link for people to use their own skyrim character for pictures, if they want the scaling to be the same as mine.

- Eventually going to rework the whole system to allow you to inspect each of your body parts individually, this will lower the # of pictures required, and save time. But it will likely require me to basicly start from scratch when it comes to designing the mirror event.)

- ^ would allow me to make different faces for people to use as their portrait as well and let you closer inspect your face. Even adding things like changing lipstick color/ eye color ect. 



Races I plan on adding (in no specific order). (subject to change based on tastes, feedback, and laziness)

1 = vampire

2 = demon/succubus

3 = orc

4 = elf

5 = dark elf/ drow

6 = half-dragon

7 = werekin/half were-wolf

8 = brawny/amazon (either the race I add or ill make muscular versions of every race with the brawny trait)




- Can you add X race? - ( probably but it takes like 8 hours of work to add an additional race)

- Can you add X trait to the appearance - ( yes, but i'm lazy and traits stack mutiplicatevly. this means if I were to add even 1 more additional trait Example, 5 butt sizes, it would take 5 times as many pictures and events.) 

- But what about making an extra boob size? (Soon™)

- Why is this mod so big storage space wise? - ( a lot of pictures)

- Can I edit your mod, and make it my own mod? - ( of course you can, that's what moddings all about)

- Can you make my skyrim character appear for the screenshots? - ( no, but soon™ I will have a guide showing you how to do it. If you already have your skyrim character made and the mods to edit body sizes. i.e. bodyslide, it should only take about an hr or 2 to replace all my base human pictures (or preferred) with yours. )

- How do you do the naming for events? ( I use a four digit number ####, X### = boob size, #X## = dick size, ##X# = Pregnant, ###X = race. If the number would go above 9, like if i added more than 10 races, I would start using lower case letters in its place. All events/decisions use this code to make finding specific events easier for me.)


- Why is there two mirror decisions? ( the most common cause of this is either you have to mods that add the body traits, or your character has two body traits of the same type. like 2 breast sizes. If your 100% certain this is not the case, leave a post with your characters current traits and current mods after you try reloading the game)


- I'm X race, why is the human picture showing up? ( Some of the DW:F races weren't included in the core framework because I have no intention of making pictures for them. This is mostly because i'm using skyrim for the pictures, and certain races would be a pain to do (like werewolves, platpyi, or tentacle monsters.) There is a chance I will eventually do them though so don't get your hopes too down.







This mod is in its early stages, all feedback is welcome but please try to be constructive with it.


Example of good versus bad feedback.


Your writing sucks. - BAD


Your writing needs work. You need to stop repeating the same words at the start of sentences, because it causes redundancy. an example of this is the boobs/dick event explanations. - Good




you could probably save storage space doing x to pictures to make them smaller. - good


event XXXX is messed up for me - BAD


event XXXX is messed up for me because its showing the wrong dick size, my character has the huge_dick trait, but its showing the small_dick - good

or (my character has x and y traits and the event pictures not showing up.) - also good






Credits and Thank You's

- Thanks to all the wonderful people who work on the Dark World mods. 

- Thank you to Liqui Turtle (the author of turtles extra traits)  for the original event idea, and giving me permission to edit it. 

- LL for letting me make this forum post and post my stuff

- The nice people who made the modding help wiki for CK2 (helped a ton)

- Paradox for making the game and compiling tool. 

- and the fuck ton of Skyrim mods I use for screenshots. (seriously too many to count)


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