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Mod Request Adult themed gameplay pregnancy thing

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So hello there,


The idea im proposing is the following, a mod that would allow you to become pregnant and giving your child the abilities of your race and the partners race, and furthermore also possess that actor as the new dragonborn and add another race to yours. In the end you would have all the races in your genetically perfect player character.


this is a gameplay mod idea, and im by far not proficient enough to code it myself.

Fertility mode for example does add child followers that you can send away for training and alternate actors and familiar faces would sort of enhance and get into the direction of the mod, but eh.

sure you could use console commands also.

well i got sort of a hang of this idea and startet to evolve it further that you could also level the racial bonuses with it. and if your newer self gets killed you just revert back to your old character and make a new one. its an death alternative sexlab weird scientist kinda idea.

Well let me know what you think.



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