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[Adoptable] Slave Town - A Player Slavery Mod 0.1.2

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About This File

Warning: This mod was in an early stage of development, there are several known bugs, If this mod breaks your game... you have been warned.


Note from Game Goblin: You may ask, seriously? This mod is up for adoption? Yes it is, but with a few caveats. Firstly, you must know this mod is seriously bugged out. I attempted to do a massive overhaul to fix many of the issues, to my surprise some of it worked, and some of it broke other things. I found it in a dusty corner marked "abandoned" and thought hey, all the building blocks are there, scooped them up into my magic bag... and soon regretted it. If you adopt this mod, fix it up, and publish it. I only ask you give credit to the original mod author Iamtheonewhoknocks.


Mod description


Slave Town is a player slavery mod for Skyrim inspired by mods such as Slave Town 1 & 2 for Fallout NV and Bravil Underground for Oblivion. Many other slave mods for Skyrim, can get very boring because most of the time you just sit on your arse waiting for someone to rape you. In this mod you will be given many tasks for your Masters and you will earn more privileges as you gain their trust.


How to Start


You start the quest by talking to Gideon Scarrow in the Bannered Mare

Current State


As of now there are three separate job quests that you can do for your masters: The Arena, Internal Affairs, and The Mine. Most of the building in the cells and working area have been completed.

However the docks area is in very early development so it is not is a good state just now.


Known bugs

  • The mine quest doesn't always start! This needs a fix. If it doesn't start then just open the console and type 'setstage SGMineQuest 0'

You can find the mine overseer - Mhod - in the mine. Turn right out of the masters station, enter the tunnel and take the first right.

  • The sex after the arena quest doesn't trigger.
  • You can still select the dialogue with Kal-El from previous versions
  • There are some dialogue options gone wrong with the trainer.
  • And More! Seriously, This mod has more bugs in it than a sleezy brothel mattress.




  • SKSE - Latest Version
  • SexlabFramework
  • Zaz Animation Pack
  • Fuz Ro Doh - If you want dialogue (Of course you want dialogue)

What's New in Version 0.1.2


  • -0.1 - Prologue:
  • Added more quest markers and changed the quest slightly. Now you have to rent the basement room.
  • Fixed the Sleep script so it doesn't trigger when you sleep in the slave prison
  • You no longer strip as soon as you enter the basement.
  • -Slave Town:
  • Added guards and checkpoints. Will remove any contraband from you, put you in cuffs if you find a way to remove yours and will occasionally grope you.
  • Kal-El is now an example of a privileged slave. His obedience has gained him a job as slave overseer which is why he greets you when you wake up.
  • Dialogues are meaner, you are talked to as the slave you are.
  • Disobedience is punished with a trip to the arena
  • Added punishment stations (Currently only decorational)
  • -Added short training quest

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