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About This File

THIS IS A BETA RELEASE! Do not use this on an important save.

Update to 0.1d - Replace all bandits with custom NPCs + bug fixes.


This content is not final, the mod is in a state of WIP and only has a few quests finished.

I would recommend for you to play only if you are okay with bugs/problems at the moment.


Note from Game Goblin: You may ask, seriously? This mod is up for adoption? Yes it is, but with a few caveats. Firstly, you must know this mod is classified as WIP, which means there are bugs still.

I attempted to do a bit of editing, but for the most part this mod is largely unaltered from its' original state. If you adopt this mod, fix it up, and publish it. I only ask you give credit to the original mod author Iamtheonewhoknocks.


What is this mod?


This is a story-focused quest mod in which the player can become a slave to a group of bandits staying on an isolated island off the coast of Skyrim. So far there are 5 small-medium sized quests finished. After the player gains their freedom, they will not be attacked by bandits in the wild. This mod is intended to be played as a female character.


It is recommended to play as a low-level character and not on an important save game.


How to Start

Go the Beggar's Row in Riften and talk to Kathel to start the quest.


Darkwind Island


Darkwind Island is an island fortress built by the imperial legion as an outpost near Skyrim. The island was stormed and overrun by bandits and is now controlled by several clans. The leader of the clans is a bandit called Tercius, the leader of the first attack. The bandits have been kidnapping slaves to use as a workforce and also recruits willing servants for more important jobs.



To install, extract the contents of the RAR file into your Skyrim Data folder.

Alternatively, use Mod Organizer or NMM.


To Uninstall, delete Darkwind.esp, Darkwind.bsa from your Data folder and Darkwind.seq from your Data/SEQ folder.

Or just uninstall with MO or NMM.






SexlabFramework and all of its requirements

ZAZAnimationPack and all of its requirements

What's New in Version 0.1d


  • 0.1 - Initial Release
  • 0.1b - Hotfix for bandits being hostile(Not working)
  • 0.1c - Bug fixes(Tercius sex, wait 24 hours, endscene)
  • 0.1d - Replaced all bandits with custom Darkwind bandits, added a greeter to the boat on Darkwind Island, bug fixes.

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