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  1. Some of you may remember me as the guy who showed up and did nothing... Which to be fair is fairly on the mark. To be brutally honest I am bad at modding, and it isn't worth having my neighbors threaten to call the police because they think there is a case of domestic violence happening a few doors down. (Yes, people have asked about the shouting.) I figured, I needed a short break and to delve into yet more tutorials on how to make things work. It was during this time, I was sitting in a room full of people playing dungeons and dragons at my throne as the game master and made the mistake of joking that it would be fun to try podcasting. Most everyone jumped on board with ideas and support. This was the final death stroke to any modding plans I had. I suddenly found myself (voted democratically) as the leader for 4 other people. They directly became my responsibility for a joke turned into a real project. The Blunt Force Gamers were born, a ragtag group of gamers hit the internet podcasting scene like a slow caustic infection almost exactly one year ago from the time of this blog. In the back ground is me, Game Goblin... Director, Producer, Administrator, and editor. My machine is now literally riddled with open tabs for making our own customized music, tabs for editing the audio, tabs for downloading sound bytes, tabs opened on various websites to monitor our metrics... The list goes on. And so to, the team has grown. I have become a spider sitting in the middle of a web. My time is consumed by this project, more so now that we are branching out into the realm of video production. A few of you have made passing comments in the past at how I came in, did some stuff, and then sat on my green butt letting what little I have here rot. Your displeasure is somewhat well warranted, but truth be told, In July 2016, My responsibilities and priorities changed course drastically. So for those who did follow me in the past, and those who stumble on my portfolio of mods here... I have not abandoned the gaming community, if anything, I am more involved now than I ever have been before. The mods under my name are still mine, but I do not have the skill or time to care for them properly... If you have read this far, thank you. ~Game Goblin~ P.S. Proofs in the following links that I have been busy elsewhere... https://www.facebook.com/Bluntforcegamers/ http://bfgamers.podbean.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL0w0kqVoahkmAfOfX5vDjw/
  2. Rosa is totally 80's punk/barbarian Reminds me of the cheesecake sword and sorcery movies of long ago. Always a must have. Thanks for jumping on Anumeha, she's terrific for any archer build given her unique ability to provide DPS! Freyane isn't available...? Thank the divines I kept the old 7zip file.
  3. I saw Rosa Roundbottom, surprised Freyane the body proud barbarian isn't listed. Personally though I'll stick with my pocket companion Anumeha. A most excellent list though, gunna pin this to my list of things to click furiously when time becomes available.
  4. I knew they would try a return to some sort of paid mods scheme. Called it out and got shut down by folks saying Beth/Zeni learned their lesson. Big surprise... I was right. I fear what I forsee as their next maneuver to monotize modding... EA should watch out, Bethesda wants that golden turd trophy so bad these days.
  5. The original links and files are from Ekas Portal... Processing... Dredged up this old forum thread with the links. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/49964-devourment-mod-add-on-request/
  6. JEEEEEEESUS!!! You have just mad my day! This glory I have stumbled upon! YESSSSSSS! gimme gimme gimme!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Thank yooooooous!
  7. Great Mod. Now my two shiny coins. - > Buggy. Not game breaking, just fustrating. Id'e list the few of the bugs but the ones I encountered have been spoken of already. - > Rough. Not for low level Dovas. Just a heads up on the front page for minimum suggested level may help. - > Start. A royal pain in the ass to get to Julia without cheats. Perhaps a mini cave/dungeon by Darklight tower that leads up the cliffside? +> Julia. Well scripted personality, fun to be around. Personally grew to like her as the quest progressed. (Big win at end, felt like big win.) +> Lore friendly. Yes there were, kinky Dwemer. It's cannon in Morrow Wind... Just gotta look for it. +> Unique dungeon. The path and layout in many areas was different, despite a near linear path, it was rather enjoyable to see new things. +> Escort mission with a wimp. Julia is useless in combat, which leaves the Dova to be the hero. Not many escort missions, was also a nice change of pace. Suggestions, as if you don't have enough to think about lol. Those are just my thoughts, hope to see more updates. If not was fun to jump into something new and enjoyable.
  8. For those that read this. Iv'e been missing the last year because I'm the big poobah for a podcast group. Big chief pain-in-the-ass... Mix mastering and sound editing... S'why I been missing.

  9. GRANTED! Someday you will regret not taking the red pill! Stay asleep, everything is fine. I wish I could wish.
  10. Thank you for a test run. Still hammering away when time permits... trying to. The mine is a wee bit buggy, as it stands console is your friend. Part 3 the post arena rape isn't coded in. Not a bug, just a missing feature. Future plans after the slave expirence... I would like to make it branching, either take over the town, or fight to freedom.
  11. I know right, mindless simple fun... but they got that special something that just makes it great. Have fun matey!
  12. Just rebuilt everything in my Skyrim from the ground up. Took me two days... Only then do I notice my body in game... has teleported to Oblivion! Spent too much time add this, nope, take it out... Try that, and nope... a whole lotta nope. So I'm all like... BWAAAAA I want my HDT!!! HDT gimme gimme! And lo the internet gods slapped me in the face with a fistful of wet gummi worms and spoketh. "HEY NUMBNUTS! LOOK OVER THERE!" And the clouds of data parted to reveal your mod. Sure the download is freaking gigantasaurus in size... but Hory Shet if you did not cover all the bases I needed and so much, much more! A cornucopia of options, and some not to easy to find extras revealed themselves to my gave in what I could assume is the longest setup of pop-up macros I have waded though. THIS mod is the chocolate factory of body types, meshes, textures and add ons! Did some testing and fidgeting with the user side setup and in game options. Have many stars! Here's 5 from my magic bag! Five shiny golden stars for you!
  13. I ran a quick test run yesterday. The books were there in Lucans inventory. You may want to double check your load order or seek out possibly conflicting mods which may alter Lucan in any way.
  14. My pride finally broke, I suppose. I left a message on the forums for help with Slave town. Building pieces and fiddling with the bits and bobs is one thing but once I hit the actual papyrus part I turn into a keyboard bashing rage machine. And to boot most of the tutorials I stumble across are of little value when I have a specific need. So, I broke down... I fully expect to hear some filthy pinkskin to reply with "Delete your Windows System32 Folder" as oft happens when I am rarely humble enough to reach out for a helping hand. Like rage fucking my OS will help... sheesh. BUT GODDAMN!! It feels good to work with/for Delzaron again. My first real foray into modding was cracking into Ravenous and giving it a huge makeover. I may have overdone it a bit in my enthusiasm... But he's letting me take a crack at Haunted Mansion, a much smaller and easier task than last time around. Such an off the wall mod, I may sneak in some crazy talk here and there just to sprinkle a small bit of madness into the dialogue, but it don't really need it. I have another potential mod possibly in the works. A collaboration, I get the easy part... I think. Don't know yet as things and ideas are bouncing back and forth and I'll get to build stuff along another and be a part of a mod from the ground up. Hell I might learn something! As many know Kendo2 passed along ownership to a few mods. When time permits I can't wait to crack them open and see the guts of how they work for myself. I made it very clear that in my interests for giving them a new home was to add to my battery of resources to learn from. Working girls has a strong potential to ramp up another project that has been on the back burner for far too long, once I get inside WG and see how it works for myself. I can not forget Momo Youseyora. I know there's probably more custom followers than actual living people in the world. But I owe it to Crysumpom, Deko-chan... GAH... Fuck it. BUTTERFLY! I'll just call her butterfly, as she makes pretty things! Anyway I owe it to Butterfly for being so damn awesome to give me not only permission to use her custom skins but also acting as an enabler throwing links, custom faces, and ideas at me. I expect things will be very slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow on my end. But I suppose I should at least publish something I have worked on for a change rather than just being a mod adoption agency. Till then, my fellow goblins and goblinettes, keep being awesome!
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