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Sexlab Triggers (v07)
What does it do:
Activate various effects when SexLab animation starts or stops. Cast a spell, add items, change stats, etc ... Minor, utility, side effects. Things that other mods usually skip.

You can also create custom macros to activate commands. Cast spells from other mods, add items, do someting with perks, change actor values, etc ..


- unpack zip
- copy whats in Data folder into Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder
- its a simple mod, unpack and copy
- activate triggers in MCM. By default nothing happens.


- you can setup up to 80 triggers
- but maybe you shouldn't
- the more you setup the slower it will be
- try not to leave holes. Don't setup up, for example trigger No.3 and then nothing and then No.60
- when code runs, it remembers the last(highest number) triggers that has "chance" higher the 0 and stops there. A small optimization. If you poke into MCM it gets reset to max(80)


How to setup things:
- open MCM, select Sexlab Triggers
- page Main: enable/disable the whole thing
- page Triggers 1-5, 6-10, ...: here you setup "triggers".
- you have 5 triggers(can also call them "slots") per MCM page
- for each slot you setup condition and then what to do, execute if condition is right
- and thats about it


- chance: Probability, chance that command will execute. 0-100%. Hint: set 0 if you want to disable it
- on event: Begin: execute on SL start event, Orgasm: on SL orgasm event, End: on SL end event
- if actor race: race of actor. Any: all will do, Humanoid: humans and  elfs and so on, Creature: not Humanoid, and so on
- if actor: role of actor, like Any: anuthing will do, Aggressor: is bad person, Victim: bad things happened, Not part of rape: good things
- if gender: male, female
- if sex type: a couple of conditions based on animation "tag" like: Vaginal, Anal.
- if day time: is it at day or night
- if location: is it inside or outside
- do command 1, 2, 3: pick what to do if conditions have been fulfiled. You can pick 3 different(or the same) commands.


- is a file that has instruction of what to actualy do
- name of the file is suppose to describe what command does. Like "Give Gold(10)", gives you 10 gold.
- are settings, macros, scripts inside Data\SKSE\Plugins\sl_triggers\commands folder with.json extension
- to add new commands just drop a file here. If you don't what it, delete it or change extension so its not json
- its a .json file that has to be formated ... just use an existing one as an example
- its and array of array of strings. Sort of like lines of function calls. You can also look at it as simple "bat" or "cmd" file
- all commands that I made are usuable, but are also examples


Extra documentation:
- sl_triggers_commands.txt: list, short description of commands I added
- sl_triggers_script_description.txt: may be useful if you want to make your own command(s)

- sl_triggers_whatsnew.txt: log


Its SexlabtUtil1 "Version 2". Not port from LE version. New.
This mod is very WIP. Its more alpha, prototype. Stil have to do lots of stuff.
Its SE only. Will not bother with 32bit(LE). Skyrim limits. SkyrimSE CAN handle more.


What's New in Version 7.0.0


        - you can now set up to 80 triggers
        - actor_wornhaskeyword: check if anything actor is wearing has specified keyword
        - actor_lochaskeyword: check if location where actor is has a specific keyword

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