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Whiterun Immersive Sexual Playground For Skyrim SE 1.0

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Whiterun Immersive Sexual Playground For Skyrim SE


Hello, dear "Himmelsrander" ( - "liebe" Skyrimer) ! 

尊敬的先生/女士 !

친애하는 관계자님께 드립니다 !


...after some tests with ZAP 8 plus and Skyrim SE, I noticed some CTD, depending on different items.

Particulary items of the old ZAP 7 and so also my version can cause CTD, depending on some assets, 

as soon they find their way into the item-menu, or if you come close ingame to those objects.



Anyway it´s no bad idea to upload this mod in dependence of ZAP 8 plus, so you can maybe find out,

which items don´t work and what stuff causes nonsence.

This info can be collected and maybe I can find a workaround to bring them back

alive in future. SKYRIM SE is somehow the wanted game,

but I don´t like to loose even one single assets to play with-naturally we do all miss the HDT PE for now.

The ragdoll ankle and - wrist-chain don´t work either. But I can not imagine,

that this will not come also for SKYRIM SE.


Away from that, enjoy the new Whiterun with a lot of new features for BDSM-gaming and ZAP.


I also will add the customized "NEW WHITERUN" mod, so that you can use both together.


ZAP has to be started with a NEW game, or please go back to one of the first SAVE-games to have

it registered by MCM, then it should work properly.


If you have played with the "Mod Whiterun", you can exchange that mod with this one and add the

"New Whterun"-Mod from here again. This is for gamersideal , who play with ZAP 8 plus.


Known issures:

-gibbet-lifts are invisible /don´t work

-some very few items of zap 7 and maybe v. 8  are crashing the game / causing CTD 



(more screenshots will come..., please take a look in between at the Bannered Mare Mod of mine from the past.....enjoy;-)))






THANK YOU for all the MODS you all have created and ported to SE in between,

thank you for all the tools and all the endless time you all spend, to let stuff like this SHINE !!!





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