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SKYRIM SE BBP PRESET (breast-butt-physics-behavior) 1.0.0

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About This File


Skyrim SE - BBP - PRESET




time to create some small stuff with a huge impact, which is maybe also interesting for YOU.

If you like more volumed breasts and want to see the volumes of your  female-skyrim-character bounce within the rhythm of your walking,

running or if you like to see the breasts a little more to follow to the gravity of the gameplay, this is maybe a suiting file for you. The character will become little more "alive".


I created this file quite narrow to the EDGE, what is possible without drastically mesh-squeezing or flicker-stripes ("BBP - stripes on screen"), so this should be propperly working also for you:


I ´ll give you a short installation guide, if you did not install the needed files:



1. Depending on the game-version you play, you have please the correct SKSE installed-I recommend to do that all manually.

2. Install the correct physics-, framework- and HDT-heels-file (is inside the pack-all credits by HYDRAGONSAYSHDT)

3. Replace the existing file inside of the SKSE folder: plugins/hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs: cbbe-tbbp.xml, rename for best your old file, so you can always easily return to the original preset

(which is not bad made !!)

4. You have to use the CBBE-physics-body inside of the BodySlide-software to get the desired effects.

5. You also need to play with the new SE xp32 skeleton by groovetama (i guess)-but I ´m sure, your installation is propper so far (maybe better than mine).


(This installation should let BBP, HDT-High-Heels and SMP work onto your SE-installation.

HDT-PE is NOT working yet.)




the pics show some gameplay (whiterun at night/customized ENB with less saturation and less contrast) and also inside of the  ZAP7- zbftestzone, with SMP-Hair all fine working

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 21-28-37-91.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 21-28-39-29.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 21-28-31-07.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 21-28-29-69.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 21-27-57-81.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 21-27-54-73.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 23-14-05-61.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 23-12-01-95.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 23-10-13-11.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 23-05-15-97.jpg

SkyrimSE 2019-02-11 23-04-42-46.jpg

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