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SKYRIM SE MOD WHITERUN & Some Body Slide Presets For BS

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SKYRIM SE "Mod Whiterun"


Dear Reader!


This mod adds some ZAP-furnitures to the Whiterun-Origin and to some interieur, like the Bannered Mare and the Dragonreach-Prison.

I used only the ZAP 6 / 7 related furnitures, so that the mod can be used for any Skyrim game and every version of ZAP.


This mod contains the old "mod-whiterun", which I liked mostly, from all the city-remakes, because it is not overdriving the area with clutter. This version takes no influence on the original navmesh and is slightly changed, so that the trees don´t stand blocking a walking-path. I combined the city-mod with some ZAP-furnitures: Only the player can use them, as I have seen lot of technical mistakes, while NPCs use the furnitures, instead of the player (missalignment of animations). If you want to see the NPCs using furnitures, you maybe edit the existing furnitres by creating a copy in Creation-Kit and unmark the furnitures entry, so that also NPCs can use the furniture and exchange it with the one, I put into the mod.


Inside the Whiterun´s Bannered Mare is the second "fire-place-bench" now working. This is quite more interesting and maybe also has a small positive impact on the vanilla game, because this bench is being frequented by some visitors in the evening every day.


This mod can be used for quest-mods, which use ZAP-furnitures, like the DFW (devious-framework) or / and some other mods, which can detect ZAP-furnitures.





I do not clean mods if I do not have issures or problems with them in my gameplay. 

If there is somebody, who likes to take care about this, it´s allways welcomed.

I did check out the (SSE) TESVedit and I only can give this information,

that I will never use that software on my computer.



Thank you for the hint with the navmesh,

I simply did never check out the old mod about this feature-during my gameplay,

I was quite much astonished, when I saw that inside of the Creation-Kit.


I personally made this mod to let  ZAP 7 running inside of SKYRIM SE, which is "beginning to "work" somehow"!!!!








What's New in Version & Some Body Slide Presets For BS


Some Body-Slide-Presets For SKYRIM (SE)


-adding my presets for BodySlide from my "some years of gameplay with SKYRIM"...if you like to play with the body-edit, simply LOAD the "Zhuleyah-Skyrim-SE-02" - preset inside of the RACEMENU from the long listing. Other body-models will not fit, as they were created with different other bodies-particulary custom-UUNP-compatible-bodies and with more sliders.


You can use the SE01-02-03 for best. For bigger "volume", you can also add my customized physics and if it is too much you can compare my edits with the original ones and slightly change the parameters back to the original ones-so you maybe can get, what you prefer.


This preset(s) is (are) based in BodySlide on the CBBE-FETISH-BODY with physics!  ->all sliders are UNTOUCHED, Caliente´s preset of the CBBE-fetisch-body. If you like the other NPCs look like that too, you can transfer the RACE-MENU sliders to the Body-Slide preset: "1" in RACEMENU has bee equal to "100" for a BodySlide-Fader, and faders can be under zero or also higher than 100!..After the transfer, you have to ZERO all of the sliders in RaceMenu, so that you don´t get a double-time addition of the settings!!!


0.67 in RACEMENU is 67 in BodySlide

-0.50 in RACEMENU is -50 in BS....



In the past, some few sliders were working in opposite to Bodyslide compared with Racemenu.



Installation: Simply add the extracted contence ("chargen") of the folder into data\SKSE\plugins....







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