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About This File

Permission to port officially was granted 

Credit to the original creator jacques00 [original mod]  and Allegretto for the porting


[HDT Werewolves SE]


What does it do ? 

this will convert the werewolves to have more sexual diversity as it provides a more sexual visual appearance 


-males genitalia will move and function currently with SOS and SOS light from testing , males are slightly bigger

-female breast(s) and Butt will move and function 

-female multiple breasts mesh are included in the file , default must be changed to them



  • SKSE [current]
  • XP32 [select HDT]
  • FNIS
  • HDT framework and physics  OR CBPC

Method of install MAKE SURE xp32 skeleton is the main, do not let more nasty creatures to overwrite 


Loverslab -requirements

  • Sex lab [current]-in sexlab MCM select creature gender to be detected
  • SLA -sex lab animation loader
  • Creature framework
  • more nasty critters (do not overwrite xp32 or ctd)

HDT setup


Version (2+) HDT werewolves 

-native hdt smp functionality 


Version (2+) HDT werewolves CBPC  

-works with  CBPC physics 



dont do this unless you know what your doing 

CBPC usually is dominant in this so suggest start there 




Note-anything that will touch or alter werewolf or female werewolf can conflict or cause ctd

this will also alter spawned werewolves, and if combined with diverse they will get a SOS appendage but retain texture depending on load order

Some recommended mods

faster werewolf transformation

Heart of the Beast [body conflicts but eye and voice changes works fine]

-schlongs of skyrim se full (DONT USE)

>sos light works fine <

Moonlight tales

-have not yet found an issue with separate saves over a length of time 

compatibility patch now available, use patch after main thanks to kacperes1122 


-Troubleshoot yourself 1st, if you dont it will be hard to help 

-if any issues are noted please contact or post and I'll check them on my system and see what I can do


the V2 utilizes Mikoyorks werewolf reskin as an alternative skin texture predone example of how to do it 

and the resulting appearance is a  timberwolf like form 


HDT default.png

HDT V2.png




What's New in Version V2.5


V2.5 cbpc & normal is smp 

-added a revised CBPC old download seemed to pull smp 


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