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Centaur Race SE 

Elder-Scrolls Lore: 
Centaurs are a nomadic, intelligent beast race that possesses the head and torso of a tall powerfully-built man and the lower body of a horse.

They are legendary creatures who are worshipped by some and despised by others. Considered to be ancient and mysterious, centaurs are capable of sophisticated speech and refer to others as "mortals", suggesting that they possess a greater lifespan. In Valenwood, centaurs were one of the many civilizations inhabiting the province's vast jungles, predating the elven inhabitant's arrival. Following the fall of the Second Empire, they came to inhabit the abandoned human trading posts, and families of centaurs attended revelries in Falinesti alongside Bosmer, Wood Orcs, and Imga


install the Centaurs Race (version number) into your game via a mod organizer
Using Fnis please select the box at the bottom for Spikethedragonlords centaur's alpha patch (its for LE, but functions to enable the SE variant) and then run fnis like normal 


About the mod
this was a personal project for a while that with help is finally available for the SE/AE players, this mod is a variation derived from spikethedragonlords alpha centaur race from LE, however there are some major changes to the performance and skeleton and nifs to allow for better functionality and addons for those who wish to develop them later on 


racemenu: the bodyslider morphs tab dosnt respond for breasts if you use BHUNP 3bbb, but weight slider and other sliders do work in testing, requires a 3bbb or bhunp racemenu morphs addon eventually 
Proteus: is compatible with protues and other systems like it (you can make centaur followers this way) 
BHUNP & 3BBB : this allows for breast physics for female centaurs 
body for nevernude and other are also compatible as well as vannilla setups
Upper half of the body will pull from you other body mods, such as skins, textures facial, makeups ect


Recommended MODS
(will add as other suggest and create new addons/patches) 
FISSES: to buff performance and animation application in game


some bugs will appear in animation depending on the type of animations used, or clipping, that really cant be helped


Please feel free to use this mod as a resource, and to make patches or addons to it, but make sure to credit everyone involved in LE and SE version thanks


SE Credits and thanks
the Maggot : skeleton rework for compatibility and functionality, went above and beyond! created a new centaurs Gentelia addon 

More Nasty Critter mod for Gentelia resources used for centaur Gentelia 

LE Credits: thanks for making the mod and letting others work with it

Aerisarn (very special thanks to him for his amazing skills in custom animation implementation and for teaching us how to implement custom animations ourselves)
Groovtama (for his amazing XP32 Maximum Skeleton and helping us to better understand the skeleton's potential)
fore (for his amazing FNIS patch that will allow users to be able to enjoy our centaurs as well as his amazing mod)

Please also dont forget to share your centaur pics and videos, I look forward to seeing all the variations and styles !



Edited by duzellx

What's New in Version 1.0.0


Skyrim centaur race 


1.0 -initial release

1.0 genital patch -added color variations

1.0 color variation - no genital patch

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