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  1. i meant the version of this mod... there are 2 files and if you use the wrong one physics will rig weird
  2. seems to work fine, any idea were the glow tattoo is from by chance ?
  3. are you using the cbpc werewolf hdt or the smp? it matters in how the hookups are called
  4. I actually converted a test SE version , seems to work so far
  5. Edit nvm i found her after a while of looking with detect life I half expected her to be giant
  6. never tried nemesis so your in unknown territory for me are you using cbpc , cbpc+hdt smp , or smp? you also need to build a body in bodyslide to get the phsyics to work on the female body
  7. i never had a problem with diverse werewolves , you might want to look at the troubleshooting guide on the OP , also read the install instructions
  8. did you check the OP for the new instructions?
  9. depends on what system your using body wise and what setup you have for physics , the look makes me think smp is in charge
  10. hdt werewolf is just a mesh replacer...sexlab is the actual system you need for those types of actions, so no
  11. As SOS Full, functionality has been brought up, here is a removed werewolf SOS zip as explained by coalstorm , if anyone has a chance to verify this works be great Im also going to place coals setup suggestions tweaked on the original file page (credited) hopefully that will help newer users Schlongs_of_Skyrim_SE - v1.1.4 werewolf removed.7z
  12. it works for me personally , but then i cant predict everyones order or setups so i cant really make a use all "how to setup " though some have posted tips in the mod help thread
  13. if you are refer to the textures look you can simply crack open the zip file and replace it with any other werewolf texture, problem is not many really geared for HDT or details in this regards lazy body simply lets you target any npc/user and adjust values, your body style dosnt matter as long as its one that allows for weight adjustment so works on human, htd werewolf, vampirelord basically whatever values you use on the non werewolf form applies to the werewolf form there was female SLA werewolf animations (i think in funny biz sla?) i honest
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