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The goal of this mod is for your character to be infected with infections through intercourse. Support for NPCs is also planned, though restricted to sexual encounters with the player.


Currently there is support for English, German and Russian. If you translate it to any other language, let me know and I'll add it.


If you're interested in beta releases or want to know what's happening: https://github.com/novaarr/SLCoitusInfectus


Note (v1.2): Upgrading from older versions might lead to problems I am not aware of. Most of the scripts have changed or don't exist anymore as they were. My advice would be to start a new game with this version to make sure everything runs as it should.



Conflicts / Problems_______________________________________


There shouldn't be any problems or conflicts and there is none known to me. If you encounter any problems let me know and tell me about the general circumstances and post your Papyrus log file (turn on Papyrus logging in the MCM for that, too).


I tested the companions quests till the point where the PC changes into a werewolf to make sure everything works if the PC was already a werewolf through this mod.



Major Infections ______________________________________


Currently not supported for NPCs


Moonlight Tales Support

Allows infection of Werebears

Succubus Curse

No NPC support possible


Player Succubus Quest Support

Required for this infection to work


Currently not supported for NPCs


Regular Infections ____________________________________


  • Will reduce Stamina and Magicka regeneration rate by 5% / 10% / 15%, depending on the severity, which will increase over time
  • You can cure yourself through a potion obtained from containers. The potions will be added randomly (You can set the probability for that in the MCM menu)
  • NPC infection is supported (TODO: Lessen of severity for NPCs)


Bathing in Skyrim / Eating Sleeping Drinking Support

The severity can be reduced by cleaning the character with a bath or a quick rinse under the waterfall.


YPS Fashion Support

Shaving will now cure yourself of the disease



Compability / Support_____________________________________


Moonlight Tales: Lycanthropy


Player Succubus Quest: Succubus Curse


Bathing in Skyrim: Lovers Itch (Lice)


YPS Fashion: Lovers Itch (Lice)


Eating Sleeping Drinking: Lovers Itch (Lice)



Future Plans / Working on ________________________________


Working on:

  • NPC infections, and infections only.
  • Adding more minor STDs
    • Lice: Animations
  • Delayed infections (nearly done, testing-phase)
    • Succubus Curse
    • Lycanthropy

Open for requests / ideas for further infections


Translations ______________________________________________


  • English (v1.2b)
  • German (v1.2b)
  • Russian (v1.2b, stas2503)





Thanks, CPU, for giving me tips on how to optimize the scripts further!


Thanks for the russian translation, stas2503!



What's New in Version 1.2b



  • Eating Sleeping Drinking support for Lovers Itch (Lice) was added
    • Bathing with the Towel Potion will result in reduced severity
  • YPS Fashion support for Lice was added
    • Shaving yourself will cure you of Lovers Itch (Lice)
      • Currently there is no distinction between the body parts you shave. A more accurate detection will follow.
  • Fix: Prior to this version, when you hadn't met the dependencies, the script wouldn't set itself as deactivated.
  • Translation: Russian translation was updated



  • Bugfix: Not having Bathing in Skyrim would cause the MCM not to appear.



  • Reworked most of the mod as to add more flexibility as it had prior to this version
  • More MCM customization
  • STD: Lice was added. Only thing missing are animations. NPCs are supported, too, but have no way to cure themselves or lessen the severity (I recommend to turn it of for NPCs till I add NPC behavior - simply set NPC probability to 0 for this infection in the MCM menu)
    • Bathing/Showering with and without soap will lessen the severity and a potion was added to cure yourself of lice
  • SE: Support dropped, I might port it in the future if this mod is more fleshed out
  • Bathing in Skyrim support was added
  • Several mods are supported now to wait for until the scene has ended (Still needs some tweaking but it works)
  • Settings can now be imported/exported


For more information visit the github repository



  • Fix: Fixed an issue in the vampire infection script.
  • Russian translation added



  • Minor adjustments (Unloading, debug log entry on cure)
  • LE: Added Succubus Curse as an infection type
    • Only works with Player Succubus Quest, which is supported since this version



  • Minor adjustments
    • Added the Companions faction so the PC can be infected with Lycanthropy through them, too
    • NPCs with the name "Werebear" / "Werewolf" are now able to infect the PC
  • LE: Fixed some issues with Moonlight Tales in v1.0b (nothing serious)
  • SE: Moonlight Tales seems to be passive so there is no need for customized Werewolf handling like in the LE version of this mod.


v1.0b (No SE version yet)

  • Moonlight Tales Support added



  • SE compatible version added
  • Adjustment to event loop.


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