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  1. Here, I found: Event OnKeyUp(Int KeyCode, Float HoldTime) ...... Int r = Utility.RandomInt(1, 2) If (r == 1) Armor[] akUsedDevice = MainTrigger.TriggerMimic(mlibs.libs.PlayerRef, none, 100) If (akUsedDevice[0]) If (mcm.bUseMsgBox) Debug.Messagebox("Out of nowhere you feel some strange movement over your body. Before you could react, you're locked into a strange, devious device!") Else Debug.Notification("The " + akUsedDevice[1].GetName() + " you've worn revealed as mimic!") EndIf EndIf Else Armor akDevice = MainTrigger.TriggerGold(mlibs.libs.PlayerRef, mcm.iMaxGoldAmount) If (akDevice) If (mcm.bUseMsgBox) Debug.Messagebox("The gold you hold in your hands suddenly liquifies and forms a " + akDevice.GetName() + " that is locked tightly on your body!") Else Debug.Notification("The gold you've obtained was a mimic!") EndIf EndIf EndIf ...... EndEvent Event OnExternalFinished(String akSender, Bool bResult, Form akDevice, Form akMimic) If (akSender == "dmcUniqueIdentifier") mlibs.log("External trigger finished") Debug.Messagebox("[Mimic Clothes]\n\nFinished external trigger, Result: " + bResult + "\nChosen Device: " + akDevice.GetName() + "\nChosen Mimic: " + akMimic.GetName()) EndIf EndEvent It uses direct texts, not links to a json file. Debug.MessageBox and Debug.Notification are always translated.
  2. 2 scripts... dmcLibs and dmcTriggerEvents. I put them in the translation... Perhaps they just did not delete old phrases.
  3. @Mister X I haven't done any translations of your mod yet. Now I am doing translations for Toys and SLAVE, and after that I will do translations for your mod as well. Edit: Russian Translation for 2.4.0 Devious-Mimic-Clothes-LE_2.4.0 Ru Patch.7z As far as I understand, an amulet appeared in esp, and in two scripts there was still a text for translation.
  4. I can try. I will report the results in half an hour. Edit: Here ... remade .. I have Skyrim LE Ru If anyone needs my version, I can upload the files to this branch.
  5. @Mister X My PC is broken, as soon as I fix it, I will immediately make Russian files (If you are still interested). Thanks for the mention.
  6. I posted the behavior file above. place it in the "meshes\actors\character\behaviors" folder and confirm the replacement.
  7. Well, I did it yesterday ... I just didn't have time to write about it.
  8. @TrollAutokill In Skyrim LE, FNIS gives an error about behavior file incompatibility ... This behavior file is for the LE version. FNIS_DiaryOfMine_Behavior.hkx
  9. Ru PatchDevious Followers 2.14.2 Ru Patch.7z
  10. @Lupine00 Ru translation Patch for 2.14.1 Devious Followers 2.14.1 Ru Patch.7z
  11. My statue of Mara shows 2 dialogues from Wartimes. is that how it should be? version 1.7.
  12. @Lupine00 Ru translation Patch Devious Followers 2.14.0 Ru Patch.7z
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