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Advanced Animation Framework  by dagobaking


Atomic Lust is an adult mod that contains sexual animations involving foreplay, that lead to more complex acts. The goal of this mod is to allow players to go beyond the romance system of vanilla Fallout 4, and freely navigate through a variety of animations involving intimacy, whether that be on furniture or simply anywhere in-game. This is a work-in-progress mod that I plan to add a lot of animations to. This mod really leans toward Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) as a hard requirement, but it is also possible to start the animations via console commands(not recommended). I chose to build this mod under AAF because of its simplicity and its similarity to a Skyrim mod, OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine, that was mainly used for OSex. This mod is not meant to be an exact replica of OSex, but mostly to serve as something similar.







Installation of this mod should be fairly simple - use the mod manager of your choice (Vortex, MO2, etc.) to install the mod and the FOMOD window should appear to guide your installation. There are mod patches you can choose from that allow you to use furniture from that mod with my animations, provided they have similar furniture. Details are in the patch descriptions. These patches are not required, but the FOMOD will check if you have that mod installed, and will enable the patch automatically. If you have requests for me to make patches for a certain mod that adds furniture, let me know and I'll make one.



Official Atomic Lust Discord

Atomically Lusty

In case you can't download the files on here for whatever reason, they are also on Nexus here.









Edited by Rufgt

What's New in Version v2.6.1b


Version 2.6.1b

  • Added new ground animations:
    • "Atomic Spork"
    • "Atomic Spork II"
  • Made some adjustments to existing animations
  • Added voices for animations:
    • Female Boston
    • Female Even Toned
    • Female Old
    • Female Rough
      • *Experimental* - Currently only works for 4 female NPCs. See Atomic Lust_reactionData.xml for more details.

Version 2.5.1b

  • Fixed black screen issue for some animations

Version 2.5b

  • Added unique sounds for female player and female companions
  • Added new ground animations:
    • "Atomic Cowgirl"
    • "Atomic Cowgirl 2"
    • "Atomic Cowgirl 2 (Alt 1)"
  • Added new furniture animations:
    • Vault Bed:
      • "Atomic Reversed Cowgirl"
      • "Atomic Reversed Cowgirl (Orgasm)"

Version 2.4.3a

  • Added "Atomic Threesome 2" animation
  • Added "Atomic Blowjob (Player House Chair)" animation

Version 2.4.2a

  • Small fix to the FOMOD that wasn't installing XML files properly (my bad)

Version 2.4.1a

  • Added "Atomic Cowboy" male/male animation
  • Added furniture support for multiple plugins (details are in the installation)

Version 2.4a

  • Added "Atomic Cowgirl" furniture animation - available on a variety of beds
  • Added masturbation animations for both male and female

Version 2.3a

  • Added main position tree "Atomic Lust"
    • This is where most new animations will be placed
    • This is a work-in-progress
  • Added "Atomic Rocket 69 (Gay)" animation
  • Some animations are going to require that you have BodyTalk V2 and Fusion Girl installed
    • This is only if you want to see the "extra" body parts move if/when I choose to animate them
      • This includes genitals, breasts, anus, etc.

Version 2.2.1a

  • Minor update
    • Updated "Atomic Spanking" to be visible in the AAF menu
    • Added automatic transitions in between idle animation stages for "Atomic Spanking"

Version 2.2a

  • Fixed Rufgt's Animations
    • Animations should play now

Version 1.81


Moved all options to a FOMOD installer          

Small includes patches for:

  • Power armor stations in AWKCR
  • Cryopods in the Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  • Ruined double beds in Homemaker

Version 1.8

  • Added "Atomic Scissor" lesbian animation
  • Added "Atomic Cryo Pod" animation for use with cryo pods in Vault 111
  • Added "Atomic Bed Cuddle" animation
  • Added "Atomic Spanking" animation tree (details in the mod page)
  • Added "Atomic Cunnilingus PA" animation for power armor stations

Version 1.7b

  • Removed the placeholder name for a non-existent animation in Atomic Lust
    • There should be no error now

Version 1.7a

  • Added morphSetData.xml to Atomic Lust and Rufgt's Animations
  • Allowed selection of ghouls for animations

Version 1.7

  • Renamed mod to "Atomic Lust"
  • Added new file: Atomic Lust
    • Added "Atomic Threesome Handjob" M/M/F animation
    • Added "Atomic Embrace" M/F animation
    • Added "Atomic Kissing" M/F animation (will replace the old one in the future"
    • Added "Atomic Stroke Pose" M/F animation
    • You still need Rufgt's Animations for all other animations
      • This is temporary, while I remake the others

Version 1.6

  • Added a subtle "Spooning" M/F animation, as requested by a user
  • Fixed the "Smooching" animation
    • Should now actually play

Version 1.5

  • Added "Cunnilingus" lesbian animation
  • Completely remade "Standing Kissing" M/F animation
  • Made adjustments to "Smooching" animation
    • Female hands should now be properly placed on shoulders
  • Renamed "Standing Kissing" animation to "Kissing"
  • Renamed "Smooch" animation to "Make Out"
  • Added optional file for "Rocket 69" animation
    • For players who have female characters that have bigger bottoms
    • Hands shouldn't clip through as much
    • Not recommended for slim bodies

Version 1.4

  • Added "Smooching" M/F animation
  • Added "Smooch" lesbian animation (same as the one above)
  • Completely remade "Rocket 69" lesbian animation

Version 1.3

  • Added "The Scissor" lesbian animation

Version 1.2

  • Added "Standing Kissing" M/F animation
  • Actors will now have their clothing stripped when beginning the animation

Version 1.1

  • Made adjustments to "Rocket 69" animation
    • Hands should now be properly placed on bottoms
    • Realigned the actors so that the faces line up with the genitals

Version 1.0

  • Added "Rocket 69" lesbian animation

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