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  1. Welp, sad to see you go, thank you for all you did for the modding scene.

  2. are there any new animations for osex skyrim le?

  3. Where is the unicorn plugin? Can't find it anywhere.

  4. bonjour j'ai un probleme j'aimerai savoir les touches qu'ils faut utiliser pour ouvrir le menu des actions et j'aimerai aussi savoir sur quoi il faut aller dans les parametre pour voir la liste des mods deja installer merci d'avance pour votre reponse

  5. Hello, Just tried out the mod. I'm really enjoying it, I do have a question though does osex come with its own genitalia? I have SOS installed and when I started playing it showed two penises I also have sexlab lite installed. If the mod does come with the penis is there a way to remove it? 

  6. Hello, I'm working on hooking it up with pregnancy mods now, but without an orgasm scene it will be a little iffy when the event will go out. We'll figure it out though! BadBoys/Girls is any scene that is too handsy or forced looking, I put it in there in case people didn't want that content on their computer. Depending on who's being rough it either goes into the boy or girl variation. They are more like censored packs as opposed to WIzard/Dual Wield which are more like expansions. BadBoys/Girls will add some scenes throughout OSex.
  7. Thanks a lot for finding the exact issue. That function should serve as a linear interpoloation of the eye movement so it blends to where it should be (zAmount) instead of snapping. As far as i can recall this issue didn't exist prior to to 2.02 or the SE version and the function has been unchanged for a long time. There was a save game bloat issue caused by a similar endless loot a long time ago but the addition of (papyrusUtil.ClampInt) inside blendMo (in _oGlobal) fixed that. the Event OnBlendMo is being generated by the OSA.swf so it most likely means that the func
  8. It was in the plans to have some kind of filtering of allowed moves, so you could disable all but kissing / hugging for example but it never got around to be. Sorry to say the best way to pull this off would just be basic Skyrim dialogue that at a certain quest stage begins an OSex scene. OSA/OSex doesn't have the functionality currently to limit scenes like you would like to do.
  9. Thanks Nagaduju I understand what you mean. I can have that scene in 2.03 OSex. It will not have the ejaculation but I can put the animation in.
  10. Just to be sure it's known, Tooneyman has been instrumental in the SE port and getting me reinvested a bit in fixing up this project, he's done a lot of publicity and networking and offered a lot of help plus he's actually been around since the beginning but lower key offering mostly forum assist on the nexus I believe. He's certainly earned: Arise Sir Tooneyman Knight of OS3KSY and it's much needed help as a majority of my knights are down for the count. Only Kinky/Tooneyman/Pip are currently around that I can see. They can all speak for
  11. @TooneyMan23 I have what I believe to be is a working SkyrimVR port, basically I added the clone ability that dresses up a clone in the player's clothing and deletes them at the end of these scene. This only occurs in a scene involving the player character and treats it like an NPC NPC scene with a clone of the player. The issue is I don't have SKSE for SkyrimVR so I can't actually test the solution. Is there anyone out there that is interested in doing a test to see if it does work and if not telling me what happened? It currently is still using the keyboard for keybin
  12. Reply here---> Reply here---> Reply here---> Tell me what you need moddyguy, I'll see if I can help. Thanks for the nice note Zorky. I believe you can just download webpages in a PDF format so I might try and see if I can do that then repost them as PDFs, you could try also and see. I think Tumblr just started doing that recently. I'm considering moving everything too nexus's new article pages since they seem pretty convenient and can take pictures. The adul
  13. Does anyone have info on downloading an older version of SkyrimVR from Steam to be compat with SKSE? I'm trying to get a port for VR done but I can't use SKSE with the version of SkyrimSE that steam downloaded for me. Any help would be great and expedite a VR port of OSex. ALSO Throwing up the new banners for record keeping:
  14. @TooneyMan23 Thanks got her in Thanks for all your help also at making this port happen and helping me smooth it out plus all the troubleshooting you did. I added you into the credits for 2.03 and will Knight you next batch I do. Awesome job! Sure I can try to get it out, it's done but i never got around to the final export. It's Girls Night + Igniter + Alien Abduction + Ejacocalypse Outro basically all the episodes at the end i was working on i just abbreviated and combined into a video: You
  15. If anyone is up for more testing please try out either the 2.03 branch of OSA or if you want a quick download that just overwrites the Papyrus do the HOTPATCH download from my git. The "Code Page" error should be prepared and scan in vicinity should work. A question for any papyrus people out there. It's a confirmed bug on PapyrusUtil's page that MiscUtil.ScanCellActors is not working. That was the function I used to get all NPCs in vicinity if you were using that function to gather up NPCs to start a scene or using the "Invite a Nearby NPC" function to start a 3-way.
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