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HeartbeatsAndBrainwaves animation(s?) for WickedWhims 2.0.0

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HeartbeatsAndBrainwaves animation(s?) for WickedWhims


I made one WickedWhims animation. I cannot promise I'll ever make another one. Have fun. I tried putting sounds in, but I am not sure if they are working, sorry.


While you're here, don't forget to donate to my Ko-Fi to say thanks! (I will also accept regular old thank yous, and bone marrow.)


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Gif(s) not loading? Here are the deets in plain text.


Bounce. Floor/Teasing. For All Sims.


You need to have WickedWhims installed to use this animation. Just put this animation file into your mods folder, like any other animation pack. (Sorry, I will not be answering general installation questions.) (Questions related to specifics of this pack only are welcome.)

Thanks to:

  • TURBODRIVER - for WickedWhims.
  • AZMODAN22 - animated dicks.
  • DENTON47 - animated boobs.
  • R-LO - For her cool photography corner thread, and for giving me some advice to help improve this animation.
  • Not enough room to credit all CC creators for the Sims, but I love you all!
  • In fact, I love everyone. <3 I hope you all enjoy this animation and are having a great day.


  • Original Content Do Not Steal. I'm a bit more precious over this animation than most of my other CC.

What's New in Version 2.0.0


Hey my poses are now working. Pretty big improvement.


Also, there's a new animation included! This is a betrayal of the soul of the thread. Anyway, it's called Clit Lick.

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