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Ahegao Expression Posepack


Alternative download link: [SimFileShare]

SimFileShare download is the same as the LL one. You only need to choose one! Whichever you prefer.



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Previews In-Game


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This Pose Pack contains 15 Ahegao model expressions for Sims, and an all-in-one.

Ahegao is a word for "fucked silly" and is an exaggerated and unrealistic orgasmic facial expression often seen in anime and hentai. Examples from hentai in the spoiler:





  • These are poses for Andrew's Pose Player. Download the pose player here.
  • You will also need Autobanned's tongue installed to see the tongue properly. You can find it here if you don't have it already.

  • These are posepacks, not animations for WickedWhims. But you still need WickedWhims for them to work properly, because WW contains the rig the tongue needs. Which shouldn't be a problem around these parts, but you never know.


You can use poses for storytelling screenshots, in avatars as well as anything else poses are good for. If you take a screenshot you like, please share it in the thread with me, I would like to see it.

Credit is appreciated, and do not claim them as your own, is the only TOU.

  • Any editing of these poses, including frankenposing, is OK! You have my blessing to share poses you have frankenposed with these mine. But if you are mixing my poses and poses made by another creator make sure you obey the other creator's TOU in regards to sharing.
  • You can even share and redistribute these poses freely on other websites, and re-upload them.


Credits: to Autobanned for the tongue.


Bonus for frankenposing pose makers:


Here is the .Blend file used for the All-In-One pose. Since Sims 4 Studio cannot export tongue bones, you will need this to frankenpose. This rig is Azmodan22's Improved Male Rig with Penis Bones, so credit to Azmodan22.


Ahegao Standing All-In-One.blend


People who are not pose makers can ignore this file.


What's New in Version 1.4.20


With apologies to early adopters, a new version is now out. There is no rush to update if you downloaded the first version.

This tweaks most expressions. Some a little, some a lot. It also adds some bonus poses. Have fun!


Preview.png.833ee6c9ad2b4af0591edb0c541dc240.png Preview2.png.19e496761e63fc5870051627476df7cb.png

Before and After


I have also posted a .blend file containing the poses. I realized that Sims 4 Studio will not export tongue bones for frankenposing, so if you are interested in doing that, you can now download the .blend file. This is only of interest to pose makers, most users can ignore it.


This is pretty final, and will not be updated in a hurry again! (Unless bugs are found.)

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